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"Don’t!" Go around and say no without hesitation. He’s not as bad as his sister! He can do everything by himself!

I’m ashamed of being driven around just now, but I hate to drive around! She suddenly approached her mother’s ear. "Mom, do you know why you don’t let your mother take a bath?" I’ll tell you a little secret! "
Ye Xihan was curious, "What little secret?"
Chapter 220: The president is a gay.
桑拿会所  title=After reading it, I was about to tell my mother that I knew a little secret.
Go for a ride and his face turned sou.
"Don’t you dare say I’ll beat you!" Going for a ride threatens the little face to blush!
"I’m going to tell my mother that if she has a mother, she won’t watch her baby being bullied by a bad ride!" I’ve been thinking about it with my eyes wide open, staring at it, and I don’t compromise at all. Every time she grabs her mother’s softness, she always says that she makes her face blush every time, and this time she will make her face blush.
"Don’t say it!" Go for a ride and suppress your face more red.
Niannian made a face at Doudou, and the little princess thought for a moment, "If you don’t say Niannian after Doudou, you won’t tell your mother your little secret!"
I’m very upset about going for a ride, but I’m afraid my sister will tell her mother to be soft first. "Okay, I won’t talk about you later!"
"Keep your word … deceiving is a puppy!"
"I know! I have to keep it a secret for me! "
Night Xihan looked at the two babies in distress situation and especially wanted to know the secrets said by the two little guys.
When waiting for a ride in the shower, Ye Xihan was curious like his daughter’s divination, "What secret did you want to tell mom just now?"
When my mother asked me, she didn’t even think about it, so she sold her pocket. "My mother has grown an ugly bird in her pocket." After that, she quickly covered her mouth!
"Bird bird?" Night city culvert know poof laughed out.
"Mom, you can’t tell Doudou that I betrayed him!" Read the little mother’s ear and say
Night Xihan funny looking at read made a secret move!
"Mom, why don’t I have a long bird?"
Ye Xihan was asked by her daughter. This kind of question seems a bit difficult to answer. She nodded her nose. "Because it’s a boy or a girl!"
I don’t understand it, but I nodded and twisted my face. "Fortunately, I don’t want to grow that ugly bird because I am a girl!"
Ye Xihan played with the babies for a while, told them a story and let them go to bed on time.
It’s particularly strange tonight that she has insomnia for no reason! I can’t sleep in bed.
Longxi villa
Mulingtian came out of the bathroom and went straight to the front of the wine cabinet.
Leaning against the sofa with strong liquor
The living room light didn’t turn on. It seems that the sofa man likes this dark environment very much.
Every night, he would sit in the dark for several hours, a habit that somehow lasted for several years.
I don’t know if there is always a loneliness in his heart in such an environment. It feels like something is missing there!
In recent years, he has always had a strange dream in which there is always a vague figure and that person seems to be a woman!
Is that he didn’t see her face once.
The glass in his fingertips shook back and forth, and he was lost in deep thought.
I don’t know when the words in the living room rang and pulled his thoughts back.
"The President of things more than ten years ago! Your sister is still alive! "
Xi Han woke up early the next morning.
She went to bed very late last night and didn’t sleep very well. Even if she didn’t sleep well, she was still in good spirits.
The first family and children made breakfast, and she woke them up to eat, and then she went back to her room to clean up.
After washing, I got dressed and painted a light makeup myself.
I ate a few mouthfuls of breakfast at will and was ready to go to class.
"Come on, Mom!" Miss holding Fennen’s little fist and mom cheering up.
Not to be outdone, "Mom is the best!"
"Thank you, babies. Mom will cheer!"
"Mom children to you! I went to work! " She can’t be half an hour late for the first class to understand the process. She can’t send the children to kindergarten and give them to the night mother.
"Well you peace of mind to go to class! Don’t worry if the children give it to mom! " Night mother reassured her daughter.
"Babies should listen to grandma!" Night Xihan confessed the child again.
"I know, mom, we will listen to grandma!" Missing is the same as going for a ride
Night Xihan and two babies high-five and kiss their little faces, pick up their bags and set off.
When she left home, she tried to breathe clearly, adjusted her breathing and smiled. Today is a good day. Come on!
Mom and dad, kids, she wants to cheer!
Ye Xihan came early and arranged for her to enter the design department according to her professional personnel department.
After only one afternoon, Xihan became familiar with several designers in the design department.
She just entered the company, although she studied design abroad, but because she is a newcomer, the company understands that not many companies will become the chief designer of ld company after passing various examinations such as her performance.
The design department is more active than other departments.
Everyone will chat and laugh in their spare time, and they will be very serious when they wait for work.

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