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Her long hair is beautiful and long.

Extremely waist, even longer!
Few girls have had such long hair and few girls have such beautiful hair!
Black, shiny and not stuffy.
Her hair is as aura as her, blowing her soft hair gently, and his eyes gradually become soft and shiny.
Kexin sat quietly with his strong legs down and let him dry his hair.
She thinks he is very abnormal tonight!
This brother is a bit strange!
He has never been like this to himself … not doing those terrible things is to blow her hair.
The warm wind gently blew through her hair, and the warmth of the wind made her a little tired just now, and now her brain began to get confused and tired, and her body became more and more soft, and she fell asleep in his arms.
Seeing her asleep, Nanchen Night Fierce stopped moving in her hand.
Dropping the hair dryer, he lifted her up on his chest, his little face and black eyes stared at her pretty face tightly, and his slender fingers could not help but cross her white skin. His eyes were incredibly soft.
His unusual behavior tonight is hard for him to explain clearly!
What should he do with her when she is so small?
Watching her grow up day by day and become more and more like her mother, the more he can’t help but want to hurt her.
夜生活For a long time, childhood experiences came to mind, and he witnessed those bloody scenes with his own eyes, and his heart ached a little.
Put her little face on his chest again, open the hair dryer and continue to blow her wet hair!
No matter how much he hates their family, he wants to follow his heart tonight!
Maybe I really drank too much!
Will become so abnormal!
A good biological clock in the morning made Nan Chen wake up in advance. At that moment, his head was very uncomfortable. He got up and suddenly found a furry thing on his chest. He lowered his head and reached over and found that the woman pressing his chest was not others but her!
Black eyes instantly sank to think about kicking her away! But he didn’t really kick her out of bed!
Watching her sleep, he is a little stunned!
Her lips are as bright and tender as coral, so he can’t help but bow his head and kiss!
Is he aware of this conscious practice?
He didn’t realize what he had just done until after he kissed.
I seem to have done a very stupid thing myself last night!
Calm face out of bed!
He strode to the bathroom and when he came out again, he looked like a dangerous cheetah.
Pick her up from the bed and throw her into the bathtub full of cold water.
Kexin was awakened by the sudden surprise.
"Hurry up and clean yourself up! I’ll wait for you upstairs! Don’t keep me waiting too long! Otherwise, you will look good! "
Until the door, his cold voice echoed in Kexin’s ear for a long time.
For several days in a row, Kexin went out to socialize with Nanchen Night every day.
Nan Chen didn’t let her drink at night, just beside him. He asked her to do things just to wait on him!
It’s a social intercourse, but it’s not a social intercourse. It’s a mafia deal.
Choosing trading places is also mostly a bar night class …
When I stayed in a nightclub for a while, I was more or less white.
Nan Chen took her out again tonight.
The place where they went was nowhere else. She was in a nightclub before!
I was a little nervous when I went in, afraid that my brother would leave her here again.
However, she was relieved to see Nan Chenye making a deal with others as usual.
Tonight’s transaction seems to be quite different from usual, and it is very secretive. Everyone except Nan Chenye and the trader must be at the door.
She is no exception, waiting outside the door with a few hands of Nanchen Night. She feels bored and wants to go out for some air.
When she didn’t want to cross the bar, she saw a familiar figure.
She was dazzled by herself and went over to see clearly!
It’s a pity that the man has gone away.
Disappointed, she bowed her head and walked to the door!
I found a stone step outside the door and sat looking at the sky sullenly.
At night, the style is cool outside, she doesn’t wear a lot, and now she feels a little cold.
She doesn’t dare to stay out for too long. She has to go back before her brother finishes the transaction, or else … that kind of consequence will be borne by her.
Get up and want to go back

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