Not waiting for the car to smile and talk, and then a sharp one sounded like a bitter woman. Damn little bitch Ouyang Bai, did you put something? !”

The graceful and enchanting woman has lost her original charm, and now she looks ferocious, and her chicken eyes are twisted into crosseyed eyes, staring at the car and smiling. That gesture is like a car laughing. She has a bitter hatred. The man with a pointed eyebrow didn’t speak, but his eyes were cold […]

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[Private chat] Soft soft sugar, tell me about wool! That’s his sister. We all play together, but why take care of it?

[Private Chat] Pig’s trotters stew to help forehead/fudge. You said that you called it casual, but did you say it casually? Still in front of that manman? [Private chat] Soft soft sugar dislike/hoof? Do you think we are that stupid? Could this happen? [Private Chat] Soft Soft Sugar We have always been so considerate and […]

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"I’m going to quit the entertainment circle." FuBo looked up and looked at ChuYan.

ChuYan smell speech a trance. When I reacted, I couldn’t help but ask, "Isn’t it good to quit?"

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Staring at Yin in the dark, his eyes are deep.

spotlight With a handsome face and noble temperament, he buttoned up his suit and slowly walked to the high platform to take over the topic handed over by the staff. He gently said, "This song was written by my wife many years ago, and now she is no longer with me, but I still miss […]

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You are a money addict! Lu Fengxing naturally saw through the little woman’s mind, grinning and kissing her forehead. I’ll arrange for him to send it directly to your company someday!

You are a money addict! Lu Fengxing naturally saw through the little woman’s mind, grinning and kissing her forehead. I’ll arrange for him to send it directly to your company someday! Hee heeMiao laughed and went to the man’s arms to nest again. It’s really useless to start thinking about your property when you are […]

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Shuiyunjin felt that the whole body was surrounded by warmth, but before he could see the hot water overflowing outside the bucket, it turned out that Huangfudi’s long legs stepped in.

"What are you doing in here? Get out." "My body is also wet by Hibiscus, and Hibiscus is not afraid that I will catch cold." Huangfuda’s eyes are as low as usual. Shuiyunjin thinks that he will catch a cold and coax a three-year-old child if he is defeated. "You don’t fool around and wait […]

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When the little boy heard this, he was furious. He wiped his face first, gritted his teeth and raised his hand to start work …

At this time, a deep cold drink sounded behind him, "What!" Everyone looked back at the man who appeared in a black shirt and trousers. His face was cold, his eyes were sharp and deep, although there was an outstanding temperament in the ruins. Chang Jing’s eyes lit up and shouted, "Brother-in-law, help me!" He […]

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Ling Feiyang’s middle finger rear body, Bei Ming’s magic power, immediately started to work. The innate vigorous gas generated by the "spiral nine shadows" also surrounded the body for a moment, and this vicious cold was forced out of the body!

Kalubio was surprised to see Ling Feiyang uninjured and suddenly took out a token from his arms! Although the shape of this token is exactly the same as the sacred fire order in the hands of his three disciples, the texture is completely different. One side of this token is very smooth and it is […]

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A strange feeling welled up in my heart, unconsciously

Now, Emperor Yu is incarnate, and four waves of water appear in all directions. Those four water waves are also the symbol of the perfection of Emperor Shun Han Hai Boxing. However, it is not so easy to realize the essence of Emperor Shun’s Juexue. That’s … A strange feeling welled up in my heart, […]

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