Three minutes

It was three minutes before Hertha attacked Certa again.
Actually, these three minutes seem very short to the audience, but they are extremely long to the players in Certa!
They feel as if they have played three games so tired.
Hertha seems to score goals in every attack.
This is that they have never known Hertha before!
Never experienced the Hertha attack!
They also want this seconddivision team to be able to ravage them and have an occasional anodyne counterattack.
I didn’t expect this team’s counterattack to be so sharp, and when one counterattack twice, three times and four times formed a turbulent wave, they had become boats that floated with the waves in the storm, and they couldn’t even leave if they wanted to.
Can pray for good luck.
It’s a pity that luck didn’t have their side this time …
When Hertha’s attack hit Certa’s goal again, Charles was caught by Sergio and NoGloor.
品茶论坛He scored a goal in Certa and became the focus of attention.
But Hertha is obviously not a Charles!
Luis garcia is not looking for Charles.
But … The buried crowd is very humble mista!
Mista accurately found the landing point from the crowd. He was as high as sixteen [ball running] and played the key at this time!
Then he doesn’t jump at all. Just head a little higher!
The football flew into the goal for the second time from goalkeeper Pinto!
Hertha scored two goals in three minutes!
Coliseumalfonso perez broke into great cheers this time without the first time because even Hertha’s own fans were stunnedour team actually scored two goals from a firstclass team in three minutes? !
We went from being backward to being … ahead? !
Crespo was the first person to react. He yelled at the commentary, I can’t believe it! Unbelievable! Hertha scored two goals in three minutes! They’re ahead of Certa! ! Certa, ranked No.1 in the first division, is stronger than Hertha even if they are substitutes, but it is such a team that falls behind away from home! They were looked down upon by Hertha for three minutes and turned the tables! Look at Certa goalkeeper Pinto … He looks shocked! I can’t believe what I saw! He yawned at half time, but now he is humiliated by Hertha’s two goals!
Victor Hernandez, the head coach of Certa, looked at all this on the sidelines and was dumbfounded.
The probability of being scored by a team like Hertha in just a few minutes is almost the same as that of him walking down the street and being hit by something thrown by a quarrelling couple in a street building.
But with such a small probability, it just … fucking happened to him!
Chapter one hundred and sixtytwo Put all your eggs in one basket
Many people couldn’t believe their eyes when Mista headed the football into the goal.
Hertha, such a team, can lead Certa in the competition?
Even if Certa is a substitute, there are three strong players in it! In addition, their central defender Sergio is also a hopeful star with high hopes from Certa!
It’s easy for such a team to beat Hertha away as a substitute!
Their goal in the first 17 minutes of the game seems to confirm this point, and everything is moving in the direction that every Certa fan wants to see.
But now …
The dream was shattered.
The world create by their imagination began to collapse before them.
Seeing this is not only the Certa fans but also the reporters in the stands.
The journalist who were waiting for that game to be ov and laughing at Hertha and Changsheng were dumbfounded.
When Hertha scored, they turned their attention to the Hertha coach’s seat on the sidelines for the first time
Then they saw Chang Sheng rushing out of the coach’s seat and shouting.
So what’s the point of surrendering before?

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