Don’t be so careless about the children and you in the future. Don’t have anything to do, you know? When Lu Fengxing thinks about it, he feels scared to kiss a woman’s forehead and hold her in his arms tightly. I really hope all this is just a nightmare.

Oh, my God! Martha suddenly grasped Wesley’s arm.
I’m still stunned. I raised my head and followed Marisa’s line of sight. If I can choose her, I really want to faint directly at the moment, and then the world will love it! I don’t understand why there are so many snakes coming out at once. The sight of coldblooded animals makes people’s hair stand on end.
Everyone be careful that these snakes are poisonous! Wesley quickly picked up Martha and pulled out a dagger from her waist.
I have a gun here! Martha scooped out a pistol from her backpack and handed it to Wesley and Lu Fengxing.
This long knife is for you! Lu Fengxing put the weapon in his hand in Miao’s hand. Be sure to protect yourself!
We’d better form a circle. These things have great potential! Wesley began to deploy the war.
Wesley, it seems that you stepped on the wrong slate just now. Did you step on all these things? Miao rang just now Wesley saved Marisa.
Maybe! Wesley also has some bosses who have no time to think about these problems.
There have been snakes flying over, and the fangs have been exposed. I never realized that snake eyes are so terrible.
Lu Fengxing pulled the trigger with the load, smashed the dead snake in front of him, and smashed his compatriots.
Is there any way to make them change direction? I don’t know if there is any other feasible method when I think of the New White Maid
Wesley shot two snakes in succession. Lisa, I have wine in my bag. It seems that snakes are afraid of stimulating sensitive things!
I know! Martha quickly put her hand into Wesley’s backpack and a bottle of spirits was scooped out.
Give it to me! Lu Fengxing took it from Marisa’s hand and spilled the wine widely in front of everyone, trying to be like a snake.
It seems a bit! The snake didn’t move fiercely just now, and it seems that there has been a pause. My heart is a little loose.
Snakes seem to be afraid of fire! Marisa considered whether to light the alcohol in front of her eyes with a torch.
Wesley, I think there must be a ventilation system here, or those torches wouldn’t be so easy to ignite and these animals wouldn’t be alive! Lu Fengxing was sensitive to the hope.
Oh, my God, where did this water come from! I really feel that I want to cry. The fallen stone seems to have a spring like a foot, and it is so wet.
“shu!” Wesley really has a sense of strength.
It seems that we should make a quick decision or we will be more passive when the water really rises! Everyone knows that snakes can swim, and the water will directly dilute the smell of alcohol. It is popular to raise your hand and the gun is no longer polite.
Lisa, observe the direction of a current and see if you can find any exit! Wesley confessed to the woman and began to be nervous.
Marisa even scooped out a light machine gun from her bag and handed it to Wesley. She stuffed a bullet into Lu Fengxing’s pocket. I hope there won’t be any place behind!
One is one! I really don’t have that much careful thinking. Now every time I feel that my life is ending, I don’t know which step they will stop at.
The sound of the light machine gun shocked the whole eyes. It was really a river of blood. At the back of the scene, the snake base stepped on the snake body in front, and it was disgusting and began to vomit.
Are you all right? Marisa took the initiative to caress the following back.
I shook my head and couldn’t speak. The scene in front of me was too disgusting, which was really annoying for a woman in the early pregnancy.
I am not mistaken, are those snakes gone! Melissa’s eyes widened in disbelief.
It seems that the number is decreasing! Wesley also some don’t understand what is the situation!
It wasn’t your vomit that scared them away! Marisa looked at the water in Miao’s hand like a hero and handed it to him politely. Drink some water to rinse your mouth. Your vomiting is awesome!
Not so exaggerated! I feel a little awkward. Is it that big?
no! Lu Fengxing looked at the snake leaving the square far away and took the little woman into her arms to comfort her. Maybe they know that you are pregnant and they can’t bear to be hurt. After all, the owner here is also a pregnant woman, so there must be some compassion!
If it is said from the perspective, it is very possible! Wesley watched the disappearing direction of the snakes warily. Now we’d better find a new exit before the water rises, or the field will be miserable!
桑拿会所  title=It is estimated that it is difficult to find an exit now, and the water is too slow to form any obvious trend. I think everyone can find a higher place to correct one! Lu Fengxing looked at his watch. It was already early in the morning. Women definitely need a rest.
How can I rest when there is water everywhere? I really feel sleepy, as if I have been fighting with the sleeping god for half a day.
Have you forgotten the magical power of the little dragon girl? Lu Fengxing is light and humorous.
dear, your wife doesn’t have those two little dragon girls! Now I really envy the little dragon girl for sleeping on the rope. It’s a pity that she is not Yang Guo and didn’t get it.

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