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Want to leave here, she found an excuse to excuse herself.

"I … I have a stomachache and I want to wash my hands …"
Just as he was about to disappear from his sight, his wrist was quickly reached out and grabbed his arm. She fell into his arms and the rich magnetic voice sounded "Where to?"
He sticks close to himself, which makes Ye Xihan more nervous.
She looked up and saw his eyes staring at her. At this moment, his slender fingers were elegantly unbuttoning his suit and looked evil and bewitched.
Night Xihan’s face is red! Watching him unbutton his buttons one by one, then take off his suit and throw it into the big bed, she was in a state of confusion, and her heart beat faster and faster.
She’s so nervous! His breath is everywhere around the tip of the nose! Look up to see him wearing a black shirt. He is even more evil.
No, she dodged, he reached out and lifted her sharp-tongued bar so that he could look at himself!
Night Xi Han looked at him with shame and embarrassment. For a moment, it seemed that he overlapped with another man!
The little face is stiff for an instant. She doesn’t know that she will think of him at this time?
She closed her eyes and struggled hard. Soon she opened her eyes again! She told herself that she had no regrets about such a man!
Put your arms around his powerful neck …
He loves himself! He paid too much and she owed him too much!
Her heart is not made of stone, and she is a very soft-hearted woman, and she will be moved.
She should respond to his love!
Because she deeply understands how painful it is to love alone! How hard it is! How sad!
Especially love someone who will never belong to you!
He is both stupid! I love someone I shouldn’t love.
桑拿会所Knowing that this kind of love will have no result, I would rather get hurt and die than stick to it!
It is my love that has already died in repeated injuries.
Come to this dead heart, it is warmed by the man who has always loved himself and never left! Let her have the courage to love again!
If she takes this step, maybe he will be happy for both sessions.
That’s it! If you love a man, you have to give it to him!
In the past, she loved a man who shouldn’t have loved him. This time, she will try to love this man who loves her deeply!
If love is given unilaterally, sooner or later there will be a time of fatigue.
She should be brave this time! I was too tired, too hard and too dignified to love Ling Tian before, and now she has tasted the taste of being loved, which is also a kind of happiness!
Try to take this step. They are a new beginning!
She took the initiative to let him pick it up … Before she could react, she was picked up by him.
He put her body in bed, but it was his body that pressed her body at the same time that made her blush and embarrassed!
That hard chest is pressing against itself!
She can clearly feel his strong heartbeat!
Night Xihan held her breath for a moment and saw Nan Chenye bow down to kiss her.
His face is getting closer and closer, his eyelashes are shaking slightly, and she closes her eyes.
Waiting for him to kiss
However, just a little distance away from Nanchen night, you can kiss her lips.
Suddenly he stopped kissing and moved a few millimeters away from her lips, staring at her little face and feeling her nervous breath.
Slender fingers lifted her forehead messy hair gently don’t behind her ear.
He kissed her eyebrows and smiled and said, "Thank you!" She can accept herself, which makes her happier than anything else.

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