Do you have anything else to say? Li Xiabing asked.

In the past, many people from other places challenged Frans and ended up dead or injured. It was best to live in the iu ward. The worst thing was to get punched and die on the spot, Rigg explained It’s serious enough, but I’ll tell you again that he attacked me. The point is that […]

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At the thought of dealing with miss butler, all the women felt a little pressure. Huang Dan asked nervously, How did it go?

Settled Jiao Yizhi nodded smugly and didn’t hide his eyes. Daughters froze JiaoYi really want to remember adult soninlaw. At that time, the daughters were depressed and angry. The most important thing was that Jiao Yi had no idea when this bastard hooked up with Wang Xinyuan. Hey, what are you doing with a bitter […]

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It’s really strange that Yan Shuo suddenly got tangled up. It seems that it shouldn’t be as weird as those two things. Well, should I tell the captain about this strange problem? So happy Yan Shuowei fell into the tangled pit.

And Wang Jiu’s younger brothers on Northwest Avenue wailed and beat their chests for a long time before they suddenly remembered that their dark horse, Wang Yi, and his party were rushing around Wang Jiu We were all beaten with sticks, but we were knocked unconscious by sticks. Brother Wang Jiuge would have fainted. Watching […]

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When two people kiss together, all the unhappiness disappears. What is more important than snuggling up to each other and intertwined lips and teeth? Time is too sweet to waste the cold war.

It’s another evening in the racecourse, and the sunset glow is burning all over the sky, coating the whole world with a magnificent warm color, so beautiful, so dazzling and so sweet. * Li Zhenyu made a message and solved the problem of Xia Xue’s helplessness-Han Xiao successfully transferred to a single ward! I have […]

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Looking at Lu Sasha, her eyes are bright and her face is full of joy. Wu Tianyou is a little sad. "Silly girl, you dare to marry, don’t I dare to marry?" A good girl like you, I’m afraid I don’t deserve you! "

"God bless!" Lu Sasha threw himself into Wu Tianyou’s arms and sobbed, "I’m not afraid of anything if I kill you! Yes … I hope you will treat me wholeheartedly from now on and never go to nightclubs to drink with other women without telling me! " Wu Tianyou listened to her again and explained, […]

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This is simply haunted! Wu Tianyou was depressed and anxious for several days and hated Lu Shasha (this is the main reason why he never had a funeral). Now he feels that there is a fire burning in his body and he urgently needs water to save him, and Xia Xue is the only water that can save him.

He wants to see her like crazy! And he was so sure that she would come to pay homage to Lu Shasha, and he waited here until she appeared. It turns out that he knows her well enough, and she did show up! No, don’t bury the grave. The girl is her sister. On what […]

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Look at the heated discussion, classmate Lian Yinsi did not hesitate to take out a blank sheet of paper and write three small colons of the vice president, and then write three big words with a wave of his hand.

Helianyin These three words occupy the whole blank sheet of paper. Besides, he didn’t choose anyone, not even himself. Yi Chen has been accepted by He Lianyin, and he also learned to write three small vice presidents and three large He Lianyin. So a hundred boy sitting nearby follow suit and write in that way […]

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