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"Yes, camping out is of course for the night, and I have sent the shopping list to your mobile phone."

The shopping list is naturally Han Mo’s string of white hair …
"…" Jing Muchen frowned and took the desk phone and looked at it and asked, "Is the camping place safe?"
"It’s very safe, although it’s halfway up the mountain, but there are many security guards in a scenic spot. Don’t worry," said Jing Saixixi with mirth.
Jing Muchen looked at the yellow hair with a hint of disgust in his eyes. "Dye your hair back quickly!"
Jing Saixixi turned supercilious look "I don’t"
Jing Muchen didn’t say anything, but picked up the phone and dialed a number. "I just sent you a shopping list, which will be done at noon, and help me find a hairdresser to come to Ruiyuan Villa on Monday …"
"Dad, you can’t do this!" Jing Saixixi immediately shouted.
Jing Muchen commanded to get up and go upstairs directly. "You can’t."
After lunch at noon the next day, Jing Muchen ordered the brothers and sisters to set off in a driver’s car with a trunk full of supplies.
The camping site is a scenic spot halfway up the mountain in the southern suburb of D. By that time, many people have gathered there, surrounded by big bags and small bags, which are very lively.
Jing Anjiu just got on the bus and someone has come to say hello "jiujiu Saixixi"
Ouyang Xuan came up with a smile. "You’re here."
He looked at JingSaixixi’s eyes and put Jingan Jiushen.
Because of camping, Jing Anjiu is dressed more casually today, a green striped shirt with a white background and a light blue narrow-legged jeans shirt. Her figure is more and more lined up in the jeans, and her legs are straight and slender.
Her hair was tied into a pill to reveal her white and bright face. The whole person is fresh and beautiful. Compared with the past, it may be because of external factors that Jing’ an Jiu has a little more youthful vitality today.
Ouyang Xuan’s eyes are obviously floating with deep affection with a smile.
In fact, he liked Jing Anjiu a long time ago, but he also knew that Uncle Jing was stubborn and it was impossible to promise his daughter puppy love.
Fortunately, Jing Anjiu has always been a good girl in the eyes of teachers and parents for so many years. Although many boys came to confess, she refused every time …
So he thinks that since she doesn’t like boys, he should also have a chance to get worse. They have known each other for so many years, and then they will go to D University to study the so-called "the advantage is the first month". His parents and Jing Jia have friends. Uncle will definitely agree to let them associate.
Thinking of Ouyang Xuan like this, he said, "jiujiu, rest next to you. Saixixi, I’ll help you."
"Good" Jing Saixixi immediately put the heaviest air cushion in his hand without hesitation.
Ouyang Xuan labored to start carrying back and forth.
After the east and west moved in, the driver also drove back first.
Looking at the accumulation of a ground object, Ouyang Xuan joked that "you two have so many things."
Let alone staying for one night. It’s estimated that staying for ten days and a half months will be no problem.
Jing Anjiu smiled and heard Jing Saixixi say, "Who said it was the two of us?"
Ouyang Xuan "…"
"I also called a friend," said Jing Saixixi, pointing at Jing Anjiu.
Jing Anjiu frowned. The first thought in my mind was, Did my brother have a new girlfriend again?
Since the first girlfriend Xiang Xiang suddenly transferred to another school, after less than a year of silence, Jing Saixixi started fooling around, skipping classes every day, not saying that he also liked to fight, and his handsome girlfriend changed at both ends every three days … Because of this, Jing Muchen was in a hurry to send him abroad.
I hope I can be tempered and transformed after living independently abroad for a few years.
Soon everyone in the class was here.
As Ouyang Xuan said, the couples in the class are all here, and some of them are quiet on weekdays and have no partners, but they also bring their boyfriends and girlfriends.
So in the end, there are Jing’ an Jiu monitor Ouyang Xuan and his two girls without the other half.
桑拿按摩It’s hot, and the young couples get together to chat and eat ice … It’s a bit cruel for single dog to get together and chat here.
"Well, now that everyone is here, Ouyang, you count the number and I’m going to buy tickets." The monitor shouted with a trumpet.
"Well …"
"Wait a minute" Jing Saixixi suddenly said, "There is still one person missing."
"…" The monitor looked around again and said, "Here we are."
Maybe it’s because the college entrance examination is over, and this class activity has won everyone’s support. Even Jing Anjiu, the "iceberg goddess" who has never participated in the activity, has come. Who else hasn’t come?
Jing Saixixi said, "Wait for me to make a call and ask."
Then he picked up the phone and dialed a number to pretend and said, "Where are you? Ready to buy tickets. "
"Yeah, hurry up, I’ll wait for you."
Hang up the phone. Saixixi in the background smiled and said, "The horse has arrived and the car has already started."
It’s past two o’clock in the afternoon, which is the highest temperature in the day. The sun shines brightly and everyone is forced to step aside to enjoy the cool under the shade.
Jing Anjiu also found a place to hold her heart, but once again she regretted that she shouldn’t have come. It’s too hot and there are many bugs in summer … It’s just a matter of finding fault!
"Jing ‘an Jiu didn’t expect you to come over today." A woman suddenly sounded beside him.
Jing Anjiu turned around and saw a girl with short hair and a round face smiling at herself.
It’s a sven boy with glasses next to Tian Tian at the same table. I haven’t seen him before. I think it should be her boyfriend
"Hello" Jing Anjiu greeted with a smile.
"This is my boyfriend. His name is Liu Jiawei. He reads in the D High School Attached to the University." Tian Tian introduced with a smile.
"Hello" Liu Jiawei looked at Jing ‘an Jiu’s lens and his eyes flashed a little amazing.
"jiujiu, hasn’t your boyfriend come yet?" Tian Tian suddenly said.
Jing’ an Jiublink boyfriend?
Er … What made her think of Han Mobai for the first time?
"You are so beautiful, and your boyfriend must be handsome, too?" Tian Tian added, "Why don’t you bring it here for us to see?"
Jing Anjiu laughed and didn’t know what to say.
Fortunately, because she is beautiful, smiling is the best weapon. Tian Tian has been at the same table with her for a year, and she knows her temper and personality. After a few simple words, she took her boyfriend to a grocery store to buy ice cream.
JingAnjiu just relieved when she heard someone whispering behind her.
"Do you think … can she have a boyfriend with such a cold personality?"
"I guess not. Otherwise, why not bring it?"
"Even if you are beautiful, what personality is not pleasing?"
Jing Anjiu "…"

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