The food court is very lively.

Roasted mutton kebabs selling octopus balls and stinky tofu can be seen everywhere.
Song Qingcheng led joie to buy octopus balls and Sugar-Coated Berry joie didn’t drink tofu. It’s novel to look at the transparent white tofu. Song Qingcheng bought him a bowl of joie with bright eyes and took a sip of a disposable spoon.
Then the child’s calm little face turned red and smiled.
Back in the car, joie took off her shoulder bag, took out a piece of chocolate from it and put it in Song Qingcheng’s hand. She said hoarsely, "Exchange!"
Chocolate in exchange for the food she bought.
Song city smiled slightly and could not help but raise my hand and rubbed joie’s little head.
Lu Laozhao received Yu Linjiang’s words
Yu Linjiang is here to check Sun.
Song Qingcheng asked Lao Zhao to send joie to my old house to Zi Yuan first. She drove joie into the room and saw Yulinjiang politely say hello in the living room. Yulinjiang still didn’t show her emotions, but kept her for dinner.
No matter whether Yulin River is sincere or polite, Song Qingcheng didn’t promise to say that Yutingchuan would go back to Yunxi Road for dinner later.
Yulinjiang didn’t just wave her hand to show that she could go.
"Goodbye, then, Chairman."
After saying goodbye, Song Qingcheng changed his shoes and left.
Joie climbed the sofa and lay by the living room window, watched Song Qingcheng’s back and watched Song Qingcheng cross the courtyard and walk out of the door to open the car door.
Feel grandpa calling himself joie and turning his head.
Yu Linjiang didn’t speak, but took the child’s flat brain and wrote a sentence to joie. "joie is very happy today?"
Joie nodded heavily after reading it, and it was hard to send "Happy!"
In the past a long time, Yu Linjiang wrote again, "Would you like to live with your parents and aunts instead of going back to Australia with your mother?"
Joie didn’t answer immediately this time.
Yu Linjiang relaxed his eyebrows when he saw it. "Grandpa will make an analogy with you and not be nervous."
Joie wrote on her own tablet that "Dad will have a younger brother, sister and mother after he has aun, or will she be alone and can’t walk? I will accompany my mother to take care of her."
Yu Linjiang received a message from Mu Qingyu this afternoon.
From Mu Qingyu’s words, I learned that she had been staying in a hotel in Nancheng a few days ago.
Mu Qingyu asked him to send someone to send the child there.
It is impossible to have a good attitude towards this former daughter-in-law, Yu Linjiang. Even if Yu Mu has contacts with the two families, it is impossible to erase what happened in the past. He called Yu Tingchuan to the office and found that the second son already knew about Mu Qingyu’s return.
If it weren’t for a trip to Yutingchuan, I’m afraid Mu Qingyu would have been there.
Starting from the net, please don’t turn!
☆ Chapter 26 You don’t look at how old my dad is!
Yulinjiang touched the back of Sun’s head and said nothing more about ziyouge.
夜网论坛It’s still a little before dinner. joie took the tablet and bag and went to the building. She just returned to her room. The ipad switched to the video call interface, and it was Mu Qingyu.
Joie, put the tablet on the table and turn on the video.
At this moment, Mu Qingyu’s hotel room has just taken a shower, wearing a bathrobe and long hair. It’s a little wet, and the makeup is removed. The facial features are very plain, but they also look a little haggard. Looking at the clothes, they ask, "Did you go out?"
Joie nodded and looked quite satisfactory.
Mu Qingyu frowned and asked him who he went out with and where he went.
"Going to the movies" joie wrote to Muqingyu. I dare not show it to Song Qingcheng, who is afraid that Muqingyu is not happy. "It’s with Xiaojing’s sister."
"Has your father visited you in the past two days?"
"Dad went on a business trip."
Joie will know that grandpa came back the night before and told him.
Mu Qingyu didn’t ask again to say, "Mom has gone south, so please come to mom."
Joie asked, "Is mom coming to take me back to Beijing?"
The child’s eyes are black and bright with joy and expectation.
Mu Qingyu looked at him and suddenly asked, "Isn’t joie’s dad there good?"
Joie wrote, "But I also want to be with my mother."
Mu Qingyu’s eyes are fixed and the font is tender, and his emotions are touched, and then he said, "Then joie will tell grandpa that he wants his father to send you back to Beijing so that joie can be with his parents."
Joie shook her head and wrote, "Dad has to accompany aun for the New Year. If Dad goes to my grandfather’s house with us, aun will be alone."
Mu Qingyu saw this answer and suddenly dropped the video call without saying anything.
In the hotel, Mu Qingyu snapped her hands and picked up the goblet wheelchair next to her and walked forward to the floor-to-ceiling window. She looked up and slowly took a sip of red wine and then looked at the sunset outside.
Even if she doesn’t love the child, she doesn’t want to give him to Yu’s family.
Remembering the past, Mu Qingyu didn’t miss the man who didn’t love him anymore. At the moment he drove her to abort the child, she recognized his feelings. The car accident seemed to her to be just culpable of punishment, but these intuitive legs kept waking up. She was deeply affectionate and wrong.
Back to Yunxi Lulu Song Qingcheng noticed that the street drugstore remembered that Yutingchuan had some cough last night. It may be that the sea was cold. There were cold medicines and anti-inflammatory drugs at home, but there was no cough medicine. She wanted to think about it and asked Master Zhao to pull over.
Let Lao Zhao wait in the car for Song Qingcheng to go to the drugstore in his car.
The drugstore is a little big, just like a small supermarket.
Song Qingcheng asked the cashier to put a cold medicine shelf and chose a bottle of compound licorice solution. Considering that Yu Tingchuan had to work a few days ago, he bought a box of white and black cold medicine.
Buy these Song Qingcheng and stroll around the shelves next to them.
Sure she didn’t want to buy medicine, she was going to the cashier to pay, but out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of a car parked by the roadside outside the window and couldn’t help but stop.
That’s a meteor grey Mazda-9.
Song Qingcheng will pay attention because Lu Xishan has often driven this car in recent years.
She can’t see the license plate of the car clearly from the angle.
At this time, the cashier sounded in the pharmacy. "Sir, do you have a two-dollar coin? If there is, I’ll give you the whole seventy dollars. "
"You wait" to get familiar with men.

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