You are a money addict! Lu Fengxing naturally saw through the little woman’s mind, grinning and kissing her forehead. I’ll arrange for him to send it directly to your company someday!

You are a money addict! Lu Fengxing naturally saw through the little woman’s mind, grinning and kissing her forehead. I’ll arrange for him to send it directly to your company someday!
Hee heeMiao laughed and went to the man’s arms to nest again. It’s really useless to start thinking about your property when you are a rich man!
You know a lot about selfanalysis! Lu Fengxing provoked the woman minibus to reexamine a yes, it’s my Lu Fengxing wife!
Lu Shao, are you praising me or yourself! Miao Chong, a man with a narcissistic tendency, blinked his eyes, which was super cute and instantly defeated the man’s narcissism.
That’s the same! Lu Fengxing couldn’t help pecking at the woman’s soft lips. If you are good, I will make you good!
Miao took the man’s neck directly and kissed his thin lips affectionately.
Neon flashing lights in the clear night, two happy people are kissing sweetly and their hearts are filled with each other! A new year, a new beginning, new hopes, new goals and new development are all worth looking forward to!
However, people are not so lucky. In the new year, the first workday network has a Sun se love video, which makes a lot of noise. When Ping Li showed the video in front of Miao, Miao was really shocked.
After watching a period of fear, I always felt that something was wrong. The man always showed Sun in front of the camera as if he knew the location of the camera very well, and he was always a silhouette and back.
How is the situation in Meishi? Miao has already begun to be interested in Kangda. Yuan Mei really listened to her words.
I was surrounded by reporters early in the morning and heard that Sun was very embarrassed! Ping Li expressed concern about the future of beauty accessories.
Is there a positive response from Kangda? What I am worried about now is that Kangda is very difficult to restore her image.
Nothing has happened so suddenly! Ping Li has always paid great attention to the media.
Miao silently thought for a moment or dialed the ink words.
It’s not easy for you to call me on your own initiative! There is a selfdeprecating sound of ink and wash in the words.
What are you going to do about Sun? There is no nonsense.
Inkandwash lip corners evoke a touch of bitterness. It was this that the woman called him. Do you have any suggestions?
桑拿会所Kangda can make more media pay attention to the news. For example, I accepted a 20% stake in Kangda. For example, General Manager Kangda has an engagement. This is enough for us to hold a press conference. If a reporter asks about Sun video, we will just give a positive response. What do you think?
Have you decided to take over those shares? Ink in the mind still feel a little surprised.
I hope Kangda is better! This is what Miao really thinks and why she is involved in this matter at present.
Ink shallow smile, the little woman is really more and more mature, and she is no longer the little girl who sat on the court for half a day in the lush years.
I’ll let you know as soon as I get ready for the press conference!
Ok, I’ll wait for your arrangement! Miao finished and hung up, only to find that she and ink had no other feelings.
Mo always agreed? While Ping Li expressed his heart.
hmm! Following nodded his head.
The only headache in this matter is that it is not the media that releases news, but the online media, and that is one hundred times faster!
I don’t know if Sun Yi can hold on! Think about that proud woman, Ping Li, or show concern.
Well, you can go to her today and find any reason to accompany her. I’m afraid she’ll be upset!
Well, I know! Then I will go first! Li Ping nodded and left the following office.
Mo Ran is pregnant, and their southwest work is progressing smoothly. The company has opened up a new situation. It can be said that Sun Yike, the company’s expansion minister, left because of this situation. Can it really be ignored?
The following leaned back and lost in thought.
The desk phone started to vibrate. Is it really hearttoheart? It was Mo Ran who called.
I was just thinking about you when you called. It seems that we are more and more interested! Miao answered the phone and began to ridicule.
Have you seen the online video? Mo Ran has no interest in joking at all.
You saw it! Miao sighed and sat up straight. Did your old Zhao see it?
I don’t know yet that he has gone to the factory! Mo Ran was startled when he saw it in the office, so he called Miao directly.
I have asked Ping Li to accompany her. Don’t worry, I will help with this matter! Knowing that Mo Ran is a mothertobe, I still don’t want her to be too upset.
Should I ask Lao Zhao to take the children to see her? Mo Ran began to struggle in his heart.
I’m glad that Mo Ran has such an idea, although it is very difficult for a woman to do this.
Don’t worry now, wait for me to talk to Sun! Miao still has a lot of opinions about Sun.
Although a mother has no children around, she still needs to take care of her mother’s image. How can kidney beans face such a casual life? Life can’t be arbitrary everywhere, even if someone deliberately set it up, but if it weren’t for her consistent promiscuity, there wouldn’t be such an opportunity!
Do you think I should take the initiative to talk to Lao Zhao about this matter? Mo Ran, it’s hard for her to know that if she doesn’t take the initiative to speak, even if Zhao Pufan sees this, she won’t say that many things will be suppressed.
If you want to say it, just say it. He is your husband. There is nothing to care about. Just trust each other! I gave her own opinion, which is also a feeling of her.
hmm! Mo Ran was relieved. I’m relieved to talk to you!
Silly sister, you need a mother now. Don’t be so blind. Taking good care of yourself and your children is the way to let us rest assured!
Don’t worry about me. I’m still very young! Mo Ran gratified touched his abdomen.
You and Xia Shuang happen to have no one to exchange experiences in tandem! Miao has shifted the topic to a relaxed direction, and she hopes to give Mo Ran a real buffer.
Yes, I talked with Xia Shuang a few days ago and got a lot of classics! Moran sound was cheerful.
After you talk less, it’s better to avoid this radiation! I gave my own advice.
Well, I won’t tell you about the radiation! Mo Ran made a concluding remark.
I will call you as soon as I have news here! I gave the most real comfort.
Well, you worry too much!
Section 12
You’re welcome. That’s it! Hang up, I have new doubts in my heart.
coffee for you! Lin Xiaoxiao brought a special cup for Miao, and seemed puzzled by Miao’s face.
Smile, you said that Sun’s career was a success. Why can’t you find a decent man to marry like most women? I am really confused.
alas! Lin Xiaoxiao very nai sighed if she find an ordinary man that will be separated from director zhao? But if you want to find a white horse king like Gao Fushuai, you will have to leave yourself at home.
What does she need to find Gao Fushuai for her current grades? I really can’t figure it out. Isn’t it that Cinderella needs to change her life in this way?
For Gao Fushuai, the dream is that every woman has her, and it is no exception! Lin Xiaoxiao said it was true.
You have one, too? The following eyebrow eyed Lin Xiaoxiao.
I belong to realism! Lin Xiaoxiao did not shy away.
Yes, there are so many Gao Fushuai in real life! Miao dragged Ba to sigh.

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