"I’m going to quit the entertainment circle." FuBo looked up and looked at ChuYan.

ChuYan smell speech a trance.
When I reacted, I couldn’t help but ask, "Isn’t it good to quit?"
品茶  title=Although Fu Bo is a nice guy, he is really talented. He has made gold records at an early age and won the Best Newcomer Award.
And now it’s his hottest period, which is half the sky. Suddenly, he said he was going to die.
There is something wrong with ChuYan heart.
Sure enough, Fubo sighed, "Something happened at home and you want me to go back, otherwise."
He didn’t say the next words, but Chu Yan also knows that such professions as giants and families generally look down on actors.
Fu Bo was hindered by many obstacles at home when he debuted before, and now Chu Yan knows something about the situation.
If you really want to force him to go back, you will be absolutely eaten to death unless Fuboxin is determined to do nothing outside yourself.
Obviously FuBo belongs to the latter.
She was silent for a while, and she could understand his mentality better with such family and children.
After a while, she couldn’t find anything to comfort him
There is no choice in saying, "Go home, although you will be reluctant to go back in your heart, but it is not a mistake to choose us."
The latter words were too cruel for her to say.
Compared with ChuYan, FuBo is much better, but how much better after all?
Fu Bo suddenly burst out laughing. "Don’t be as sad as someone who died. What am I doing? I’m going back to take over the family business, not going through fire and water. It’s not much better than being a broken actor. Labor and capital are exhausted from doing this and just go back to have a rest."
Said to ChuYan quietly blink some curious and asked "by the way, how do you also want to enter the entertainment circle?"
When she heard this, she was a little naive.
Fu Bo quit, but she was also very reluctant to enter the entertainment circle.
Shake your head and smile slightly "It’s a long story"
This is too lazy to talk, and Fubo will not continue to ask.
Chu Yan still thought about what he had just done and asked, "I don’t think I have told others about this decision yet. When are you going to make it public?"
Although Fu Bo said he was open-minded, Chu Yan knew him more or less.
The more this can be said, the more he can’t open it.
After all, for this industry, he is still very poor, otherwise he would not have resolutely entered this circle against his family.
"Of course not. I just made this decision. The agent told you without telling me. You mustn’t shake it out for me." Fu Bo smiled at her again. "But I’m not in a hurry. I haven’t even entered the entertainment circle with you yet. How can I just quit?"
In that case, it should be a while. ChuYan nodded his head.
Just then ChuYan words rang out.
At first glance, it was Zhang Na.
She was slightly surprised to see that she had been sitting here with him for more than an hour.
It’s almost twelve o’clock. Think about Zhang Na’s temper. Chu Yan quickly got up and said to Fu Bodao, "Forget it. Let’s call it a day. I’ll go first. My agent is waiting for me."
After chatting with her for a long time, Fubo was satisfied and shrugged his shoulders. "You go."
He is not a good man.
ChuYan also don’t wordy while pick up the Zhang Na words and leave with him.
FuBo behind looking at her back slightly evoked lip Angle.
"We will meet again soon."
After that, he picked up the phone and made a message to go out. "Hey, what are you busy with? Guess who I met, Chu Yan."
Words fade away.
Chuyan was late for half a day, which was naturally said by Zhang Na scratching inside and out. Chuyan sobbed at the corners of her mouth, and then she sat opposite the sofa.
Zhang Na is also a knife mouth tofu heart said also calculate.
But see ChuYan a dead mouse feels no cold appearance or spirit not dozen 1 come.
Sitting with anger in her heart, she took out two contracts
"This is the contract payment of Qingluanzhi, and I will talk to you about 121,000, which is tentatively set at 56."
Chuyan smell speech is not frowning slightly.
Zhang Na, she is dissatisfied with the pay and can’t help but sigh, "Xiaoyan, I know this price is low, but you are a newcomer now, and this price is still good after your previous popularity and popularity accumulated during this period."
Chu Yan is naturally white. She is not surprised by the price.
She nodded somewhat puzzled and asked, "Sister Na, didn’t you say that if you want to take the high-end route, it’s best not to make a TV play? How now?" She wondered.
A listen to this Zhang Na a slight delay and then corners of the mouth a smoke.
"It’s good to say so, but it’s a shadow. Considering that you don’t have a coffee place now, it’s the best way to increase your popularity, especially ancient costumes."
She paused and continued, "You should shoot some video dramas to hone your acting skills and accumulate popularity. It’s not too late to exert influence at a certain time. After watching this video drama, I have a general understanding that the quality of a costume fantasy Xianxia is definitely not bad. You can definitely rest assured."
After listening to her explanation, she is white.
She wants to make money and popularity now, and that TV play is the best effect.
So there was no objection. I nodded and listened to her talk about one.
"This is the unknown story drama, which is based on the original film of a super-popular person in Jinjiang Literature Network. I have seen it and it is definitely aaaaa. I picked it up for you."
Zhang Na is very optimistic about the unknown story and keeps recommending that she must read the original work. She also said, "This team is the most conscientious group in the industry. The leading role of the martial arts team system has not yet been decided. At present, there are several candidates. You must take good care of it. If this drama is brought by then, you will definitely not be far from a film queen."
ChuYan smell speech slightly stunned "so exaggerated"
"Of course," Zhang Na nodded positively and then said seriously. "When you go back, take a quick look at the original owner and try to meet the director once so that he can choose at a glance. Do you know?"
ChuYan leng leng can’t help but ask "this hasn’t been signed yet"
"That’s right," Zhang Na said. "This project is a key project. Should I help you with the audition for this role? Do you really want to bring it or do you want to rely on yourself?" He said with a heavy heart and patted ChuYan on the shoulder. "You must work hard."
ChuYan is some stupid to understand these ChuYan and Zhang Na leave with a lot of information.
Xiao asked for leave and can do it by herself.
I didn’t drive today, so I have to take a taxi.
Thought of here can’t help but blame a ChengRong.
In the office on the top floor, I was thinking about Mo Chengkun’s words, and I couldn’t help sneezing, which made me more stupid for a while.
Chuyan just came downstairs.
Nai put things aside and just answered the phone when a play was about to fall.

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