In arrogance …

Chang Sheng believes that this may be because he has put a shell on himself. Tony Twain English football has the titles of New Madman and Clough II. Because Brian Crawford once led Nottingham Forest to win the Champions League for two consecutive seasons, he completed the great fourstep jump of the first year was […]

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But if people like it, they can’t help it.

He can compromise with Jane without parting from her friends. It’s not easy to be friends. Don’t worry, I’m an adult. Where can I bully Jing Luan? I like him coming. On the contrary, if others dare to bully him, I won’t stop with others. Jiang Junyue, if you can talk, let’s drink to it. […]

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When this sign appeared on the screen, Bai Shi and Xiao Man, who were on the stage of Taiwan Huan’s thunderous explanation, gave out those bursts of amazement.

No one in the audience expected this. As a result, when the emperor successfully surrounded the dragon girl, no one would think that Yasuo could escape from the encirclement, but in fact, Yasuo did it, or rather, Rui Chen, a single player in the D team. In the emperor and the bomber, Yasuo not only […]

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Staring at Yin in the dark, his eyes are deep.

spotlight With a handsome face and noble temperament, he buttoned up his suit and slowly walked to the high platform to take over the topic handed over by the staff. He gently said, "This song was written by my wife many years ago, and now she is no longer with me, but I still miss […]

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"Yes, camping out is of course for the night, and I have sent the shopping list to your mobile phone."

The shopping list is naturally Han Mo’s string of white hair … "…" Jing Muchen frowned and took the desk phone and looked at it and asked, "Is the camping place safe?" "It’s very safe, although it’s halfway up the mountain, but there are many security guards in a scenic spot. Don’t worry," said Jing […]

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Three minutes

It was three minutes before Hertha attacked Certa again. Actually, these three minutes seem very short to the audience, but they are extremely long to the players in Certa! They feel as if they have played three games so tired. Hertha seems to score goals in every attack. This is that they have never known […]

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Just now, the female secret gently pushed the door open and said respectfully, "Yu lawyers and reporters have already arrived, and the ceremony is about to start."

"Okay, you take Miss Han first and I’ll change my clothes." Yu Chengyan said with dignity. "Yes" the female secret looked at Han Minxia and smiled shallowly. "Miss Han, please come with me." Han Minxia didn’t expect Yu Chengyan to be quite private. She was surprised and glanced at him and said "good". Lift your […]

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Shuiyunjin felt that the whole body was surrounded by warmth, but before he could see the hot water overflowing outside the bucket, it turned out that Huangfudi’s long legs stepped in.

"What are you doing in here? Get out." "My body is also wet by Hibiscus, and Hibiscus is not afraid that I will catch cold." Huangfuda’s eyes are as low as usual. Shuiyunjin thinks that he will catch a cold and coax a three-year-old child if he is defeated. "You don’t fool around and wait […]

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Chapter 33 I want to be with you As I thought, Zhang Ping finally joined our new planning scheme by taking a stake, but originally planned to punish me with a salary reduction of 2% a year, thus ending this matter. In the meeting room, Xu Mo, Nanmu and I sat in our respective seats. […]

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Song Qingcheng nodded and looked at Yu Linjiang’s eyes and replied, "So I will work hard. I know that I don’t deserve him now. Even if he is divorced and has a child, the conditions are still there. There are many famous ladies like Gu Jiazhi who want to marry him, but he finally chose me. I will work hard to make him look at me now."

“……” Yulinjiang didn’t connect again. After a while, he slowly said, "Go out first." Song Qingcheng came out of the room and didn’t forget to take the door to the building without forgetting. He glanced at it and didn’t see anyone walking on to joie’s room in the living room. After passing the terrace on […]

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Looking at Lu Sasha, her eyes are bright and her face is full of joy. Wu Tianyou is a little sad. "Silly girl, you dare to marry, don’t I dare to marry?" A good girl like you, I’m afraid I don’t deserve you! "

"God bless!" Lu Sasha threw himself into Wu Tianyou’s arms and sobbed, "I’m not afraid of anything if I kill you! Yes … I hope you will treat me wholeheartedly from now on and never go to nightclubs to drink with other women without telling me! " Wu Tianyou listened to her again and explained, […]

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This is simply haunted! Wu Tianyou was depressed and anxious for several days and hated Lu Shasha (this is the main reason why he never had a funeral). Now he feels that there is a fire burning in his body and he urgently needs water to save him, and Xia Xue is the only water that can save him.

He wants to see her like crazy! And he was so sure that she would come to pay homage to Lu Shasha, and he waited here until she appeared. It turns out that he knows her well enough, and she did show up! No, don’t bury the grave. The girl is her sister. On what […]

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Then word of mouth began to ferment the next day.

Kate refers to China’s online novel "Shuang Wen" to upgrade the writing style. Although the literariness is not worth mentioning, ordinary readers really seem to be addicted to it. Many people have a good feeling after reading it. Everyone can’t care about literature and philosophy. Anyway, this novel is good to read and strongly recommended […]

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Want to leave here, she found an excuse to excuse herself.

"I … I have a stomachache and I want to wash my hands …" Just as he was about to disappear from his sight, his wrist was quickly reached out and grabbed his arm. She fell into his arms and the rich magnetic voice sounded "Where to?" He sticks close to himself, which makes Ye […]

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"Don’t!" Go around and say no without hesitation. He’s not as bad as his sister! He can do everything by himself!

I’m ashamed of being driven around just now, but I hate to drive around! She suddenly approached her mother’s ear. "Mom, do you know why you don’t let your mother take a bath?" I’ll tell you a little secret! " Ye Xihan was curious, "What little secret?" Chapter 220: The president is a gay.

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