Ride happily on the track. Linghan missed his original record of 99 thousand meters less than 200 meters!

The original was still silent, and there was a breath of air conditioning and a lying trough at the scene …
Even if the afternoon press conference is over, their flurry team will be embarrassed because they can’t produce evidence, so Mo Tianyuan will lose the reward he deserves. I’m afraid it will fall into a dynasty club because of this competition. Linghan is not as good as him.
Although the club boss of Linghan Institute has no deep feelings for Linghan, he also wants to see the club members win in the end.
Lie trough! Ling Han actually hung up! ?”
This this this this is too hard to imagine a little? Mo Tianyuan actually defeated Linghan, too. Oh, my God! I didn’t expect it before I came.
Yes, this guy’s strength is really too fate.
At this moment, Mo Tianyuan’s exercise continues to be defeated by Ling Han, which seems to make everyone ignore the established fact that Mo Tianyuan has broken the record and ran to 100,000 meters. Finally, he missed the 110,000meter section and stopped.
Looking at the screen, he finally paused. The page boys felt that they had stopped breathing at this time …
A game of 110,000 meters! I can’t go against the sky anymore!
What kind of energy does this young man from Tiancheng have to do this? Those champions who came from small cities lost in the knockout rounds, and he made it to the final finals; And in the end, this final contest with his three prominent opponents, whose fame and influence are better than his, once again, he continued to write an unbeaten myth with his superb exercise!
Whether it was the fight between Geng Ye and the club in the early morning or not, it didn’t take long for him to compete with Shao Wen for the chief cat demon. He won the final victory again and again, and he seemed to have become synonymous with unbeaten.
Sitting on the stage, I have been clutching a pair of hands and leaning against the cold rain on my chest. At this moment, I finally took a long breath, while Jiang Wei behind him opened his mouth in disbelief, as if he had not recovered from the game just now.
Yu Xuyue and Li Jingtai and others are even more flushed, just like meeting the woman of their dreams.
It’s really hard to imagine that we never thought that Mo Tianyuan could run to 110,000 meters with a bicycle boy! At the same time, this figure also broke the record of Ling Han’s superjuvenile for more than a month. He is the first Premier League champion we should be ashamed of today! Let’s congratulate him on winning this honor! Xiaoxi excited the sound.
Sitting in the first row, Qiao Yongfu got up and walked out after a cold hum, as if it was meaningless to stay any longer.
Hum! Let’s wait and see if you are satisfied for a while …
53 Chapter 53, Item 3, First
Son, mom, do you think Tianyuan won? Mo Tianyuan’s father looked at the spotlight shining in the live broadcast of the brain. The young figure’s face also brought up a surprise and said
Being an ordinary clerk for a generation, he never dreamed that one day he could be so brilliant and dazzling, and he swam to this step with a hand.
In fact, although Mo Tianyuan once won some awards by virtue of some of his largescale online games, at that time, the network technology had just spread to ordinary family members, and more parents would regard the scourge as a scourge and go to play some competitions instead of studying hard. Isn’t this nonsense?
The conflict in their hearts made them even more disgusted with this kind of thing, and Mo Tianyuan’s bumpy achievements in the past two years were automatically ignored by them. Until the past two years, with the rapid development of the Internet, more and more people gradually accepted this new thing and knew that the strugglers on this road were not unprofessional as they had previously understood.
This is not nonsense! Did you leave your son alone without looking at the scene? Meng Zhang lotus smell speech criticise, although in her heart, she would really like to see Mo Tianyuan receive the prize in the school examination evaluation platform, but at this moment, seeing that her son has won the first prize on the stage with so many audiences, she also has an indescribable joy in her heart.
Hey, hey, this kid … Mogan smiled quickly, but I can see that he is also very pleased at this time.
Ha ha! This guy really got the first place! Liu Xintong looked at the live broadcast. At this time, it was already the first place. Mo Tianyuan’s face was full of sweetness, which was like being more excited than her second place in the exam.
Of course, the second place is because the first guy is on the live screen.
In recent years, she is still worried about some problems, such as nervous exercise mistakes before the game. What did that fellow do when he saw a beautiful woman? However, as he successfully won the first place in the live broadcast, all these problems seem to have been solved.
Hey hey just don’t know if this guy forgot to bring the trophy back. Hey hey …
Although she has won a lot of awards from elementary school to high school, she has never seen a trophy. When she thought of this, she couldn’t help but think of an interesting thing. If the school changed the awards given to outstanding students in the exam into trophies, I wonder if it would stimulate everyone to work hard.
Well, today’s champion has been born. Before the start of the competition, I never thought that today’s final would last for nearly two hours. I have to say that the four contestants who entered today’s competition are all the strong ones we admire. It is their own superb skills and understanding of the track that have contributed to today’s grand competition!
there will always be people who leave before the championship for various reasons, but I want to talk about whether they won the second, third and fourth place today or the dozens of contestants who unfortunately failed to pass the knockout round yesterday. They are all brave people who really deserve our respect! Please let us give them the palm, because without them, our mobile competition circle will not prosper today!
Finally, we will give the palm to today’s champion Mo Tianyuan. I think a person who has a deep love for cool running wants to have his glory today. However, it is not easy to win the championship and become a city champion. What’s worse? But today, Mo Tianyuan’s player broke through many obstacles and won the championship trophy. At this moment, let’s focus on him because he is entitled to such glory!
The host’s highpitched and passionate words echoed in the live broadcast hall, and the number of countries echoed in the live broadcast hall. The audience listened to the game through live broadcast. Although they were not there, they really felt the fiery heart …
At this moment, Mo Tianyuan’s spirit is slightly in a trance. Once upon a time, he once had such glory, but life was at his peak, which gave him a big joke and forced him to quit this stage and let himself be full of blood.
The dull but boring life has almost completely annihilated his competitive heart, leaving it no chance to beat again …
Now, however, after two years, this feeling is that generate comes out of his heart once again with the cry of twenty thousand people!
If you can’t make it die, it’s unrestrained.
At this moment, he felt that something hidden in his heart was alive again! Looking at walking to Linghan Mo Tianyuan with a full face unwilling to be humiliated, there is no expression on his face, and he doesn’t even have eyes. If he stays more, he will sweep to the field. Such a person who can’t win or lose is not qualified to be my opponent …
It is only natural that he will lose today!
桑拿论坛The competition is exciting and moving, because in the process of pursuing it, there are too many smiles and tears on the precious and difficult race road. When one day retires in retirement, he can still be full of warmth, smile, sigh and rejoice in this precious memory.
And how interesting it would be if the east and the west were replaced by two monotonous characters, victory and negative, which filled the memory?
If you pursue something too much, you will lose something. Mo Tianyuan knows that he can win today because it is natural. Even if he gives Ling Han another chance, he can’t take away today’s championship trophy! It will also hand over the name of the country’s first supertalented teenager!
Yes, after today’s competition, the number of players in the country witnessed that the number of the first supertalented teenagers in the country has quietly changed …
One of the three famous names of the country’s first little witch, the country’s first cat and demon, and the country’s first super teenager is enough for ordinary people to find it difficult. But this boy from Tiancheng showed the audience that he had them all in a few days!
On the championship stage, he walked slowly and held the trophy inlaid with luxurious platinum high above his head in front of several people …
54 Chapter 54 Mystery Meeting
Followed by his three finalists, one by one, Mo Tianyuan took a look at the three people coming one after another. The warmth is still the same as that of Gujingbo. It makes people feel that this frosty beauty doesn’t know if she is laughing. Of course, Mo Tianyuan stole it. If this champion is her, maybe she will secretly be happy.

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