They are looking forward to the last five minutes of the game, and they are already looking forward to how they will ridicule Valencia after the game.

But I didn’t expect villa Valencia to equalize the score at the last minute!
The commentator Moen is crazy.
He roared lore! Kill! Villa! Villa! David Villa! ! Valencia equalized the score! Now they are still unbeaten in the league! The league is unbeaten in fiftyfour rounds! There are only four rounds left before AC Milan creates 50 rounds unbeaten! Maybe we can witness the birth of a miracle? !”
品茶论坛  title=If Valencia can finally break the AC Milan record, then David Villa’s goal will definitely be recorded! Be written in a thick ink!
After the goal, David Villa didn’t rush into the goal to pick up the ball this time, but opened his arms and running all the way went back to the back to hug Deco, who assisted himself.
Although he scored this goal, 10% of the credit goes to Deco’s name. If it weren’t for Deco’s unexpected goal, he would never have got such a chance to watch and shoot.
It feels like shooting in your daily training. It’s just as difficult.
The two men embraced and more teammates flocked to see them surrounded.
Ibrahimovic was stunned at first, then ran back with open arms and threw himself into the crowd.
Everyone in the Valencia coach’s seat also hugged.
Guardiola, who has returned from injury, didn’t get a chance to play because his condition needs to recover slowly.
Now he is saying to Chang Sheng, I feel that I can coach with complete peace of mind. Deco’s performance is even better than I expected! How do you know so well that he can take my place in mad dog tactics?
Chang Sheng smiled, I found it in playing football manager game!
Guardiola rolled his eyes.
But don’t think about retiring Pepe so early, Chang Sheng told him, You are still an important member of the team.
Guardiola smiled noncommittally.
Sitting on the bench, mendieta watched Valencia’s lastminute winner, Real Madrid’s draw with opponents, and his former teammates hugged each other excitedly, which was like winning the league title.
The more his heart is not the taste.
He has been on the bench for consecutive league games, and he didn’t get a minute to play against his former club …
When Valencia reveled, his former captain was completely forgotten.
Now he deeply regrets his original decision. He can achieve a brilliant career by coming to Real Madrid. Unexpectedly, he might as well stay in Valencia …
If I had known that he should have told Changsheng directly that he wanted to stay in Valencia, now he should be one of those cheering celebrations.
But it’s a pity that football doesn’t exist. If life doesn’t exist, if he leaves Valencia, his knowledge of winning will not go back.
Look at Valencia’s performance after he left, and you will know that Changsheng definitely has a way to leave the main force to ensure that the team’s performance will not be affected. The players he introduced are very excellent young people, and they can still play in Valencia for a long time.
And what advantages do you have in front of these young people, a 31yearold veteran?
Two minutes after the game resumed, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game.
Valencia drew with Real Madrid at the last moment of the away game at 33, holding them unbeaten in the league.
This result made Real Madrid angry and always win, but he seemed very happy. Although he didn’t win, he was satisfied that he was able to draw Real Madrid with a lastminute winner and made Real Madrid so unhappy.
Anyway, whatever the result is, it will upset Real Madrid, so he will be happy.
The socalled your pain is the source of my happiness
After the game, the press conference always said directly, Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t lose the game!
That face has made many reporters in Madrid want to punch him. Typical villain is successful!
But winning always means winning. So what?
People can always succeed, and some people can’t even succeed if they want to.
In a focus battle, Real Madrid and Valencia finally tied at 33 after 90 minutes of fighting. The game was ups and downs until the last moment, but it was not decided until the last moment because the score was 33! Valencia equalised at the last minute with a winner from Villa! Although there was no tie, the result was very satisfactory for Valencia because they kept the league unbeaten! Valencia, unbeaten in 54 league games, is creating their own history little by little!
After the end of the league match with Real Madrid, Valencia ushered in another major game, but Changsheng didn’t seem to think it was an important game. He continued to make the substitute team draw with La Coruna in the game against La Coruna … It can be seen that Changsheng has already planned to give up the King’s Cup …
In the 17th round, Valencia played Real Sociedad at home. This is the first and second contest in the league … This is the highlight of the round … I found that everything with Valencia is the highlight … The final result of this strong dialogue is that they didn’t win or lose, but Valencia kept their unbeaten league and the difference between Real Sociedad and Valencia was still two points …
Valencia just finished the third round of the King’s Cup with an 110 draw with La Coruna. The total score of the two sides was 33, but La Coruna had two away goals and they qualified for the promotion. The defending champion Valencia stopped in the third round, but it seems that his winning mood was not affected by the elimination of the King’s Cup … This season, he focused on the League of Nations and the Champions League …
Before this game, Barcelona ranked ninth in the league. It was a failed season for them, but there was always hope … but no one thought that it was their home camp Nou Barcelona fans who witnessed a fiasco! They lost 14 at home to Valencia! This defeat is a fatal blow to Barcelona’s main Dutch coach Fan Jiaer! After the game, the head coach of Erjin Palace announced his resignation …
In the 19th round of the league, if Valencia can’t lose to Seville, they will be one game away from the AC Milan record … Of course, there is no suspense that Valencia beat Seville 2 at home! If there is another game, they can tie AC Milan in Capello’s era …
Valencia vs Mallorca in the 20th round of the League is a focus battlewell, any match with Valencia is a focus battle … This game is not a strong dialogue, but a focus battle because I’m afraid the world wants to know whether winning Valencia can tie the AC Milan record!
A week before the start of the game, the media began to fire, not only the Spanish media, but also the whole world, as they said.
Because the winning team is hitting the record, it belongs not to La Liga but to the five major leagues in Europe.
AC Milan’s unbeaten 50 games in influential leagues has always been a peak of law crossing.
It was this momentum that swept the world that AC Milan, which had the Dutch Three Musketeers, had in those days.
It is not easy to win 50 unbeaten games in the league called Little World Cup
Many people think that it should be impossible for a team to surpass AC Milan in the five major leagues in Europe since then.
But I didn’t expect to be in danger of being broken before reaching the AC Milan record ten years ago …
This cannot but attract the attention of the world media.

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