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"Mom" Ozawa suddenly opened his mouth and recalled the stunned Wen Ya’s sanity

Wen Ya looked at Ozawa awkwardly. "What’s the matter?" Did she just think about the problem in a trance and fall into the eyes of Mo Sina? She is thinking that Ozawa is a child of Mo Sina. How can she find an opportunity to tell Ozawa to let Ozawa accept it naturally?
"Mom’s kindergarten is going to hold a poetry reading. Can you and Uncle Mo go together?" Ozawa blinked and looked particularly clever.
Wen Ya hesitated for a moment. Now she is always embarrassed to get along with ink Sina. See Ozawa, still looking forward to looking at himself and nodding his head. "Good mother goes with ink uncle." She still doesn’t look at ink Sina.
Ozawa laughed happily. "Kindergarten children are envious of me and say that my mother is beautiful and my father is handsome!" " Ozawa said here a little sad with a sigh, "But Uncle Mo is not my father."
Ink Sina looked at Ozawa and there was always an impulse to confess, but he received Wen Ya’s warning eyes before he opened his mouth.
But it’s interesting. Wen Ya, this girl, now knows to stare at him, which is a good thing.
Wen Ya was afraid that Ozawa would see something fishy and quickly coughed: "Ozawa got up and walked, then brushed his teeth and went to bed early to grow taller." Ozawa was very sensitive to the topic of growing taller recently, so Wen Ya took this topic as a shield.
"Well," Ozawa shrugged and walked away from Wen Ya when he saw that his mother didn’t cooperate and it was not good to force him to go again.
Here ink SiNa looked at Wen Ya suddenly narrowed his eyes.
Wen Ya is a little flustered. Ozawa’s excuse has always been inseparable from Ozawa. She always feels that since the day when Mo Sina confessed to her, Mo Sina looked at her eyes a little more intriguing.
Wen Ya was staring at ink Sina always can’t help but get goose bumps. This look is too aggressive.
Coaxed Ozawa to sleep, Wen Ya felt a sore shoulder. She pressed a shoulder and remembered that it was refreshing to take a bath in the jacuzzi in this villa and washed away a whole body of fatigue.
Can ink SiNa people left the villa today … No? Wen Ya some guilty but think of ink SiNa already went to bed early shook his head and put those doubts in my heart.
What’s the matter with her recently? She always feels so guilty when she sees Mo Sina after she gave it to him for the first time. At the same time, Wen Yaxin is still a little restless and always feels something is coming out.
After taking a shower, Wen Ya thought about it, but she was too lazy to dress carefully. She didn’t dress.
Anyway, it’s so late and no one will notice.
Can wait until Wen Ya returned to his door and was about to turn on the light. This intuition tells Wen Ya that things don’t seem so simple
Wen Ya was in a hurry to turn on the light, but ink Sina behind her had already held Wen Ya’s hand.
Just finished taking a shower, Wen Ya’s hand is very soft and warm, but the back of Mo Sina’s hand can be very hot, which scorches Wen Ya’s heart for a moment … It’s a subtle feeling.
Ink Sina from behind holding Wen Ya he posted Wen Ya neck posture ambiguous Wen Ya head some turn around looking at ink Sina openings asked in hindsight "you are that kind of … well …" Wen Ya words didn’t finish because ink Sina man method domineering blocked Wen Ya’s mouth.
He didn’t understand what it means to have sex for a moment.
This moment is more important than ever. He hopes that Wen Ya can also understand what it means to win at this time. It’s a pity that Wen Ya is not white and hot. Mo Sina Nai looks at his arms and struggles badly. Wen Ya "Xiaoya, do you hate me so much?"
Wen Ya blushed, and she was glad that she didn’t turn on the light, otherwise she must have been embarrassed by the ink Sina. Wen Ya Dun lived for a while and forgot the struggle because of this problem.
She doesn’t hate ink Sina struggle is in can protect themselves.
Ink Sina see Wen Ya motionless corners of the mouth evoked a smile, and then although he has little practical experience, he can watch a lot of ink Sina offensive Wen Ya repeatedly for mercy.
Two lonely hearts suddenly approached each other this night.
When I woke up the next day, I looked at my side and covered my cheeks shyly. Wenyamo Sina went forward and kissed a "silly girl" on Wen Ya’s forehead. Why did you pretend to sleep when you saw her wake up?
But her ears are so cute when they are red.
Oh, I remember last night, she was all red like a newborn baby. At that time, her appearance made people feel particularly moved. If I had known that it was so easy to solve the problem, Mo Sina would have taken such measures long ago, and she would not always torture herself. It feels really uncomfortable to watch that she can’t eat.
Suppress oneself alive
Wen Ya didn’t want to open her eyes, and she didn’t know how she reluctantly went from Mo Sina last night. But she was so active last night, and she still remembers it clearly. Oh, my God, she didn’t get drunk, but she acted like a drunk. Can there be a hole for her to get in? She doesn’t know how to face Mo Sina.
Can ink SiNa burning eyes have been her Wen Ya cover your cheeks can feel ink SiNa that burning eyes this man … How like very enjoy this process?
Wen Ya is a little shy because she hasn’t decided what to say to Mo Sina yet.
Ink Sina has already had the idea of joking "Xiaoya, if you don’t get up, then I will … do it again"
Wen Ya rose to sit up and don’t do it again. Last night, Mo Sina kept saying the last time, but none of them was the last!
The body of the Chapter three hundred and fifty-five There’s still time.
Ink Sina menacing is simply to eat Wen Ya dry wipe static fact Wen Ya is indeed treated in this way, if not the last Wen Ya collapsed bed don’t have any strength even ink Sina also don’t know convergence.
Think of ink Sina move last night Wen Ya red-faced condemned him "you who are as energetic as you …" This man is like a machine, why don’t you know how tired!
Looking at Wen Yahong’s face reveals a kind of cute ink Sina corners of the mouth can’t help but evoke a smile. His woman is really cute, but doesn’t she know that her shyness in his eyes will strengthen his impulse?
Mo Sina was worried that Wen Ya’s body was too much for him to endure. He didn’t dress and Wen Ya was honest. Wen Ya was shy and wrapped in a sheet. He looked at Wen Ya with his eyes on his arms. "I have been in grass widow for five years. Compared with last night, it’s not much, is it?"
桑拿论坛"What are you talking about!" Wen Yacai doesn’t believe it. Ink Sina is surrounded by women who say that he and those women have nothing. How can this sound like fooling Wen Ya?
Ink Sina look serious "I cheat you to do? Why don’t I teach Luo Rui to you and ask him to investigate and see if there are any women around me who can get close to me? I got engaged to Su Mo just because I was heartbroken when I was separated from you. I always thought that a man’s desire was just to find a woman to solve it. But I can’t do this kind of thing when I think of you. For me, this kind of thing is done with a woman I like. "
Why are you staring at me when you talk? Wen Ya was too shy to lift her head, but when she heard these things, she still looked at Mo Sina like a tie. "You really … didn’t lie to me?"
Mo Sina nodded. "My favorite person is you. I want you to love me again. I am trying to get close to you for various reasons. I don’t want you to leave me."
Wen Ya blinked. "Didn’t you want me to be your lover because you hated me and deliberately punished me?"
"How is that possible?" Mo Sina looked at Wen Ya with a stupid face. "Have you ever seen a lover not sleeping with him?"

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