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Staring at Yin in the dark, his eyes are deep.

With a handsome face and noble temperament, he buttoned up his suit and slowly walked to the high platform to take over the topic handed over by the staff. He gently said, "This song was written by my wife many years ago, and now she is no longer with me, but I still miss her. I also want to tell her that although we have separated, this feeling in my heart will never change" Who wants to let go "for you!"
Warm palms
He slowly closed his eyes in the spotlight, holding a topic. "I was surprised when you were still in a certain place on a certain day in a certain year. I once said that I would rush into heaven and earth with you. I once said that I regret waiting for you in this life without worrying about being separated for thousands of miles … Today, the more I miss you, the more I am afraid that I can’t be together. Who has been willing to let go? I have had a wonderful wish to stay with you every year …"
In the dark
Everyone held their breath.
Xiang Yin looked at him silently and thought, Did she write this song? She turned on her mobile phone and sent a short message to her agent, Mu Ni. She replied, "Okay, I’ll check with Sister Yin, you wait first."
Xiang Yin looked at the message and just wanted to lock the screen when he was attracted by a new message.
[Mom, I saw you live. You are so beautiful tonight.] It turned out that Tong Tong sent a text message and smiled back to Yin. [Tong Tong, do you watch it now? Yes, I’m listening to my father sing now. Hey, hey, mom, is this song for you? Did you order love songs? ] [I don’t know]
[Mom, aren’t you curious about living with dad before? 】
I’m curious, but my mother can’t remember. When I think about it, my head buzzes. Is it true that your father just made a girlfriend? 】 […] Holding the phone with a black line [where is it? I like her. How can this be called a girlfriend? Mom, I just think her eyes are particularly beautiful. I want to dig her eyes back to make a mark. Seeing this message, Yin was shocked. The venue couldn’t talk. She was able to get up and walk quickly in the direction of washing her hands. He kept her eyes until she left the venue. He silently withdrew his eyes and sang.
As soon as Yin came out of the venue, he quickly called Tong Tong "Tong Tong, what did you mean just now? Are you going to dig the eyes of the female students in your class? "
"Yes, her eyes are watery and she looks very good." Tong Tong’s immature voice came from the other side.
"Tong tong, how can you think so? Human life is the most solemn and prudent thing in this world, and it is not right to think about taking other people’s lives or hurting others casually. Some bad people will do this, and so the bad people will eventually be punished by law, and everyone will hate this vicious heart. "
"I didn’t mean to hurt her. I wanted to be a sign."
"This won’t do either!" Xiangyin
"This won’t do either!" Yelling at him to Yin Shirley "what makes you think so? Who taught you that? Tell mom. "
"There is no one who doesn’t feel wrong when I see me in my own animation. It’s very exciting and I deserve it," he said confidently
Headache to Yin, she began to feel that Tong Tong education is a big problem. He Lianyin is a man who is careless even if he is good at Tong Tong. Sometimes he is busy and seriously lacks the companionship of Tong Tong, which leads to some deficiencies in the child’s heart and is filled by some distorted thoughts, thus changing his whole thought.
桑拿网"Tongtong’s mother will come to you after attending the ceremony. You wait for your mother at home and have something to tell you, okay?"
"Mom, are you coming to see me?" Tong Tong is very surprised.
"Well, you can go at about nine o’clock. You wait for me."
"Yeah, mom, I’m waiting for you to love you. mumamuma…… …"
Xiang Yin couldn’t help laughing. "Okay, I’ll see muma later."
She took the line and walked back to the meeting. He Lianyin had finished singing the opening song. He sat back in his position with his legs crossed and harmonious.
To Yoon slightly trance sat to didn’t speak.
"Listen to the staff and say that you will win many prizes tonight." He Lianyin congratulated with a smile.
"This is not necessarily just a smell. By the way, I will go to Tong Tong after the award ceremony. Is that ok?"
"Yeah" He Lianyin agreed quickly.
I took a sip of Yin’s lips and finally couldn’t help but say, "I just talked to Tong Tong. He said that he thought there was a girl in his class who was very beautiful, especially her eyes. What do you think of her eyes?"
HeLianYin slightly one leng "he said that?"
He Lianyin was silent. It’s impossible. He knows Tong Tong. He doesn’t look so twisted. This is probably his move, right? Attract Xiao Yin’s attention. He smiled. What a naughty boy.
"What are you laughing at?"
"No, I just think this should be a joke. How can filial piety be taken seriously?"
Section 31
Don’t talk to Yin. She slightly twisted her eyebrows. Forget it. It’s meaningless to say it now. When she meets Tong Tong later, she will know what’s going on.
That night, Xiang Yin did win a lot of awards. She put those crystal-transparent awards one by one in the direction of Helianzhai.
In the bedroom
She sat on the sofa and dressed in tonight’s ceremony. She repeatedly asked about Lian Tong Tong Tong, who was wearing cartoon pajamas, and said it was a joke.
He Lianyin leaned against the door and looked at Tong Tong, who was questioned by Yin, with some funny smiles.
He took a sip of wine.
Glared at Yin, she covered Tong Tong’s ears and rushed He Lianyin angrily. "Can you not drink in front of children after you?" It’s strange that children are not affected by your exaggeration. "
It’s rare to see her angry. He Lianyin took the glass away with a stupid head. "I don’t drink it every day."
"Also said that no Tong Tong told me that you drink every day."
"…" HeLianYin stared at tong tong tong vomitted to stick out your tongue nifty and lovely.
He Lianyin nai shook his head in a soft tone. "I really don’t have a front because I’m in a bad mood. I haven’t had much to drink recently and occasionally have two small cups."
"That can’t always smoke in front of Tong Tong" to Yin with a serious face.
He Lianyin shrugged his shoulders and nodded lazily in a light-colored T-shirt. "Well, I don’t drink it. By the way, it’s raining outside Xiao Xiu. Do you want to stay here tonight so that Tong Tong can sleep with you?"
Xiang Yin wanted to get up. "No, I have to go back late and wait for Sunday. I’ll pick up Tong Tong to play."
"All right," he didn’t force her to call Dai Mu from the outside. "Dai Mu, you send Xiao Xiu back to the rainy day, and you drive carefully."
"No" asked Yin to stop him. "I won’t see me off. I drove here by myself at night, but I can go back by myself."
"Well, I’ll take you there."
Zhang nodded to Yin’s mouth "OK"
She said goodbye to Tong Tong and kissed him goodnight. He Lianyin walked out of the room shoulder by shoulder and went up the stairs together. Now He Lianyin has feelings for her like friends. He loves someone. If Xiao Yin insists on being Xiao Hailan, then he will treat her as Xiao Hailan, not his lover.
It will make each other feel better.
He Lianyin sent her to the first floor and handed her an umbrella. The sound was slightly cold, "Xiao Xiu, be careful when you infiltrate your road."
"Okay, thanks."
"You’re welcome. Go home quickly. It’s getting late." He finished and didn’t see her grow into the house and disappear behind the door.
Xiang Yin holds an umbrella.
In the rain, she gently turned around, and there was no one on the roof. There were no more eyes that were as affectionate as sea phoenix. Her eyes suddenly became a little sour, and her eyelashes slowly drooped. It turned out that her heart would still hurt because of being ignored.
In the drizzle like wool
She got into her sports car and drove off.
Helianjia bedroom
The light is warm

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