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Bang! Ling Feiyang is still a step back, but King Jinlun is three steps back!

Six-pulse Excalibur, don’t rush the sword!
The Golden Wheel French King hasn’t come yet to catch his breath. The fastest sword in the six-pulse Excalibur has already stabbed his chest!
桑拿会所King Jinlun punched the firm but gentle, and immediately disappeared. However, the fingers of King Jinlun oozed blood!
Although firm but gentle was scattered by King Jinlun’s fist, it still stabbed his finger!
Although this is a minor injury, it has greatly affected the fighting spirit of King Jinlun!
See the golden wheel French king has reached a spent force Ling Feiyang suddenly turned his back on the golden wheel French king Jin * * Wang Yi stunned Ling Feiyang but has already split out with a backhand palm!
The dragon wags its tail!
King Jinlun hastily waved his hand to meet him with a loud noise. Ling Feiyang stood firmly in the same place, but King Jinlun retreated seven steps backward, and one mouthful blood gushed out from his mouth!
King Jinlun has obviously been injured by the earthquake. The dirty blood marks his complete defeat!
At that time, Li Sheng used this trick of "dragon wagging tail" but was killed by the dragon elephant of the Golden Wheel French King Prajnaparamita. Ling Feiyang decided to take revenge on Li Sheng who defeated the Golden Wheel French King with this trick of "dragon wagging tail"!
Battlefield Hong Qigong and Six Mans Scattered People in Yuto did their best, but it was always difficult to trap Hong Qigong in the six-pointed star array. Dalba waved a golden pestle to chase Huo Dou to the left and hide from the right, jumped up and jumped into the musket, and Wang Lingnian’s true martial arts were far less than those of these masters. In the fierce battle, both of them were afraid of accidentally injuring their own muskets, Wang Gen did not dare to shoot indiscriminately, and Wang Wangfei’s knife was never given a chance to help.
Huo Dou’s martial arts will not come to Dalba, and the folding fan has been damaged by Ling Feiyang. It has been driven by Dalba and I can’t help but be angry. Four steel needles flew out of the cuffs and nailed Dalba’s chest!
Dalba immediately felt a sharp pain and woke up. He looked at Huo Dou and shouted, "Third Junior Brother, you hurt me!"
"Help Master!" Huo Dou shouted.
Dalba this just see jinlun French king has hurt Ling Fei Yang hand without chest pain to jinlun French king!
Ling float in the sky to see Dalba blunt come over is gently swing a palm will Dalba knocked down!
"bang!" A bullet passed by Ling Feiyang’s side and said, "Whoosh!" Three fly knives also flew past Ling Feiyang’s chest! Musketeer Wang and Ling Nian Wang’s innovative attack has hurt Ling Feiyang!
Six mans scattered people saw the defeat of King Jinlun and immediately stopped Hong Qigong from fighting and wanted to come to the rescue, but Hong Qigong blocked six people!
"Golden Wheel French king, don’t you like your big brother Sammoni best? Now you can go and see him! " Ling Feiyang said, stepping towards King Jinlun.
"Senior Li, General Brinton, beggars’ brothers and Song Jun soldiers who died in the hands of the Golden Wheel French King, as well as Yan Hong Lie and Sha Tongtian, so many people will be avenged by Ling Feiyang!" Ling float in the sky thinking slowly raised his right hand palm!
"Don’t kill my master!" Just then, a vigorous figure suddenly flashed and ran from a distance!
Ps: Dragon-lowering Ten Palm, Six Pulse Excalibur, One Yang Finger, Spiral Nine Shadows, Snake-walking Beaver-turning, Lingbo Micro-stepping Lingfeiyang combine all kinds of top martial arts perfectly and flexibly, and finally completely defeat the Golden Wheel French King! However, a brother of King Jinlun suddenly appeared to stop Ling Feiyang from killing King Jinlun! Did the Golden Wheel accept the fourth apprentice when he was king? This man is closely related to Ling Feiyang. Who the hell is he? Who can guess? Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 257 Guo Jing desperate to protect the teacher.
As the voice of this figure quickly rushed up to ling Feiyang and blocked him! This person’s heavy eyes and straight nose make Fang Ling float in the sky look very real. This person turned out to be Guo Jing!
"Guo Jing how can appear here? And it turned out to be’ Master’! " Ling Feiyang is almost stunned!
"Ling Feiyang, don’t kill my master!" Guo Jing had the whole body to protect the golden wheel French king!
"Guo Xiandi how did you come here? How can you call him master? " Ling Feiyang’s heart suddenly raised a bunch of questions!
On the same day, Guo Jing witnessed the tragic death of Master Zhe Bie, Ling Feiyang’s Six-pulse Excalibur, but he was unable to stop all this from happening because of his poor martial arts. Guo Jing learned from a painful experience and decided to upgrade his martial arts to find Ling Feiyang to avenge the killing of the teacher. So he thought of the Mongolian teacher, King Guo Jing, who found King Jinlun and asked him to learn from him. Knowing that Guo Jing was a Temujin Khan and a gold knife, he found that he was outstanding in qualifications and immediately agreed to accept him as his fourth brother.
Samoni, the eldest brother of King Jinlunfa, was talented and had high martial arts, but he died early. The second brother, Dalba, has a blunt qualification; The third brother, Huo Dou, has an evil mind; Compared with Guo Jing’s position, talent and talent, King Jinlun loved Guo Jing very much and decided to give him all his martial arts. However, Guo Jingcai was only two months old, and King Jinlun planned the night invasion of Taiyuan House.
Although Guo Jing hated Ling Feiyang, he still didn’t want the whole Dasong enemy to participate in this operation, but waited for the Golden Wheel French King and his disciples near the Mongolian border. However, he didn’t expect that the Golden Wheel French King’s failure was chased here by Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong.
See ling float in the sky was about to kill jinlun French king Guo Jing immediately rushed over!
However, Guo Jing also knows in his heart that although he has made great progress in martial arts in the past two months, it is still far from Ling Feiyang’s revenge for his opponent for ten years. At this moment, the most important thing is to rescue his master, King Jinlun!
Ling Feiyang certainly didn’t know the ins and outs of these things, and Guo Jing didn’t explain much. He shouted, "Ling Feiyang, you have killed one of my masters. Are you going to kill my second master again?"
"Guo Xiandi, do you know how many poets this golden wheel French king killed? You should never worship his teacher, let alone plead for him! " Ling Feiyang cried
"Ling float in the sky didn’t you kill the Mongols? Of course, different nationalities have different positions. There is no right or wrong in this kind of thing! " Guo Jingda said, "Although my parents are both Song people, I grew up drinking goat milk from Mongolian grassland. Temujin Khan is as kind to me as a mountain. Master Zhe Bie and my father always let me take the side of Song country, but if it were you, would you help Song people to deal with Mongols?"
"But have you seen Temujin has been invading other countries to satisfy his ambition? And what we poets need is just to protect our homes … "Ling Feiyang said.
"I can’t control these things. I forbid you to kill my master!" Guo Jing’s heart is the safety of King Jinlun, and he doesn’t want to continue to argue with Ling Feiyang.
"You are a master with too much blood debt. I want to get justice for the dead. Guo Xiandi, don’t stop me!" Lingfeiyang avenue
"Ling Feiyang, since you are so aggressive, our brotherhood will never be righteous again!" Guo Jing thundered and suddenly punched Ling Feiyang!
Nanshan boxing!
Ling Feiyang hurriedly raised his palm to block Guo Jing’s fist, but felt a strong impact. He hurriedly angered the palm of his hand to resolve this strength.
"I haven’t seen Guo Jinggong for several months, and I have actually risen sharply!" Ling Feiyang felt an unprecedented murderous look from this plain fist!
"Second and third brothers, I’m here with you to take Master away!" Guo Jing said the left fist to ling Feiyang smashed up again!
"Guo Xiandi ….." Ling Feiyang’s heart had to take a step back and evaded Guo Jing’s fist. Guo Jing’s knuckles actually issued a "crackling" sound and punched Ling Feiyang to continue to attack!
The dragon elephant is prajnaparamita!
Guo Jing’s martial arts understanding is extremely high. Although he has only been a teacher for two months, he has already practiced the dragon elephant Prajnaparamita to the third level!

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