Why is he here? What a surprise! The accident turned her brain upside down.

He looks tired, like he hasn’t had a good rest, with deep blue eyes and deep-set eyes. Even so, he can’t hide his handsome face.
品茶论坛"Mr James … why are you here?" Ye Xihan was surprised. How long has he been waiting here?
"Han! I am waiting for you! " James stared at her affectionately and said softly that he couldn’t wait to see her when he got off the plane last night, but he didn’t wait for her all night? She has always been in a state of machine, and he is worried that she has finally made him wait until a hanging heart finally settles down.
"Is Xi Han unhappy to see me?"
"No … no …"
"Where did you go last night?" He spoke.
"I’m I’m home!" She bowed her head and her eyes flashed, but her heart was a little confused. What is he waiting for here?
"Xihan, when am I going to stay here for a while?"
"Ah … what …"
"Because of you!"
Night Xihan looked at him in surprise and couldn’t speak at the moment.
Xi Han was absent-minded all night. She was in a mess. She always repeated James’s words in her mind, and she couldn’t calm down for a long time.
"Xi han hair what stay? You see this is hot recently! " Luo Wen smiled and showed the hexagrams magazine in his hand to Ye Xihan.
"What is it! Make you laugh so much? " During the night, Xi Han took a glance at the magazine and suddenly became silly.
The dazzling headlines and obscene/obscene pictures made the face turn pale and the brain stunned.
She knows these people.
"Isn’t Xi Han awesome? [The four wealthy businessmen of Qinxin Hospital were forced from the palace! 】 You see these old things are really disgusting. How many good girls have been defamed? It really deserves it! " Luo Wen is indignant.
"Xihan, what’s wrong with you?" Looking at my friend’s face and worrying about Jin Luo’s warmth, wasn’t it fine just now?
"No … nothing … I’m fascinated!" It happened yesterday when Ye Xihan looked at it. Fortunately, he was not hurt by these villains …
"Scared me to death …"
Night Xihan chuckled and stared at the magazine for a long time lost in thought …
There was no class in the afternoon and Xihan went to the studio to take over the class and found a part-time job for that man. It was absolutely impossible for him to live there after she left him behind.
She is going to make enough money to pay him back soon, and since then, he or she has come to be two parallel lines that should not appear in each other’s world.
She has got two jobs now, and when she is not in class during the day, she will substitute in the studio, and at night, she will come to the bar to give birth.
In this way, she can earn two yuan, plus several paintings that have been taken by several galleries recently. When she makes a preliminary calculation for three months, she can pay back half the money.
Although I don’t like this place, the bar makes a lot of money, and the bar she is looking for is not the same as his. The mood here is very elegant, and there is no night show. It is also on time for the class to come here at twelve o’clock. It is all cultivated and quality people, so she will feel at ease to work here.
There are many guests in the bar, and she is a novice. Some mistakes are easy to make, but the hotel owner is very kind and didn’t scold her, but she still has to pay for breaking a few cups as usual.
Ye Xihan thought that the first day must have been in vain, but she found that the later she worked smoothly, the day should not go wrong.
At nine o’clock, her words suddenly rang.
She wondered who was calling her so late.
Night Xihan feels familiar when he looks at the number. It seems that he has seen this number before, but he feels very strange.
Pick up the words politely asked.
"Come here in twenty minutes!"
At the other end of the sentence, the tone was irrefutable, and the command was accompanied by a malicious cold anger. Before the night Xihan could react, what happened? He hung up when he heard a bang, and then there was a beep. The whole process didn’t even take ten seconds.
Night Xi Han frowned and didn’t want to know it was that man. His voice was fresh in her memory.
But how did he get his own number?
This makes her incredible!
Maybe in her heart, she looked through it and found that the number she called that day was exactly the same as his.
Her heart is bent on putting her mobile phone back in her pocket, but she just won’t go. This time, she has made a decision that she can’t do this, otherwise she really has no self-esteem, and she even looks down on herself by doing that with him every day.
Pick up the cleaning cloth and concentrate on her work, but she found out how she deliberately didn’t think about it, but her heart was always messy and she vaguely felt a little uneasy
Section 17
That man has a bad temper, and she has only been in contact with him for a few times to understand whether he will come if she doesn’t go. She is a little scared at the thought of this possibility!
But think about him again, it’s not worth it!
The more I thought about it, the more confused I became. More than an hour passed, and Mu Lingtian didn’t call me again, which made her even more flustered. She was hesitating whether to go or not when the bar owner sounded up.
"Xi Han’s guests want a few bottles of 2 Lafite!"
"Well, I’m going!"
At twelve o’clock in the evening, Xihan changed his bar clothes and was ready to leave.
This bar is close to the school. She arrived in less than fifteen minutes by bike, but before she got into the school, she was blocked by a sudden oncoming car.
She was so startled that she almost flew out by screaming.
She was in shock and suddenly had a drink on her head.
Then night Xi Han was stunned by a slight earthquake because the sound was none other than Mu Lingtian.
Seeing that she didn’t move there for a long time, Muling was angry, and the car kicked open the bicycle and suddenly grabbed her throat and lifted her whole body.
"Woman, you disobeyed me?" Locking her eyes, speaking slowly but with a fatal danger.
Night Xihan turned pale, and it was difficult for him to choke his neck and breathe.
Mulingtian threw her car directly and then locked the car door herself.
He doesn’t know what kind of luxury car he pressed, but it was covered with a thin black layer through the glass.
Night Xihan put his hands over his chest and coughed.
Narrowness is filled with a strong smell of gunpowder.
She didn’t dare to see him. She knew he was angry. It was safe to shut up at the moment.
"Well … let me go …"

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