How did Xue Rong talk to her all the way? She kept silent without saying a word. Xue Rong said that she was tired and simply stopped talking.

When she gets to the community, her mind will not be finished, and the market price of highend residential areas in the city center may be higher than that of their former villas. Both the property and the greening in the community are excellent. After the driver helped to move the luggage, Xue Rong began […]

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Hey, hey, don’t say that I can leave the top floor in four seconds.

Babyfaced girl DOG chuckled, Then I’ll send you there now. : Chapter 34 I’m here to kill myself! (1) For ten days, the average update is seven chapters a day, and the dragon can ask for a monthly ticket to reward it. Hum novel Chinese iqi Vibration Four men in black were swallowed up by […]

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They are looking forward to the last five minutes of the game, and they are already looking forward to how they will ridicule Valencia after the game.

But I didn’t expect villa Valencia to equalize the score at the last minute! The commentator Moen is crazy. He roared lore! Kill! Villa! Villa! David Villa! ! Valencia equalized the score! Now they are still unbeaten in the league! The league is unbeaten in fiftyfour rounds! There are only four rounds left before AC […]

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"I keep him and you go home first!" Lan Yuzhu said

"What is it?" Rumbawa said, "Isn’t the leader afraid of damaging his reputation by leaving a young man in the room? Give him to me! " LanYuZhu heart angry cried, "that you what matter? Get out! " Rumbawa was obviously angry. Suddenly he pushed the door open and immediately saw Ling Feiyang lying on the […]

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A simple meeting, finally, Sirius team Z team the second game.

Both sides enter the banp screen. Han Xiao is a gentle expression, but in this instant, Han Xiao eyes immediately become sharp. He knows that the iron face is in the strong place of banp and Naren, and Han Xiao must be cautious. This game is on the blue side, and the Z team wants […]

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Bang! Ling Feiyang is still a step back, but King Jinlun is three steps back!

Six-pulse Excalibur, don’t rush the sword! The Golden Wheel French King hasn’t come yet to catch his breath. The fastest sword in the six-pulse Excalibur has already stabbed his chest! King Jinlun punched the firm but gentle, and immediately disappeared. However, the fingers of King Jinlun oozed blood! Although firm but gentle was scattered by […]

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"Is this all in a hurry?" Su Huanjen eyebrows a pick.

"Be awesome!" Lu Zhan thought Because of his appearance, he chased Tyrone with flying knives, and each one crossed the road. Because the dragon lady fought against the tower and the other side fought against it, they were very close. Most people noticed that this flying knife flew back to Tyrone and passed through a […]

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Want to leave here, she found an excuse to excuse herself.

"I … I have a stomachache and I want to wash my hands …" Just as he was about to disappear from his sight, his wrist was quickly reached out and grabbed his arm. She fell into his arms and the rich magnetic voice sounded "Where to?" He sticks close to himself, which makes Ye […]

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