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When two people kiss together, all the unhappiness disappears. What is more important than snuggling up to each other and intertwined lips and teeth? Time is too sweet to waste the cold war.

It’s another evening in the racecourse, and the sunset glow is burning all over the sky, coating the whole world with a magnificent warm color, so beautiful, so dazzling and so sweet.
Li Zhenyu made a message and solved the problem of Xia Xue’s helplessness-Han Xiao successfully transferred to a single ward!
I have to say that this thing is really wonderful. It can solve all the troubles. Give Han Xiao a better condition. Xia Xue, a single ward, asks for help in every way, and Li Zhenyu needs a word here
Xia Xue is still wearing Li Zhenyu’s coat in the leather seat in the back row of her nest. At this time, her cheeks are as red as the sunset outside, and her whole body is filled with little women. The charming woman is a flower, thanks to the rain and dew, and she is more beautiful with men’s nourishment.
After the call, the man waved to Xia Xue in the nest car, "Come out and watch the sunset!"
Located in the west suburb of the city, the racecourse is wide and flat, and there are almost no tall buildings to cover it, so it is very suitable for watching the sunset! Therefore, many tourists come to the racecourse for the beautiful sunset, which is a famous wonder in this area.
Xia Xue really can’t see anyone saying, "I’m not going out!" But she couldn’t help looking out of the window and looking amazing.
There is not only a beautiful sunset outside the window, but also a handsome semi-naked man! He is naked and his muscles are knotted, and every muscle line is perfect and just right, which is more charming than an artist’s fine carving of a statue, because the statue is dead and he is alive! Fresh and beautiful man’s chest and sweat stains after passion make him look more charming but vaguely dangerous.
See Xia Xue refused to leave the car LiZhenYu good to open the door and sit in with her.
"Where do you want to eat tonight?" The man asked cheerfully, it seems that the thunder and fury in the morning and the storm have passed away. At this time, he is sunny and Wan Li is as beautiful as the colorful sunset outside.
Xia Xue asked in a small way, "can we go to the hospital to visit and smile?" Her condition is very unstable … I can’t leave her alone at this time … "
After thinking about it, Li Zhenyu nodded and said, "But I will accompany you!"
"…" Well, the plan to spend the night with Han Xiao’s ward fell through! Because of Li Zhenyu’s theory of color embryo, how many times he vented his anger is hard to fill! If he is left alone in the room, he will feel uncomfortable all over and must try to get her back to his bed!
Going to the hospital, the man talked to her while driving. "… after that, you are not allowed to take birth control pills. Those things are toxic to your health! I am afraid that long-term accumulation will have an impact on our baby! "
"…" Xia Xue silently turned his eyes in protest that he refused to set and forbade her to take medicine, which really conformed to his style-overlord style!
"Lovely I’ll sail from the hospital to get some pure natural medicine to eat without poison! He’s a doctor. He knows pharmacology and won’t harm us! Eat before going to bed tonight! " Lizhenyu stroking Xia Xue’s hands with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on the other.
"Oh" Xia Xue promised that she didn’t want to take those drugs either, but there was no way. Since he had a friend like Lu Yuanhang, he was certainly happy to get the "pure natural medicine".
At the hospital, Xia Xue found a nurse to inquire about Han Xiao’s living room, while Li Zhenyu was busy calling Lu Yuanhang.
"… Xia Xue doesn’t want children now, and I don’t want her to eat those messy drugs. Please help me get some’ pure natural toxic drugs’ and don’t delay the children! ….. Yes, send it to me later! ….. Of course! ….. very urgent! "
Xia Xue’s cheeks were burning, feeling that the nurses had strange eyes. They simply walked over to her and quietly tugged at the man’s skirt to signal him to be smaller. Please, it’s just for someone to bring a bottle of birth control pills. Is it necessary to shout it out to everyone?
"Good Xia Xue urged me! I won’t tell you any more! That’s it! Remember to be anxious! " Li Zhenyu finally hung up and looked at Xia Xue "Which one did you find?"
"Well, let’s go!" Xia Xue hurriedly took the thick-skinned man than the wall and the nurses looked at him strangely and fled.
Fortunately, Xia Xueshi arrived because Han Xiao was not in the mood to eat and kept wiping his tears.
First, she comforted Han Xiao, Xia Xue. She ordered tonic soup and watched her eat dinner before she could rest assured.
Zhen-yu li has been sitting next to the sofa watching mobile phone did not come to disturb their conversation.
"Smile, I … I’m afraid I can’t accompany you tonight!" Xia Xue hold Korean smile hand some difficult feelings.
Han Xiao look at Xia Xue and then look at Li Zhenyu who has been sitting on the sofa watching his mobile phone with a sigh "Sisters know! I’ve been there before, of course, and I know … how can you be separated when you are inseparable! I’m not going to do things like that and let Li Zhenyu curse me! "
"Smile!" Xia Xue gently squeezed Han Xiao’s hand. This elder sister is becoming more and more outspoken!
Korea smile corners of the mouth finally float a smile gratified tunnel "I’m relieved to see you so loving! Xiaoxue, I can rely on you to trouble you in the future! I know that it must be Li Zhenyu’s help to transfer to such a good ward. Thank you … "
Xia Xue understood the meaning of Han Xiao’s words. It is best to ask Li Zhenyu for help. She thoughtfully did not immediately promise that she owed Li Zhenyu too much. She didn’t want to bother him with everything, giving him the impression that she depended on him for everything.
See Xia Xue seems to be reluctant to smile and busy way "I’m just saying you don’t have to be difficult! Anyway, it’s true that those two scum hit me. They can’t deny it! How to say that there is still justice in this world! I don’t believe they can reverse black and white! "
"Smile" Xia Xue was very sad. She looked at her and bit her lip slightly, and then said, "You can rest assured that I will take care of things at the police station! I know someone in the general administration! Sister Gu from the General Administration is very nice. I have told you many times! I’ll go to her one day! "
Fortunately, I know Gu Yining! Of course, this is also a support for Li Zhenyu, or Gu Yi Ning knows who Xia Xue is! But now Gu Yi Ning is already his good friend! She is now talking to Gu Yi Ning for help. It’s nothing with Li Zhenyu!
On the way back, Li Zhenyu glanced at Xia Xue in the rearview mirror and said, "You’re not going to tell me about Han Xiao?"
It turned out that he heard everything! Xia Xue didn’t want to hide it from him. Besides, when she was talking to Han Xiao, he was next to him if he had a heart. If he pretended to be deaf, she couldn’t help it, but he spoke on his own initiative. It seems that he didn’t want to pretend to be deaf.
Xia Xue slightly bent his lips and said, "God, I’ll call Gu Jie and ask her what to do about it!"
Seeing that she didn’t want to talk to herself, the man was a little depressed. "How can you not trust me?"
"I don’t want to … I don’t want to bother you all the time!" Xia Xue meant this sentence, but when he said it, he found that the male face was not good-looking.
He glanced at her again crossly. "We still say these words …"
After saying his word, something came in, and he answered it with his Bluetooth headset (obviously he didn’t want to share it with her). Listening to the conversation should be from Lu Yuanhang.
"… here? It’s fast, it’s good, it’s improving! ….. Things here? Hmm … "I don’t know what Lu Yuanhang said in the words again. Li Zhenyu vaguely replied and then smiled." Thank you for giving birth to a big red envelope! "
品茶论坛Xia Xue quickly turned to look outside the window. It was night arrival, and the new night in Cloud City began again.
Lijia parlor
Lu Yuanhang was sitting in a mahogany sofa and drinking Pu ‘er tea. When Li Zhenyu and Xia Xue came back, they got busy and mysteriously stuffed a bottle into Li Zhenyu’s hand. The whole living room could hear the decibel ear "quietly" telling "This thing is absolutely good! And just as you asked-pure natural poison! It will definitely not affect fertility and … it will also help you! " Said also base nervously straight at zhen-yu li blink eyes.

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