Look at the heated discussion, classmate Lian Yinsi did not hesitate to take out a blank sheet of paper and write three small colons of the vice president, and then write three big words with a wave of his hand.

These three words occupy the whole blank sheet of paper. Besides, he didn’t choose anyone, not even himself.
Yi Chen has been accepted by He Lianyin, and he also learned to write three small vice presidents and three large He Lianyin.
So a hundred boy sitting nearby follow suit and write in that way of He Lianyin, as if they were going to declare war on the teacher.
After writing, several boys all laughed.
He Lianyin was disturbed by that smile and turned his head. His eyes were as cold as infiltration in the deep sea. "What are you laughing at?"
"Look," Yi Chen showed his paper to He Lianyin. "Is Brother Yin’s advice very domineering?"
He Lianyin can’t laugh or cry. "Are you making such a big noise to declare war on the teacher?"
"Afraid?" He Lianyin raised his eyebrows and looked at her as if he were hooking up with her. Gherardini was ambiguous.
"What am I afraid of?" Helian Yinwei lifted the bar with a look of awe.
"That’s all right. It’s time for us to have a change in this boring school, right?"
"I agree" Yi Chen raised his hand without saying anything.
"It’s better to support more." Several boys beside me echoed this position and the atmosphere became very harmonious since He Lianyin sat here.
Sure enough, it’s different for attractive people to sit here. Before his great influence, he simply said not to exclude Xia Jin, who are also poor people. Don’t look down on her classmates, and then there will be no more boys satirizing her, and he will not exclude the occasional borrowing of notes to follow the industry.
桑拿会所Section 74
It’s not without reason that Xia Jin likes Han Luoxiao, because someone like that can save her in hot water with a word, which makes people unwilling.
In a short period of time, their class despised and rejected vomiting the most. 4. Because of the arrival of He Lianyin, it became a handsome boy. Anyone who thinks he is handsome and wants to change here to follow He Lianyin will have a higher price.
"That’s up to you." HeLianYin watched them laugh and declared war. She just looked at dinosaurs and other expressions, which must be very funny.
So the boys ran away with their own written papers, and they all went to help Helian Yin get tickets, so that all the boys they knew changed their votes to this, which shocked the class leader’s eyes.
Soon the bell rang for the early reading class.
All the votes were handed over to the group leader.
Dinosaurs stepped into the classroom on time, and a strong scent of Sicilian flowers came to my face. This is because dinosaurs like perfume, and the smell is not bad, but because she sprayed too much, people arrived before the fragrance.
Students with rhinitis can’t stop sneezing.
Dinosaurs went to the podium and asked Lu Zitong to help her sort out the voting list. After a long time, dinosaurs bowed their heads and said something. Lu Zitong nodded and took chalk to write in front of the blackboard.
Dinosaurs read "One vote for He Lianyin" with the voting result of the class.
Lu Zitong’s handwriting is beautiful, square and flowing. The blackboard is written all the year round, and the font is as flawless as it is printed.
Dinosaurs read out a string of names on the voting list. Sometimes her expression was normal until she turned to a Zhang greatly Helian Yin. She silently looked at her frown a little deep. Finally, she gently read, "Helian Yin voted for her."
Liu Zitong’s back was stiff, but he didn’t show any dissatisfaction. Add one vote slowly.
But the dinosaur was shocked
She turned over a dozen in a row, and wrote about Helian. No one else was blue. She looked at Helian in the stands, and she looked at the information flatly.
What does this mean?
Dinosaurs were puzzled. They looked at the paper before and after, and wrote three words, He Lianyin, without leaving a name. I didn’t know what to express.
She bowed her head and counted that there were 19 classes in that paper, and there were 5 students, so the writer took up one-third of it. It seems that the position of vice president belongs to Lian Heyin.
But dinosaurs don’t care about her. After all, Lu Zitong is an old man. She manages all the things in the class, big and small. If the vice monitor is changed, these things will be taught all over again, which will cause a lot of waves and unnecessary times.
Although Helian’s grades are very good, she is too intimidating. At that time, the class is a little afraid that she will not get along well, and her excellent level should be more focused on studying important exams and make the school sit up and take notice.
After careful consideration, the dinosaur decided to let Helian Yin protect her strength. She took out the 19 pieces of paper with Helian Yin written on it, rolled it away and threw it away.
The final result came out.
He Lianyin is the monitor.
Lu Zitong is the vice monitor.
Yu Zhou is a study committee member.
Liu Hanjun is a representative of Chinese.
And HeLianYin compensation dinosaurs will fill her math on behalf of her math foundation to take this position.
As a result, as soon as I got out of class, my classmates were boiling and chattering.
He Lianyin has no expression.
Willing to lose the bet
There’s nothing to be sad about, but it will help my brother write for a month.
Yi Chen was the first not to frown and ask, "Is the teacher’s voting result wrong? He Lianyin reported to the vice squad leader that we voted for the vice squad leader. How did it become Lu Zitong? "
Dinosaur smiled and replied in an official way, "We will destroy all malicious votes that deliberately destroy the voting results."
Ministry outcry
HeLianYin eyelids "how can this be said to be a malicious ticket? Teacher, are you mistaken? We just want to choose a classmate who is afraid that the handwriting is small. Can’t you see that there are so many voting lists? Aren’t we considerate of you for being afraid that you have missed it or read it? "
He Lianyin’s smiling eyes are more dangerous than that.
"You write so big to express your understanding of the teacher?"
"Otherwise? Teacher, is it not good for us to understand you? If it’s not good, you can return the voting list to us and we’ll just change it again. Otherwise, how can this vote be fair? " He Lianyin squinted and saw that he was unhappy.
Dinosaurs don’t want to argue with him. These lists have been published, so it’s impossible to change them. Say more. She picked up the class and said to her classmates, "Study by yourself when you are free."
And left in high heels.
The classmates all looked at He Lianyin’s face trembling.
He suddenly got up and his eyes were cold.
"Brother" He Lianyin stopped his eyes and said quietly, "Don’t make trouble. I’m willing to lose the bet because of what reason. Don’t take it out on others or it will be boring."
He Lianyin’s beautiful lip corner is a line. "This vote is unfair. I want her to change it back."
"You are already the monitor, don’t be difficult, teacher. Everything you do from now on should first consider that you are on her side."

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