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The two were almost close to each other, but at such a close distance, he actually hit Q!

That laser roared and lit up a white line around, leaving a white trace, which was that Obama had lost the way forward.
Lu Zhan, Obama, the moment the other side played Q skills, he had already walked behind the other Obama.
As we all know, Obama’s Q skills will have a short rigidity, which is very short. At ordinary times, it may be nothing, but now it seems to be fatal!
Because Lu Zhan came behind Obama at this time.
Hard to resist a general attack and go around the back of the opponent!
"pa! Hey! "
Around the back at the same time, two general attacks of land exhibition appeared
He just let himself accumulate two general attacks and passives and didn’t play until now.
Although he came later than the other party, his e skills had to be refreshed, and he had one more Q than the other party.
Now it’s time to let go of this Q moment.
Lu Zhan has distanced himself from the other side during these two general attacks, which leads to the other side not being able to go around the back like him because of insufficient time.
This laser has an eye longer than the other laser, which makes him avoid it.
His eyes lit up at night. He didn’t expect the exhibition to be passive and turn the situation around in his own way.
Lu Zhan doesn’t know Obama as well as the other side, but he does know the hero communication method, such as Obama’s skills. If he reacts quickly enough, he can avoid it by bypassing his back.
The so-called wrap around the back is to move behind the opponent in a close-fitting position, so that his frontal attack skills fall.
Many people don’t know how to move their position in fierce fighting, so it is much more flexible for the opponent’s skill department to hit the land exhibition. Every time it attacks, it will move this gap to achieve its expected effect.
This can be said to be a kind of cutting, but it is higher than cutting, because you have to know when the other party will put this skill.
If Lu Zhan estimates the opponent’s E skill, he may not be accurate to the second, but he can calculate the Q.
The other person loses Q with himself at the same time, which proves that both Q will look at their skills at the same time, and it is not difficult for him to calculate others.
It was at that moment that Lu Zhan came up with the idea of meeting the enemy, bypassing the package and fighting back, and moved the situation back through his mastery of skill D.
After the game continued, Lu Zhan and the opponent Q played both passive and general attacks at the same time. Both of them had very little blood, but Lu Zhan’s blood was more than 1 but less than 4.
Not only did he cheat the other side of a Q skill, but he continued to have an advantage in general attack and match because his double blood-sucking effect was more than the other side.
Lu Zhan’s 56-point thrashing chasing each other to attack each other is very unintelligent and flashes back and temporarily leaves Lu Zhan’s attack range.
Now the blood fight between the two men is almost over, so both of them are very cautious and surround each other again
"Who do you think will win?" Li Xiuyue doesn’t know much about League of Legends. She can determine the situation through the reactions of several professional players around her.
Chapter 697 State is just right
"I didn’t make up my mind to flash and hide from Q just now, and the winner has been decided. That person lost!" Burning night theory
"Ma Ziran can do it on land" Xiao Shengqiang was also calm in his heart.
As Burning Night said, if the other party flashed to hide skills instead of retreating and delaying, he might still play, but now his heart has been out of control, and a blow from the back has disrupted his entire output chain, and he can’t finish the calculation.
In addition to flashing, two people with summoner skills are all treatments for each other, and then flashing back is another treatment to keep themselves far away from Lu Zhan, but no matter what, he is the inferior party.
Lu Zhan didn’t go straight to the mountain. He followed the other side. Although they kept a general attack distance, the other side approached the tower a little bit.
One tower is the largest scope of solo game, like many competitions. If you get out of this tower, you will be judged to lose. If the opponent retreats here, he can move instead of retreating.
Lu Zhan also changed his direction and pursued him with diagonal lines, because the two men successively moved the route like a triangle, and Lu Zhan’s diagonal lines moved faster than him.
He took two more steps, and Lu Zhan’s body flashed green. He opened a therapy to speed himself up. As soon as he got to the general attack, he could hit the distance.
"Die!" Lu Zhan didn’t hesitate to hit the general attack and then hit it with a bang after just getting better at E skills.
Because the former is the other side, his e skills are faster than Lu Zhan’s, and Lu Zhan’s e can still be hit by the first shot.
His remaining blood volume was just a bullet. When it hit him, his screen immediately turned gray.
I don’t know about reunification. This is an ordinary blood but I don’t know this situation. Five different brains have appeared many times.
Lu Zhan once again defeated the other side through his exquisite skills.
Five kills in a row, five wins in the first round!
Few people have driven him to a real corner.
"Although the first round is usually a trial player, he actually did it …" Li Xiuyue pulled her skirt and looked incredible. More and more, she felt that winning over Lu Zhan was definitely a stronger candidate than choosing correctly, and sooner or later she would find herself in the world arena.
Smith’s face is livid and cold, even if an ice cream is put away, it won’t melt.
"Is this your strength? What else can I do after a five-man defeat? So many national competition associations in the continent of Europa have invested to raise you these wastes? "
Smith’s chest heaved and complained.
Four people who have played in the previous competition are all bowed their heads, and no one dares to say anything. Even they don’t know why the land exhibition is so powerful. One singles won five places.
Just like Li Xiuyue said before that there are only a handful of winners in five consecutive killings, and there are not many OGN.
Now Lu Zhan has done it or understated it.
"The boss is not afraid to pick it up and give it to us five!"
One of the five people who haven’t entered the competition has come.
"oh? Give it to you? " Smith seems to be a little unsure that he has heard that there have been many players in the youth training camp, and he doesn’t recognize him. He doesn’t know the name of this person, but he knows that he is a single student.
"Let’s help you get rid of him! Our youth training camp will grade the players, as you know, the top five players are really rated as B, which means they are far behind us who are rated as A! But all five of us are A’s and we won’t let you down! " Bite your teeth and answer again
夜网论坛"It’s best not to let me down, or not only will I not give you money today, but I won’t call you again when I have a job!"
Smith threatened
Five people looked at each other and saw a little cunning in each other’s eyes.
"We admit that this guy does have two brushes, but he’s already played five rounds, so let’s have another five rounds. Hey hey …" The man who plays ad said with a smile.
"What did they say?" Because several people are burning the midnight oil in English, they can’t understand them very well.
"It is said that all five people in the second round are real masters." Zhang Xi is responsible for translating for him.
"In the end, it was all Brother Lu Zhan who was defeated," said Burning Night.
People’s emotions always change quickly. Before burning the night, there was nothing to do with Lu Zhan. After this land exhibition, burning the night obviously became a worship of Lu Zhan.
"In order to make the game fair, I will let Lu Zhanzhan report the second round of heroes, but he has to go back to the back room while waiting for the training period. What do you show him?"
Smith said with a face of malicious intent
"Then how can they discuss it?" Xiao Chengqiang immediately felt dissatisfied. Not only did the second round of five people seem to have participated in the discussion in the first round of worship, but so many people would definitely be better than one person to discuss their skills and tactics!
"There are five of them!" Smith shrugged his shoulders.
"You …" Xiao Chengjiang also wanted to say something but was stopped by Lu Zhan who had just come out.

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