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Ling Feiyang’s middle finger rear body, Bei Ming’s magic power, immediately started to work. The innate vigorous gas generated by the "spiral nine shadows" also surrounded the body for a moment, and this vicious cold was forced out of the body!

Kalubio was surprised to see Ling Feiyang uninjured and suddenly took out a token from his arms!
Although the shape of this token is exactly the same as the sacred fire order in the hands of his three disciples, the texture is completely different. One side of this token is very smooth and it is made of crystal glass!
At the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, it was at the beginning of the 13th century A.D. In this era, the Romans made the world’s first flat glass by picking crystal fragments and natural soda. This kind of glass-making technology immediately went to Kalubio, Persia, and the western tour envoys actually used this advanced technology to build their own unique weapon-the Sun and Moon Gankun Mirror!
The mirror made of this crystal glass is a hundred times brighter than the bronze mirror widely used in ancient China. When Kalubio lifted the Sun Moon and Gankun mirror, Ling Feiyang’s face was clearly reflected, and another battle behind Ling Feiyang was also reflected!
The martial arts of Huang Yaoshi, the East Evil, are much higher than those of the three ambassadors of the Holy Fire, but these three people cooperate very tacitly, and each move is very different from that of the Central Plains, which makes it difficult for Huang Yaoshi to adapt. Besides, Huang Yaoshi is worried that his identity will be seen through, and Huang Rong often dares not use martial arts such as "the palm of the sword of the fallen eagle" and "the hand of the orchid blowing the cave", which can make Huang Rong not know how to use martial arts. After four people fought for dozens of moves, Huang Yaoshi failed to gain an advantage, but was almost hit by the sacred fire several times.
"Flame array!" Liu Yunzhi shouted the flame and the three ambassadors made a roll of the flame at the same time, smashing Huang Yaoshi’s calf. Huang Yaoshi stepped on the ice at the top of the cliff and kept moving, cleverly avoiding six flame orders, but he could not find a chance to fight back.
The cloud made a sudden animal call, and one or two pieces of the sacred flame were thrown to the middle of the back of Huang Yaoshi. Huang Yaoshi hurriedly twisted his waist to avoid the wonderful wind, but then he threw the sacred flame and caught the cloud to make two tokens.
Huang Yaoshi’s figure leaped and escaped the wonderful wind, which made the flame make Huiyue make it throw out and caught the wonderful wind token at the same time.
夜网论坛Huang Yaoshi’s body fell to the ground and then slid aside. It turned out that he used the Peach Blossom Island’s flying skill "Lingao Step", but the cloud messenger jumped up and grabbed Huiyue’s token back into his hand.
"Bad step this’ Lingao’ Rong Er will also don’t know if they have seen it …" Huang Yaoshi couldn’t help but worry a little, but he didn’t expect that they didn’t recognize it when he saw the look of the three ambassadors of the flame.
The Three Ambassadors of the Flame kept throwing out six sacred orders, and then their companions caught the six sacred orders and danced back and forth in the middle, which was dazzling and overwhelming. However, Huang Yaoshi’s outstanding flying skills and high martial arts accomplishment gradually saw through the attack routine of the Three Ambassadors of the Flame, and suddenly kicked out Hui Yue and kicked a sacred order out.
There are five pieces left in the six sacred fire orders, and there is a flaw in this sacred fire law. The cloud and the wonderful wind make four orders to block Huang Yaoshi’s front, and Hui Yue makes an immediate dash to the sacred fire order seven feet away.
Huang Yaoshi sneered at a sudden flash and even split a few palms at the cloud. Although the style of the palm of the Excalibur was changed, it was still sharp and extraordinary. The wonderful wind worried that the cloud could not stop it and hurriedly waved the sacred fire to rescue it, but only to find that Huang Yaoshi’s palms were empty and cold, and he flew up and kicked the wonderful wind to make his hips.
The wonderful wind made a somersault turn out. Although Huang Yaoshi didn’t have the capacity, the foot still made him quite painful. Clouds made him see that he was left alone and immediately fled to the distance. However, he took a step, but it seemed that the ice slipped and fell.
Huang Yaoshi saw that the cloud made him fall down accidentally, but he didn’t pursue his identity. However, Hui Yue made him retrieve the sacred flame and rushed over to Huang Yaoshi.
Huang Yaoshi can’t help underestimating some people when he sees that Huiyue makes a man attack himself. However, two things happened at the same time!
The first thing is that the wonderful wind made the ice turn over a somersault just now, but suddenly it rolled over and turned back in the direction of Huang Yaoshi. Two flaming orders in the hand smashed Huang Yaoshi’s ankle at the same time!
The second thing is that the cloud made a diving just now, but his legs suddenly bounced up before his body touched the ground, and his body flew back and hit Huang Yaoshi!
As a result, Huang Yaoshi was attacked by three kinds of strange tricks at the same time!
Good Huang Yaoshi was not flustered when he was in danger, and his body suddenly pulled up and avoided the wonderful wind to make the flame order; In the middle of the school, I flew up and forced the disease to rush over to Huiyue; Then a palm against the flowing clouds made the middle of the back shoot out!
Cloud emissary is the highest martial arts among the three ambassadors of the flame. The body actually curled up like a ball and evaded Huang Yaoshi’s palm. Then he spread out two pieces of sacred fire on his limbs, hitting Huang Yaoshi’s cheeks and feet in tandem and kicking Huang Yaoshi’s lower abdomen!
See the torch three moves are cunning and vicious Huang Yaoshi heart gradually angry with his right foot next to the axial turn turned out to be around the cloud to make the side suddenly slapped his left rib!
Wonderful wind make hurriedly waved the flame before a block for cloud solution, however, Huang Yaoshi right arm has turned a corner to wonderful wind make the right shoulder!
Hui Yue immediately raised the token in the hand of the former rescuer but felt that the flowers at the moment were slapped in the face by Huang Yaoshi with a crunchy "pa"!
Hui Yue made the left face swell up immediately. Before Huang Yaoshi could react, he had bullied her. "Applauded" even the crunchy faces were slapped several times!
The Three Ambassadors of the Torch knew in their hearts that if Huang Yaoshi had power in his hand, the three of them would have been lying dead on the spot by now, and the cloud messenger suddenly called out, "The martial arts of the pavilion are strong, and we, the Three Ambassadors of the Torch, are no rivals. We are willing to worship the wind!"
"If you know this, don’t retreat quickly!" Huang Yaoshi said coldly.
Let’s go!’ Clouds make shouted, but the voice did not fall, but the three ambassadors of the flame jumped up at the same time, and six sacred orders swooped down on Huang Yaoshi with a cold chill! to be continued
Chapter 3 Sun Moon Dry Kun Mirror
Huang Yaoshi is worthy of being one of the four unique songs. He is not only skilled in martial arts, but also knows how to cope with the enemy’s emergency. Although the flame has three strange moves, it is still gradually taken the lead by Huang Yaoshi.
However, the Three Ambassadors of the Flame pretended to admit defeat and launched a sneak attack on Huang Yaoshi again!
The reflection of the three people reflected on the smooth ice surface and also appeared in the mirror of the western patrol Kalubio Riyue Gankun!
Ling Feiyang didn’t know what was in this mirror, but he still decided to ruin it!
Six pulse Excalibur in the sword! Ling Feiyang’s right middle finger points out!
Refers to the wind penetrating the Xuefeng cold and drawing an airflow to form a straight line, which is stabbing the mirror surface of the Sun, Moon and Kun mirror!
This crystal glass is thin and brittle, but it is not broken by Ling Feiyang’s finger!
Then a strange thing happened!
This shock wave formed a straight line and was reflected by the mirror at the same included angle to a piece of ice rock next to it!
"poof!" This ice rock was smashed and splashed by the sharp wind!
"I’ve heard that glass mirrors can reflect light, but how can they reflect shock waves?" Ling Feiyang’s heart is a mystery, and another palm "Kang Long has regrets" is taken out to Kalubio!
Kalubio will strike the mirror with a horizontal palm wind on his chest, but it also immediately reversed the direction and swept to Ling Feiyang!
"This mirror can even reflect the palm force!" Ling Feiyang hurriedly jumped away without being hurt by his palm!
"Is this a magic mirror?" Ling Feiyang’s heart was surprised that Kalubio had rushed forward and waved a dry mirror to Ling Feiyang.
See tatsuta! Ling Feiyang hurriedly stretched out his left arm to block the right palm and hit it at the same time!
Kalubio deflected the Gankun mirror to the side to meet Ling Feiyang’s right palm palm, which immediately bounced back and hit back at Ling Feiyang’s chest!
This change is extremely sudden, thanks to Ling Feiyang’s quick response, and his micro-step figure slides away from the ice surface!
This palm palm wind against ling Feiyang’s back grazed by Kalubio, and quickly chased him over to dry Kun mirror and swept him around!
Ling Feiyang did not dare to push Kalubio again, thinking while Lingbo strode to avoid Kalubio’s attack.
"Isn’t it the Persian town’s martial arts, Gankun’s great move, that this inspector transferred the palm force of firm but gentle through the glass mirror?" Ling Feiyang suddenly flashed the idea in my mind!

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