Looking at Lu Sasha, her eyes are bright and her face is full of joy. Wu Tianyou is a little sad. "Silly girl, you dare to marry, don’t I dare to marry?" A good girl like you, I’m afraid I don’t deserve you! "

"God bless!" Lu Sasha threw himself into Wu Tianyou’s arms and sobbed, "I’m not afraid of anything if I kill you! Yes … I hope you will treat me wholeheartedly from now on and never go to nightclubs to drink with other women without telling me! "
Wu Tianyou listened to her again and explained, "I have told you many times that I happened to meet Xia Xue that night … Besides, didn’t she follow Xie Jin in the end?"
Sasha Lu laughed with satisfaction that night he could watch Xie Jin take Xia Xue away and say that Xia Xue’s position in his heart is becoming more and more unimportant! Sooner or later, she will completely crowd out Xia Xue and occupy his whole heart!
After eating a little food, Han Xiao couldn’t help falling asleep. She didn’t sleep well. She frowned and muttered something from time to time. She exclaimed. It seems that she had some nightmare, perhaps because she dreamed that the Liu family cruelly kicked her belly. Tears were still oozing from her eyes.
Xia Xue looked very uncomfortable, his hands clenched into fists, and once again he swore in his heart that she must send the Liu family to prison and still smile at justice!
The living environment of the third-class ward is very poor. One big room with three beds and accompanying beds, and the family members can imagine the crowded degree. Han Xiao must have a bad rest in such a noisy environment, and her body was badly damaged. She needed full rest. Xia Xue decided to change a single ward for her.
Xia Xue helped Han Xiao cover up and was walked out into the doctor’s office to tell the chief doctor her wishes. The female doctor took a look at her and said, "There is no single ward!" "
"Doctor, please help me find it again! My friend really needs a quiet environment to rest. Her body is so traumatized! " Xia Xue never gave up and still begged.
"Oh, I told you nothing! A single ward is never in short supply. At this time, there are many obstetrics and gynecology patients who can’t make room! " When the female doctor finished speaking, she turned around and stared at the brain screen to continue her busy work.
Xia Xue is very resistant to quitting.
She lingered in the corridor for a moment, and her strength was too limited. It was difficult to find a single ward in this central hospital with a smile. Of course, there was one person who could easily do it and asked him to make a message … Xia Xue rubbed his hand and finally found the best reason by himself!
At this time, he probably won’t pay attention to her, but Xia Xue doesn’t lose heart. She can be soft and hard. I believe he will help her. I don’t know what she is. That’s why she is so confident.
Maybe he always gives her everything she wants! It seems that he never refused her request and never let her down!
The whole afternoon work efficiency is really terrible!
Li Zhenyu lost his signature pen and slender fingers, rubbed his eyebrows and cast a handsome face. It was cloudy to see what was not pleasing to the eye and to do what was not satisfactory. He simply pushed open a pile of papers waiting for him to sign, grabbed the car keys and got up and went out.
Take the special elevator to leave the company office building, enter the underground parking lot and walk towards his exclusive private parking space.
When Li Zhenyu was upset, he suddenly heard a beautiful harmonica performance, which was the 40th Symphony he was most familiar with.
Mozart’s "Fortieth Symphony" piano music is played by the harmonica, but it has a unique style. Li Zhenyu can’t help but stop. His eyes seem to emit a touch of tenderness and warmth for a long time.
Lonely childhood was abandoned by his mother! He isolated and accused the woman of being isolated from the world and refusing to say a word and communicate with others again! That dark time was when the beautiful dream sister walked by with him, laughing at her songs and her harmonica slowly melted his cold heart.
Finally, he came out, and others thought that his autism was cured by Yi Menglan, but no one would have thought that it was because he slowly overcame his demons that he came out. If he was unwilling to accept and change everyone, he walked into his heart. He said that he had forgotten that lover for a whole year, and then he said that he had completely cut off his mother-daughter relationship with that woman. Finally, he came out of the abandoned shadow and revived in the third year.
Yimenglan is not false to accompany him, nor is she false to take care of him, nor is she false to move, but she really did not cure him! Can cure him? He has himself! He can come out if he is willing to recover! It was him for three years! And Yi Menglan just accompanied him through these three years!
Because of this, he has an extraordinary attachment and love for her since he was a child. He can make her do many things that he could not have endured. He can raise Tingting for her and completely feel sad and disappointed several times, and then his strong feelings gradually fade! What’s more, I can’t tell what attachment is, what worship is and what love is at such a young age!
Over the years, he would have owed her everything! Even the throbbing once disappeared. It’s just an acquaintance to meet them again! That’s all!
But at this time, Li Zhenyu, who was familiar with the harmonica a long time ago, was a little confused. He twisted his eyebrows and thought about what seemed to be a difficult problem for him.
He likes Xia Xue and he doesn’t know when it started! It seems that learning that she was also abandoned by her mother made him feel sorry for her in the same situation, so she felt a little more pity for her. Then her coldness, stubbornness and pride hidden in her bones attracted him to impress him. But at this time, Li Zhenyu wondered if it was not these. Did he think that he was tempted by Xia Xue in some similar ways with her and Yi Menglan?
Xia Xue can sing and play the harmonica at the ball, which is very similar to Yi Menglan! Maybe Yimenglan is really the most perfect goddess in his childhood dream! Yu also had a tangible impact on his later mate selection!
After playing a song, Li Zhenyu realized that he really thought a lot! It was the first time that he faced up to his feelings for Xia Xue, because she was increasingly ignored by other methods.
Originally, I wanted to find a well-liked woman to become a family and complete the succession. It would be more perfect if this woman happened to like Tingting and was liked by Tingting! So he thinks Xia Xue is the most suitable wife candidate, but he has never thought about love. He seems that love is a distant and unrealistic thing, and he always scoffs.
But slowly, it seems that something is out of his control and slipping away in an unknown direction. He likes to control everything. Only Xia Xue seems to always be able to affect his heart and easily influence his mood. Because of this morning’s incident, he actually affected the efficiency of all-day work, and the efficiency of several hourly workers sitting there was even worse.
We can’t go like this anymore. He has to talk to Xia Xue.
Jin Woo!’ A delicate and pleasant female voice interrupted the chaotic thoughts of men at this time, and then the beautiful image shook and she came to him.
Li Zhenyu raised his eyes and looked at the beautiful woman in front of him. He was not surprised at all. His eyes were calm and turbulent, as if looking at an urgent person.
When he heard the harmonica music, he knew it was her! There is no denying that her familiarity with the harmonica really drew him into some memories of a long time ago, but he was thinking more about Xia Xue!
桑拿Yi Menglan at this time, in front of Yi Lizhen, she felt that she was so close to him across Qian Shan, so far away!
The male face is more beautiful and the body is taller and straighter! Years have polished that young hair into a real man! He is mature, calm, indifferent, elegant, confident, and sure. It seems that the whole world has mastered the square inch, and his hands are turned upside down.
Yes, this is the real strong! He is a high and noble king, but she has fallen into the dust. It seems that even being near him is an offense and blasphemy. Once he was so obsessed with her, she didn’t know how to cherish it. Now he really doesn’t love her!
Li Zhenyu’s deep and quiet eyes swept through Yimeng Lan coldly, and they were as cold as ice. Because of remembering the past, a short warmth emerged, which was as fleeting as the clouds in the sky. It was almost an illusion that he didn’t say anything, bypassed Yimeng Lan and went straight to the car he parked not far away.
"Jin Woo" Yi Menglan refused to give up. She chased him and stopped him. Her beautiful eyes choked with tears. "Are you so tired of me that you won’t even give me a look and say a word to me?"
"I have nothing to say to you!" Li Zhenyu was extremely cold and unemotional. Yi Menglan had just returned, and they were not so stiff. Because of Tingting’s birthday party, Yi Menglan performed a farce of "recognizing women" in public, he was completely disappointed with her disgust.
Yi Menglan was once the proudest woman, but now she has lost her pride qualification. She can meet the difficulties in the face of men’s vigilance, coldness and rejection, but "Jin Woo, I’m sorry! Things … "
"I don’t want to hear your sophistry!" Li Zhenyu hardly had the patience to listen to Yi Menglan’s explanation. He coldly interrupted her, "The reasons are all excuses!"
"…" Before such a wise and fine man, all the scheming means are from hiding. Yimenglan was speechless, but she came to him with a last hope. How could she give up easily? "Jin Woo, why don’t you give me another chance …"
"I gave you several chances and you gave up!" Zhen-yu li finally willing to look Yimenglan speak words is more hit her "what’s the matter with you? Something is wrong with the state! You can’t get married? You still have something hard to export, otherwise your pride should not fall into such a begging position! "
He knows Yimeng Lan too well! She used to be the most beautiful princess in Yuncheng. She was surrounded by many suitors, and many rich brothers flocked to her. She was always tall, always elegant and honorable, and always proud. After going abroad to say goodbye, she suddenly changed her style. First, she had the cheek to make a big party for Tingting’s birthday, and then she waited for his car to do everything she could. This is really not like the old Yimenglan!
Perhaps time is really a killing pig knife, which destroys not only a woman’s youth and beauty, but also her pride and bottom line.
Yi Menglan gave a shudder, and it was Li Zhenyu who knew her best, but how could she peel off that beautiful skin mask before him and present her dark, ugly and decadent side to him! "Jin Woo think about the past, don’t you remember my feelings don’t remember me to hello? The most lonely and helpful time for you is when I accompany you and play the harmonica for you every day! I accompanied you through the darkest and loneliest time. Have you forgotten all about it? "

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