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"This kid …" Gao Zhiqiu sighed so that Xiaoli pushed vivian into the bedroom.

After the door, Gao Xiaoxiao picked up the remote control of the desk and lowered the visual tone.
Han Han was sitting by watching the financial news report suddenly turned down. He rolled his eyes slightly and gave her a look from the end of his eyes without saying anything.
Then a few people said that their voices were slightly lower.
Until Yu Jinchuan came out of the kitchen and shouted, "The dishes are ready for dinner."
"Dad, let me help you." Han Shu got up at once.
Actually, when he entered the door today, he said that he could help cook. A family of three didn’t visit a family of four, but he kept an old man in Yujinchuan busy in the kitchen for more than an hour. To be honest, he was a little embarrassed.
But Yu Jinchuan said that he wouldn’t let anything happen by himself. He said that he wouldn’t live together at ordinary times. Gao Xiaoxiao was pregnant and the family was inconvenient. It’s rare for him to come over. How dare he let his son-in-law do it?
With the help of Han Shu and Xiaoli, Gao Zhiqiu didn’t go to the kitchen and directly helped Gao Xiaoxiao to the restaurant.
After vivian’s bedroom door, Gao Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but say, "Mom, do you want vivian to eat together?"
"No" Gao Zhiqiu smiled. "Let’s eat first. It’s important for her to have a baby in her belly. It’s the same when she wakes up later."
"Oh … well," Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t insist.
Because of the rare reunion at the dining table, the family was talking and laughing and the atmosphere was pleasant.
Han Shao is responsible for helping Gao Xiaoxiao and Gao Zhiqiu sit next to Gao Xiaobai, so he doesn’t live to help Gao Xiaobai for fear that his grandson is hungry.
Who knows that Yu Jinchuan suddenly picked up a chopstick and put it in Gao Zhiqiu’s bowl. "I’ll take care of Xiaobai, and you can eat yourself."
Gao Zhiqiu was once again stared at by Gao Xiaobai’s crystal clear eyes, guilty and embarrassed, and bowed their heads and began to eat food without saying anything.
Opposite Gao Xiaoxiao saw this scene and the corners of his mouth could not help but lift up.
At present, my mother seems to have returned to the way she first met, which should not be said to be more radiant and feminine than that time.
Don’t … This is the power of love?
It’s still early after lunch and vivian still hasn’t come out of the bedroom.
Yu Jinchuan went to the kitchen to clean up the dishes and chopsticks, and Gao Zhiqiu and his family of three continued to go back to the sofa to eat fruit and chat.
Until Gao Xiaoxiao couldn’t help yawning, Han Shu got up and left when he saw his eyes.
When the couple sent a family of three to the building to prepare the car, Gao Xiaobai suddenly tilted his little head and said, "My grandparents will be my sixth birthday on the 2 nd of this month."
"Really?" Yu Jinchuan looked at Gao Xiaoxiao and nodded with a smile. "I’ll go with your grandmother to help you celebrate."
"Thank you, Grandpa. Thank you, Grandma." Gao Xiaobai said sweetly.
"Lovely" Yu Jinchuan stretched out his hand and touched the little guy’s head and felt that time was in a hurry
After a family of three cars left, Yu Jinchuan said, "Zhiqiu will start school in September. Shall we go to America together?"
America? Gao Zhiqiu looked at him in surprise. "What are you going to America for?"
"Look at the city where you lived, by the way …" He suddenly reached out and took a small cluster of white catkins that Kochi Qiutou had just left. "If you can move things over there, you can move them back."
Gao Zhiqiu frowned. "But vivian, she …"
"I asked Xiaoli, vivian has no problem now, and I’m not worried about having Xiaoli to take care of you."
After seeing Gao Zhiqiu, Yu Jinchuan was still at a loss. "It’s been more than two months since she was injured, and her bones have grown well. If you want her to persevere in rehabilitation, she will soon return to normal. On the contrary, the more you protect her and love her, the more easily she will rely on you. She wants to waste her life in a wheelchair every day …"
Gao Zhiqiu "…"
"Sometimes you have to be cruel enough to let go to make her grow up faster." Yu Jinchuan sighed. "She is 23 years old. When Xiaoxiao was ten years old, she raised Xiaobai alone. I don’t really want to compare what this is … Ask yourself if you are too fond of vivian compared with what we gave Xiaoxiao?"
Gao Zhiqiu bowed his head and didn’t speak again.
On February 2 nd, the sun was shining brightly, the temperature was 30 degrees, and the weather was sultry.
A few days ago, Han Wei sent a message to hold a birthday pary in the WeChat group. This morning, he even sent a message in the direct group, "At 11 o’clock in the afternoon, ps in Jinsheng’s old place is not allowed to enter."
As soon as this statement was issued, it immediately caused many people’s dissatisfaction.
Feng Chen’ an "I know!"
Yan Nansheng "Look at the small family atmosphere of the second brother!"
Lu Ziheng "Hehe, it seems that I am not going to prepare a red envelope."
Lu Nancheng’s "My son’s fifth birthday"
Han Wei "Lu San, are you embarrassed?"
Lu Ziheng "How can I be embarrassed? Eat me, me
I, I, I have to post it backwards! "
Han Shan "Ahem, Lu San, are you insatiability? The tone is so blunt! "
Feng Chenan "insatiability?"
Feng Chen ‘an "@ Sansao"
Yan Nansheng’s "@ Sansao"
Qi Chenghao’s "@ Sansao"
Guan Yan’s @ 京京京京京京京京京京京京京京京京 "
Lu Ziheng "…"
Shih Han-soo doesn’t want to do things with great fanfare, but he has never attended his own son’s birthday in the past five years, and he feels a little sorry.
And now Yu Jinchuan and Gao Zhiqiu are married, which means that the family is truly reunited, and all the family members wish their birthday pary once.
Of course, apart from inviting the good brothers in the Yu family’s elder group, he didn’t invite others to make pary’s birthday a business exchange reception, which was boring.
The bedroom on the second floor of Yujia in the military compound.
Yu Yu is almost conscious of looking at the sofa while unbuttoning his body and preparing to change clothes after answering the words.
Chang Huan Yan is sitting on the sofa with his head down and counting a pile of brand-new RMB in his hand.
Finally, she stuffed 2 yuan into a red envelope to seal her mouth, and then put it on the coffee table and told her, "This is my red envelope. Please remember to bring it to Xiaoxiao and them for me later."
After talking to her, Mrs. Ci Yu talked to Yu Yu for a while, so in the end, she changed from going to the hospital every day to going to the hospital three times a week to prevent Yu Yu from suffering.
Although you can’t go every day, it’s enough to be happy. After all, it’s much better than not going.
Today is Gao Xiaobai’s sixth birthday, and the old lady Yu is worried that her belly will be too big next month, and the scene is full of children on the rampage, so she and Han Minxia, two pregnant women, both rest at home.
Anyway, the three old people are going to the birthday party, and they are always smiling, so they think about taking this opportunity to go to the hospital and see if Ma D is going to start school for a month. Some things must be prepared.
Yu Yu changed into a more casual one and went out to pick up the red envelope and suddenly said, "Why is it just a red envelope?"
spa会所What about him?
Chang Huanyan looked up with a look of surprise. "I have so much cash. Don’t you have any money?"
Yu Yu "…"

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