Finally, when referee frisk blew the whistle at the end of the game, Florence beat Dynamo Kiev 41 at home, and the total score was 54, which eliminated this difficult opponent and qualified for the semifinals of the Champions League!

Chapter 77 After the game
After hearing frisk blow the final whistle, Shevchenko sat down on the lawn. At this time, the Ukrainian nuclear warhead of the future Megatron football was redeyed and looked at the goal not far away. He was very unwilling that the team was eliminated from the Champions League.
At the same time, I ended shaking hands with Capello. lobanovski walked from the coach’s seat to the stadium to comfort his brothers one by one according to the distance. The famous Ukrainian coach who has seen the big waves knows very well that the team’s amazing performance this season has attracted the attention of many European giants. Dynamo Kiev’s current financial situation and status are almost impossible to retain these good seedlings after the season.
There are two things that lobanovski can do now. First of all, let his brothers recover as soon as possible, and don’t have any psychological shadow because of this defeat. The player was born in lobanovski and knows exactly what kind of impact such a reversal by his opponent will have on the players, especially those young players.
Secondly, this highly respected Ukrainian coach, who has been in good health for a long time, sincerely hopes that he will spend several years carefully training these players to attract the attention of more powerful western European teams by virtue of their wonderful performance in the Champions League last season, so as to get out of Ukraine and show their talents on a broader stage!
Although it’s hard to bear to see these younger brothers who get along with each other in the future, lobanovski knows in his heart that Eastern European football has long been far away from ten years ago, which is even earlier. Although firstclass stars such as Poposky and Dwight have emerged in recent years, the theory of Eastern European football has been left behind by these developed countries in Western Europe in terms of technical and tactical level and football foundation!
And now Dynamo Kiev has no financial support behind it, and it can’t seek state support as before. It’s a lie to say that it’s not interested in waving a checkbook in the face of western European clubs. After all, the daily operation of the club and the training of players are all expensive. It’s impossible to maintain the operation without backup without selling people!
Therefore, from the bottom of my heart, lobanovski hopes that his brothers can find a suitable place, especially Shevchenko and Rybrov, the two Ukrainian double star coaches, are very much looking forward to the future recognition of these two proud brothers that sooner or later some of them can achieve or even surpass the achievements of their brothers blokhin and Belanov!
Now, after being eliminated from the Champions League by Florence, lobanovski feels that he has found a quite ideal place for one of his proud brothers. This club seems to have paid a few million dollars less than hanging around him all the time, and it is more suitable for Shevchenko’s career development to transfer that Adriano Galliani to represent AC Milan.
It never occurred to me that at this age, I have to take the initiative to be a lobbyist for others to get through Andriy Shevchenko’s ideological work. My brother’s future is exhausted. lobanovski sighed and walked to Dynamo Kiev’s firstteam training ground, where a young man with a buzz cut and blond hair was constantly doing dribbling training. If Andrey can finally make it, I must let this little boy have a good meal, otherwise it would be really a waste of raising him for so many years …
Yes, lobanovski has just defeated Dynamo Kiev and advanced to the semifinal of the Champions League, Florence! Although vieri, Ronaldo and Inzaghi are three firstclass strikers in Florence at this time, and Dinatale is still a potential rookie, in the Ukrainian coach’s view, Shevchenko’s strength can definitely make him find a place in Florence!
However, Mr. lobanovski obviously forgot one important thing, that is, he seems to have never considered whether Florence has any plans to introduce Shevchenko …
It was this omission that led to a drama that made AC Milan crazy in the summer transfer market soon!
Let’s talk about lobanovski’s action for the time being and turn the topic back to Florence.
桑拿论坛After a 41 victory, Dinamo Kiev, who still held the initiative before the game, narrowly advanced to the semifinals of the Champions League and then reengaged in the national battlefield. Florence ushered in the 29th round of Serie A three days after the end of the Champions League.
On April 17th, Florence arrived at Dalala Stadium, where they will challenge Bologna led by famous signori this evening.
Bologna gave Florence a defeat in the first leg of the season between the two sides, so the team is very eager to get back the revenge of last year in this game.
However, a realist like Capello can’t naturally be emotional. When everything is about victory, he is willing to send some main players against Barry. On the one hand, he really wants to finish revenge on Barry and keep the team’s leading position in the standings. More importantly, in order to observe the game state of these core players, there will be an extremely sad situation like the first contract Dynamo Kiev.
Now, with six rounds left in the league, Florence is ahead of Lazio by ten points to win the championship, which can be said to be a great situation, and this situation of winning the championship just gives Capello the confidence to start rotation
So in this match with Bologna, Capello put all his substitutes in the starting list, and even mahdavikia, who has extremely poor defensive ability (Capello), replaced Zambrotta as the starting rightback of Florence.
The result of this large rotation of the starting lineup is that Bologna, the second team of Florence, walked out of the quagmire of relegation war before facing the main force. After 90 minutes of tenacious battle with its opponent, it shook hands with its opponent 33 away and took away a point from Dalala Stadium with a direct goal from Inzaghi and Pirlo
(Note: At the end of the season in 1999, Sampdoria, who ranked third from the bottom, and Bologna, who ranked ninth, had a difference of seven points, which showed the tragic degree of Serie A relegation war at that time.)
Chapter 771 Life is hard and fat.
After the away draw with Bologna, Florence’s lead in the standings was not narrowed by the team behind her, but it was further widened.
The reason for this situation is very simple, that is, after losing the Rome derby, Lazio lost again in the round of the league. They were defeated by the Bianconeri led by Anpang 31 at the Olympic Stadium!
Although I really don’t want to help my old rival Capello to expand the lead, I have been a little overwhelmed by the pressure of performance. Ancelotti has not considered so much at this time. After all, Juventus’ performance in the league season can be said to be the worst in the past decade. Not only did it withdraw from the Serie A championship early, but it also fell to the seventh place in the league, even Florence was not as good as the national trumpet Vicenza, which made Juventus management very angry.
However, Carlo Ancelotti is hardpressed. Whenever Moggi and others discuss whether it is time to fire the parallel coach, An Pang always wins and saves himself from the edge of class, which makes Mo Lao Fox and others feel helpless. At the same time, he still has some patience with Carlo Ancelotti, a newcomer in the Italian coaching field.
Lazio match was also played in another Serie A match, in which AC Milan beat Houdusse 51 at the Kefuli Stadium! Bierhoff and Zaccheroni, two old blackbone chicken generals, have become the key to the Rossoneri’s victory in every game. If it weren’t for these two people who know Houdusse well, AC Milan would have to work hard to win Houdusse.
Therefore, when the 29th round of Serie A is over, Florence has a huge advantage of eleven points in the standings. It seems that it is very promising to complete the five consecutive Serie A championships in the first three or four rounds. Lazio suffered two consecutive defeats in the league, and was chased by AC Milan in the second half. It was also overtaken by AC Milan and fell to the third place because of a draw and a loss in two rounds against the Rossoneri!
On April 25th, after a week’s rest, Florence went to Turin, where they will challenge their old rival Juventus at the Alpi Stadium.
Although Carlo Ancelotti’s first coaching trip to a big club doesn’t look so smooth at present, it is undeniable that if it were not for him, it would probably be worse for another coach to lead the team after pierrot, the core of the team’s offensive and frontcourt adhesive, fell seriously.
After all, Juventus is well aware of the weakness of the front line in the hearts of European fans. otero has proved that he is a striker who needs teammates to deliver artillery shells to grab points, and he is also the kind of unreliable French Bianconeri to deliver stable goals; Otero compatriot Uruguayan star Fonseca showed his old age in the season. In the same year, he and his partner Barbo were called South American double evil spirits. After several seasons of tempering, Amoruso Jr. is still the potential new star of that year, but he did not grow into the Italian No.2 center comparable to vieri according to the template set by the Bianconeri coaching staff.
You know, no matter how well a team’s defenders do, it’s impossible to get a decent result if the front striker just can’t score!
Therefore, after pierrot, the only stable firepower point, was reimbursed for the season, Juventus scored only by attacking with onevote midfield insertion and otero’s ups and downs. In the face of this difficult situation, Ancelotti was able to give the Bianconeri a glimmer of hope to compete for the European Cup in the season with five rounds left in the league. It is quite difficult and it also proves his teaching level.
It’s a pity that Juventus executives and fans didn’t notice this objective fact, but they all threw seven pairs of blame for the poor record to Ancelotti’s head, thinking that Lippi, who is almost equipped with the firstteam team team, can lead the team to rank in the top three in the league year after year, while Ancelotti can lead the team to struggle for a place in Europe.
These people forgot that Lippi had such a talented star on the offensive end as pierrot, and the absolute main players like Blank and Deschamps were at the peak of their careers. When Ancelotti coached these people, they were not only troubled by the World Cup syndrome, but also made their competitive state worse than before.
It is precisely because of the weakness of the forward line that Juventus, a doubleback combination composed of Materazzi and Hyypia, and Makelele, couldn’t find a way to tear the other team’s defense line at the back of the game. otero took turns to take care of Materazzi and Hyypia, let alone score a goal without catching the teammate’s ball.
In the case of scoring and containment in otero, it is naturally difficult for Juventus midfielders to get a good shot. Although they all have good attacking ability, these players can look at Florence after being blocked by their opponents.
Finally, at the end of the game on the spot, Fiorentina scored a goal with a header from substitute vieri at halftime, beating Juventus to end their twogame winning streak and continue to lead the standings by 11 points!
Makelele and Zati, the combination of midfielders, are the biggest contributors to Florence’s victory in the game. They blocked Zida, Davies, Di livio and others from attacking in turn on the defensive end, which almost completely disintegrated Juventus’ midfield and frontcourt, making it difficult for the Bianconeri to organize a threatening attack.
In particular, Makelele, the French midfielder, stared at his compatriot Zida in a panic during the game, freezing one of the most threatening points in the Juventus field by himself, which made everyone sit up and take notice.
Therefore, it was criticized by the Italian media for more than half a season, saying that this was the only loophole in Florence’s main team. Makelele was named the best player in the game after the game, which was the first time he won this honor after joining Florence!
After defeating Juventus, Florence will welcome the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League in the middle of the week. This time Viola met her opponent in the semifinal, led by Rui Costa and Hitzfeld, who left last summer, in the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich!
Chapter 772 First lost a game.
According to the rules set by UEFA, the first leg of the semifinal of the Champions League between Florence and Bayern Munich will be played at Bayern’s home Olympic Stadium, and the second leg will be played at Frankie Stadium a week later.
For the media and fans, there are several main points to watch in this game. First, whether Florence has a chance to realize their dream of becoming the second great team to win four consecutive championships in the Champions League after Real Madrid in the 1950s; The second is whether Bayern Munich can break through Florence and reappear in the final stage of the Champions League after a full twelve years. Last but not least, people are most concerned about whether Rui Costa, a Portuguese midfielder who became famous in Fica but reached the peak of his personal career (team honor) in Florence, can complete a counterattack against his old club Florence in the semifinal!
Although Rui Costa and Florence broke up peacefully, and the Portuguese won the core position of the organization with excellent overall situation and organizational skills after moving to Bayern Munich, it is obviously impossible to say that Costa has no resentment against Florence.
After all, all football players know that Costa wants to get a stable main position and more appearances in Florence, but effenberg Florence Law has been used to meet his requirements, so the Portuguese decided to leave this giant club and turn to Bayern Munich, which is willing to give him a core position.
However, many people think that Costa is not worthy of Bayern’s $20,000 transfer and the core position of the team to sign him, because the Portuguese has played a master role in organizing the midfield position, but he lacks the necessary domineering and influence to lead the team to victory at the crucial moment and against the wind.
In fact, this is what history is. After Batty left Viola and went to Rome to pursue his dream of Serie A championship, Florence was completely depressed. One reason is that Costa, despite his outstanding strength, was restricted by his own personality and the artistic style of playing football on the stadium, which made it difficult for him to become a qualified team leader.
Otherwise, when Rui Costa played in Florence and the Portuguese national team, it would be impossible for him to hand over the team leadership to striker batistuta and Figo, who was confined to the wing and became famous later than him.
Therefore, the semifinal of the Champions League with Florence has been questioned by the outside world since the transfer to Bayern. In Rui Costa’s eyes, doubt is the best opportunity to prove his strength!
No one will say that he can’t compete with effenberg if he can lead Bayern Munich to knock Florence out of the Champions League in these two games!
It is for this reason that Costa made great efforts to prepare for the siege of Makelele and Gattuso at the end of the game. He didn’t give up at all, just relying on his superb dribbling skills and realistic false moves, deus ex strikers basler and Iankel repeatedly sent exquisite balls!

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