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"I keep him and you go home first!" Lan Yuzhu said

"What is it?" Rumbawa said, "Isn’t the leader afraid of damaging his reputation by leaving a young man in the room? Give him to me! "
LanYuZhu heart angry cried, "that you what matter? Get out! "
Rumbawa was obviously angry. Suddenly he pushed the door open and immediately saw Ling Feiyang lying on the blue jade bead bed. He couldn’t help laughing and said, "The original leader likes this small white face. Isn’t my a-mei’s life worth your blue leader’s moment?"
Lanyuzhu flew into a rage and slapped Lombardo’s chest. Lombardo raised his hand and tried to block it, but he was far from martial arts. Lanyuzhu was badly injured and was hit by a slap and rolled down the stairs of the diaojiao building. He happened to knock on a raised rock tip and died immediately.
Lanyuzhu was taken aback and rushed out of the door. At this time, the cult of the five evils gathered around and surrounded Lanyuzhu.
"The Patriarch Zuo has always been loyal. Why did you kill him?"
"The leader is to protect that person named Ling Feiyang!"
"Ling float in the sky is not to kill the right to protect the murderer? Did the leader see him! "
"This little girl is not qualified to be our leader!"
The members of the Five Poisons Sect in Diaojiaolou talked about it one after another. Lan Yuzhu was so anxious that she shouted, "Listen to me, everyone! I didn’t mean to!" But there was a lot of talk, and no one paid attention to her
At this moment, a square-faced, broad-browed, mysterious-clothed elder separated from the crowd and went to Lan Yuzhu, the high priest of the Five Poisons Sect, Monjero!
"Uncle!" LanYuZhu like met savior shouted
Monjero, the elder of the mysterious clothes, ignored Lan Yuzhu’s eyes and scanned the field. Suddenly, he cried, "Somebody bring me Lan Yuzhu, a traitor of the five evils!"
Chapter 166 Five Poisons Cult
"Uncle! Even you don’t believe that I am innocent? " LanYuZhu nasty big resolution way
"People are dead here. How can I trust you if you let Uncle? Now I also have a sense of righteousness! " Monjero said a word and a figure suddenly became more and more popular. His hands even played more than a dozen bamboo darts and threw them at Lanyuzhu. It was the third of the three elders of the ruling Sect!
LanYuzhu hurriedly picked out the bamboo flute and bamboo flute blowing hole and quickly popped up the six golden balls to knock these bamboo darts out one after another! However, a flying needle as thin as hair shot out of nowhere and went straight to the throat of sapphire beads!
Of course, the person who sent out the flying needle was the middle child of the three elders of the Five Poisons Sect. The flying needle approached the blue jade bead sadly and felt a faint metallic reflection in front of his eyes. Only then did he notice the flying needle, but it was too late and hasty to tilt his neck. The flying needle was piercing the joint between the neck and the clavicle!
"Uncle, do you want me dead?" LanYuzhu immediately felt half of her shoulders numb, and her eyes showed incredible look. She quickly took out scorpion venom antidote from her arms and stuffed it into her mouth, and the numbness of her shoulders gradually weakened.
"Together!" The cult of Five Poisons shouted and rushed to LanYuzhu together, but LanYuzhu still didn’t want to hurt his brother’s life. The bamboo flute used acupuncture techniques to bring four or five people to the ground, but more Christians rushed to the crowd and waved all kinds of weapons to kill her.
As soon as she returned to the cabin, two members of the congregation waved * * and rushed into the room. The two men rolled along the stairs with their feet flying.
"You can’t escape alone, untie the acupuncture points for me!" Lying in bed ling float in the sky suddenly said to aquamarine bead.
LanYuZhu heart is hesitant and three members of the ruling cult have rushed into the wooden house. LanYuZhu bamboo flute has just knocked down the first person, but the second person has touched the ground and rolled into his hand. Hook sickle came to LanYuZhu’s legs, but LanYuZhu stumbled backwards by a wooden chair and stumbled a few steps to the side just before the third member. This member took the opportunity to reach out and put his arms around LanYuZhu!
Lan Yuzhu is young and beautiful. Many members of the Five Poisons Sect have coveted her, but after all, she is a tall leader. At ordinary times, she is awe-inspiring and inviolable. At this moment, she is recognized as an apostate by Monjero, the high priest. Only these members dare to start work on her. This member hugged Lan Yuzhu’s waist and immediately got carried away. He even drooled and shouted, "The blue leader can hold you like this, even if it is worth dying!"
夜生活"Then you can go to hell!" The angry finger in the heart of Aquamarine Jade Bead, the bamboo flute machine, includes a press, and the sharp blade is ejected from the end of the bamboo flute, sticking to the chest of Aquamarine Jade Bead, stabbing it forward and inserting it directly into the heart of this congregation!
The priest let go of his hands and the body slowly collapsed to the ground. The monk rushed out of the wooden house rolling and crawling and shouted, "The leader killed another of our brothers!" "
Hearing this, the members of the ruling cult were furious and rushed to the diaojiao building like a flood. LanYuzhu suddenly went to the embroidered bed to help Ling Feiyang solve the acupuncture points like the wind.
"Want you to help me kill out! I won’t ask you for a Yang Finger Cheat! " Lan Yu Zhu Dao
At this moment, four or five sworn brothers rushed in from the door. Ling Feiyang jumped out of bed and made a move. "Kang Long has regrets" and heard a bang. These people were shocked and flew out!
"One Yang refers to the cheats, it is not you!" Ling Feiyang said, "Give me back the sword spectrum of Six Pulse Excalibur and I will help you kill it!"
"I don’t have the sword score here!" Lan Yuzhu cried, "Everyone in Tianlong Temple was poisoned by Uncle, and he took the sword spectrum!"
"So this is the truth …" Ling Feiyang was thinking about the outside of the diaojiao building but suddenly recovered calm! Ling Feiyang felt strange and hurriedly looked out of the window to see that all the ruling sects had retired from the diaojiao building ten paces away, and tens of thousands of centipedes climbed up the stairs. These centipedes were colorful and poisonous at first glance!
LanYuZhu although carry anti * * things, but too many of these centipedes are stingers, which can sting people to death. Although she is the leader of the ruling sect, she is also helpless at the moment.
At this time, dozens of centipedes have climbed into the door along the stairs. Ling Feiyang tore a piece of cloth from the bed sheet, lit it and threw it into the centipede pile. These dozens of centipedes were immediately burned to ashes and gave off a foul smell.
But at once, another hundred centipedes climbed into the room and Ling Feiyang shouted at LanYuzhu, "Let’s rush out!" Then I pulled the whole sheet, lit it in the fire left over just now, and rushed out of the door with a step!
Lan Yuzhu hurriedly followed Ling Feiyang’s hands behind him to wave the sheets like a fire dragon, and the centipedes around the two people were burned to death, leaving them to turn around and climb back.
The two men took the opportunity to rush out of the centipede and surrounded by the cult of five poisons. The congregation gathered around Lan Yuzhu and shouted, "Whoever still has me as a leader in mind will step back!"
A few members of the congregation couldn’t help but stop when they heard this, but most of them were from have it both ways, and they were very afraid of the high priest, and they were still rushing to kill them!
"My brother didn’t kill me!" The blue jade bead bamboo flute pricked out sharply, and the sharp edge pierced the throat of a congregation! Ling Feiyang will use the dragon’s ten palms one after another to shake the interceptors out! The two men fought our way out and rushed in the direction of Gukou of Wuxian Valley!
Guguchi of Wuxian Valley is a path where only one person passes through the narrow intestine, and the surrounding shrubs are densely covered with rocks. When they come to Guguchi, they suddenly see that the path ahead is full of chessboard-shaped objects, which are actually huge cobwebs!
"It seems that Monjero has premeditated and sealed our retreat!" Lan Yuzhu was so angry that she didn’t want to call him "Uncle" anymore.
The two men had to turn around and run back, but the pursuer immediately rushed again. LanYuzhu took Ling Feiyang and turned several turns in succession in the valley. Suddenly, a huge lake appeared in front, and there seemed to be no road.
Lan Yuzhu pointed to the stars on the lake with more than a dozen duckweeds and said, "Jump from these duckweeds!" "
"But I haven’t practiced my flying skills to the realm of stepping on water and climbing!" Ling Feiyang’s heart was thinking that the blue jade bead had cast its flying skill and jumped to the nearest duckweed. Ling Feiyang didn’t notice that this duckweed had a stake and then jumped.
This duckweed area is small. At most, two people can stand on the blue jade bead to prevent falling into the water. Ling Feiyang’s waist will be hugged tightly. Two people have jumped over this dozen duckweeds, and they can’t see it in front of them. At this moment, the duckweed with two feet actually moved, and the two people sailed forward and turned several turns. There were more than a dozen duckweeds in front of them!
"This machine is really cleverly designed, just like a game!" Ling Feiyang thought that two people would continue to display their flying skills and jump forward. After more than a dozen movable duckweeds, a small island in the middle of the lake finally appeared in front.
When they boarded the island, they saw that the island was full of rocky piles. There was a cave in the center of the island, and there seemed to be colorful light coming out of it.
"This is our forbidden area! If you don’t come here, don’t shoot! " LanYuzhu suddenly pulled out a bamboo flute from the waist and "choked" a sharp sword at the end of the bamboo flute to pop up rapidly!
Chapter 167 Forbidden Area Love
"She’s not really going to kill me, is she?" Ling Feiyang was thinking that the blade in the blue jade bead flute had stabbed him in the chest!
Ling Feiyang hurriedly reached for the blue jade bead wrist in a flash, but it didn’t escape a Hao wrist and was shaken by Ling Feiyang!
"It’s not that I don’t want to kill this person, Lan Yuzhu, the leader of the Five Immortals Sect. Is it true that his opponent is in a hurry? Please forgive the ancestors!" LanYuZhu said to the cave lang and then pull ling float in the sky into the cave!
"Women are really good at acting. If these former leaders are knowledgeable, they must be in distress situation …" Ling Feiyang laughed in her heart and walked a layer of stone steps behind Lan Yuzhu to see that the underground turned out to be a natural cave!
Every few steps in the cave, a glass oil lamp is lit to illuminate the cave. Stalagmites and stalactites are everywhere with different shapes, and the light reflection shows colorful and gorgeous luster. The cave side is an underground river leading directly to the river in the depths of the cave, and a small bamboo raft is parked by the river. It seems to be a means of water transportation in the cave.
"Those who helped all the people with flying skills couldn’t cross this lake. This cave is where the ancient leaders of the Five Immortals Sect buried their bones. Even if they catch up with this island, they will definitely not dare to enter this cave." LanYuzhu said, "Let’s rest here for a while and think about ways to escape from the Five Immortals Valley."
Lan Yuzhu said, pulling Ling Feiyang to jump on a bamboo raft and propping the bamboo raft at the bottom of the bamboo pole, and then slowly sailing to the depths of the cave. Ling Feiyang set up a bamboo raft and watched the stalagmites and stalactites on both sides of the strait as if she were in a dreamy fairyland. Lan Yuzhu suddenly leaned her head against his shoulder and said, "I really envy Sister Yuan!"
"I really didn’t expect Auntie to be you!" Lingfeiyang avenue
"I wanted her to catch you, but she took a big advantage!" Lan Yuzhu giggled. "I saw you doing things with the bamboo house inn in Dayan Village, Ayuan!"
"Were you there at that time?" Ling Feiyang hurriedly asked

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