A simple meeting, finally, Sirius team Z team the second game.

Both sides enter the banp screen.
Han Xiao is a gentle expression, but in this instant, Han Xiao eyes immediately become sharp.
He knows that the iron face is in the strong place of banp and Naren, and Han Xiao must be cautious.
This game is on the blue side, and the Z team wants ban firsthand. Han Xiao thought for a moment and said, ban Shen.
This firsthand ban surprised Lin Tian and others. Meng Fan looked puzzled and asked Han Xiao, ban Shen? Not so good, is it? Doesn’t the other party want Riven?
Xiao Han smiled: Who said they wanted Riven this time? If we don’t ban, they will be cautious in this game. Believe me, you ban Shen.
With some strengthening, passive cooling and E skill energy reduction, Shen can be active in the field again, and he is a strong single hero.
Meng Fan heard Han Xiao say this, but he didn’t hesitate much, so he was cautious directly.
This one didn’t choose a hero in the first game, but in the second game, it directly sent the first ban bit. If Lin Qi didn’t insist on coming up with a set of stability, Xingyu Lin would directly choose caution.
At this time, in another battle room, the Wolf King’s expression was not particularly good. He said, Coach, our first Riven second cautious plan fell through.
The tough man nodded and said, Then keep taking Riven, and ban Ike first. They are in the blue side, and I don’t want to give them.
The two sides can be said to have shown their magical powers in the ban stage.
Han Xiao let Meng Fan ban get rid of Victor in the second hand, while the other party ban got rid of the desert emperor.
In the third hand, Han Xiao said to Meng Fan: We won’t ban in the third hand.
Nani? Before Meng Fan mouth, fat but directly shouted 1.
Meng Fan zheng, it’s not too white to sell what medicine in Han Xiao gourd, the other party seems to be one leng, it took a long time to ban off the revenge spear this hero.
Both sides have finished the banp, and Han Xiao said, Take Draven as soon as possible.
Meng Fan immediately robbed Levin, and it was decided that Lin Tianyingxiong was good.
On the floor, the audience immediately exclaimed when they saw this situation of taking Levin.
Even the commentary was surprised, and the herring said, How confident the Z team is about this hero when it grabs Draven!
The mother is still there, and the cow’s head is also there. It’s not good to rob Dreven, is it? Zhou rhyme thought for a moment and felt that Lin Tian was a little big.
The herring said, As far as I know, the King of Heaven is a grumpy person. He was asked by the Wolf King like that, and this game must be to come back grumpy.
If you say so, the game will be very beautiful. When you take Draven, the meaning is obvious, that is, to tell each other and see who is more irritable.
Words just say that finish, and heard a scream on the first floor, herring and Zhou Shiyun looked at the past, and found that Sirius team was also very grumpy and took out Riven.
Some positions on both sides are really irritable to the extreme, and they are all taken out first hand!
The audience naturally cheered, and many people who were blindly striving for stability were tired of watching the game.
In fact, note that most of these spectators are watching some violent games in such a small game. If they watch that kind of competition for stability, they might as well watch LPL, which is still higher and more powerful.
桑拿按摩The other party took out the cow’s head in the second hand
The herring wiped her sweat: The first Sirius team played colored, Z has been stable, and it is estimated that it will not be stable at this time. Look at what the two hands are …
Sirius team singlehandedly … blind monk? Crocodiles? !” The herring came fairly calmly, but when he saw these two roles, he immediately exclaimed.
Zhou Shiyun said quickly: Crocodiles are good at fighting Riven online. There is nothing wrong with crocodiles targeting this, but crocodiles are not so strong now …
At the beginning, when the single belt was lit, the crocodile was really the road overlord, but after all the belts were sent, the crocodile’s support ability was very slight. Although the line was strong, it was not sent to the past, and finally it changed its anger and gradually disappeared into the long river. The herring saw this hero and did not sigh.
A long time ago, when the red medicine was still there, the crocodile red medicine went out, and the skill was firstclass and the skill was secondclass. The angry EAEA lit it and took it away directly, which made everyone feel frightened.
It can be said that the strongest single at that time was crocodile, but now it has no such strong ability.

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