At the thought of dealing with miss butler, all the women felt a little pressure. Huang Dan asked nervously, How did it go?

Settled Jiao Yizhi nodded smugly and didn’t hide his eyes.
Daughters froze JiaoYi really want to remember adult soninlaw.
At that time, the daughters were depressed and angry. The most important thing was that Jiao Yi had no idea when this bastard hooked up with Wang Xinyuan.
Hey, what are you doing with a bitter face? Jiao Yi looked puzzled. It’s a good thing that Sisterinlaw has settled with Brother Leng for life. Should we be happy?
Cold eldest brother daughters startled Jiao Yi talked to Wang Ji for a night, but he didn’t talk to himself.
Yes, Brother Leng helped me, and now he needs my help for his lifelong event. Of course, I am dutybound, right? Jiao Yi blinked and really assumed Lei Feng’s mental posture.
Daughters don’t mind Jiao Yi boasting that Wang Xinyuan is not Jiao Yi’s girlfriend, so they are relieved and don’t pursue Jiao Yi’s hotel guilt for one night. On the contrary, they all look in a good mood.
Jiao Yi did not know that the girls would turn to Chen Xi and think a few words, but on second thought, it is better not to rock the boat at this upcoming parting time.
After breakfast with the daughters of Purple Rose Hotel, Jiao Yi and Ling Bing will leave for the provincial capital. Because the strength of martial arts families in the secular world is generally not high, even the Chinese martial arts community in Ling Bing is definitely worse, and Jiao Yi, who is as gentle as Uber, is not worried.
It’s a threehour drive from Yunzhou to the provincial capital, and Jiao Yi and Ling Bing have reached the provincial capital of Tianguang Province before noon.
There is a piece of nearly 100 mu of land in the eastern suburb of Lingjiabu city center, which is Lingjia industry.
Jiao Yi secretly staggering this piece of land alone is valuable, ranking second from the bottom among the top ten families of Ling family. It seems that it is not alarmist to say that the big families are United as a huge force. No wonder some people want to unify the major martial arts families, which will attract the attention of national security.
After driving for two minutes along a winding asphalt road with various fruit trees planted on both sides, a magnificent threestory villa appeared with Jiao Yi, who knew that this was Ling Bingjia.
Jiao Yi is not in a hurry to look around the villa layout and environment. He has begun to let Jin Baxiong look for suitable land to build his own villa, Lingjia Villa, which is of reference value to him.
What are you looking at? Ling Bingyin was slightly cold with a hint of shame.
I’m a little scared that Bingbing is going to see his parents Jiao Yi’s eyes moved from the villa to Ling Bing’s face:
Chapter 56 Ambition is too great!
Ling Bing gave Jiao Yi a white look and snorted, You will be afraid sometimes.
Bing Bing, you don’t know that although I am bold, this is the first time I have seen my future parentsinlaw a little nervous. Jiao Yi’s neck shrank as if he were very nervous.
Ling ice sheet is shy to Jiao Yi, so she can’t help but feel nervous for two more points.
It seems too fast for her to bring Jiao Yi to Ling’s home in the last two months when she realized that it was only half a year before and after now.
Bing Bing, don’t be nervous. When you are nervous, I am even more nervous. My little dream is almost jumping out. Jiao Yi stretched out his hand over his chest, but his eyes aimed at the bulging part of Ling Bing’s chest. His hands couldn’t help rubbing his chest. That’s a difference
In order to hide his nervousness and shyness, Ling Bing stared up, but the horse found that Jiao Yi’s eyes were wrong and immediately hated her teeth.
This son of a bitch, he’s nervous or not. He’s just trying to make himself nervous on purpose.
Ling Bing clenched his fists and wanted to turn Jiao Yi’s eyes into panda eyes with obscene light, but at this moment, a warm jade stereo played Bing Bing Jiao Yi, you are here
A handsome tall and straight man came out of Ling’s villa with masculine temperament, and it was Ling Bing’s brother Ling Feiyang who gathered.
Ling Bing clenched his fist and had to loosen Jiao Yi. He had already opened the door to rush to Ling Feiyang and respectfully greeted Ling Feiyang with Hello, Brother Feiyang.
Jiao Yi and Ling Bing arrived and Ling Feiyang was very happy, but his eyes on Jiao Yi were still not natural. After all, Wen Wan was a woman he had been pursuing for several years. Although he admitted that Jiao Yi was more worthy of Wen Wan, he still couldn’t let go.
Jiao Yi, of course, is now his sister Ling Bing’s boyfriend, and let Ling Bing teach him Gu Wu’s art and bring him back to life. Let him change from an ordinary fighter to a master of Gu Wu, Ling Feiyang, and he is grateful. Even if he hasn’t finished playing Wen Wan in his heart, he won’t show it.
Immediately after coming to the living room on the second floor, there were two girls in red, Jiao Yifeng, who looked at Longjing and dressed up as servants of Ling family.
Jiao Yi couldn’t help secretly despising what age this is. Ling Bing’s family still retains that set decades ago, but then again, this kind of service feeling is really enjoyable.
Ling Bing’s mother’s surname Ji is Qin Heji’s family. Although she has passed middle age, she looks young. Her skin is almost as smooth and tight as Ling Bing’s, and her temperament is quite similar to Ling Bing’s. Elegant, virtuous, kind and kind are in fresh contrast with Ling Bing’s icy cold.
Jiao Yi said before that he was nervous, but he really saw Ling Bing’s mother. He was not nervous at all. He answered whatever Ling asked, polite and funny, which made Ling smile.
Jiao Yi can’t help but be proud to get rid of his motherinlaw. He and Ling Bing will be sure when things are less. Of course, the remaining 20% Jiao Yi is also confident to get rid of Ling Bing’s father.
Aunt and uncle are not at home Jiao Yi in front of Ling’s mother is almost as warm as Ling Feiyang.
Ling mother didn’t answer when the stairs rang with heavy footsteps, and the temperature in Ling’s living room seemed to drop sharply.
From the building, he is a tall, middleaged man with shorter hair than Jiao Yi and a stubborn and hard temperament.
This man is very handsome. If he is not a little older, he will almost be handsome. Just look at his face and Jiao Yi can be sure that he is Ling Bing’s father, Tian Guang Ling Jia Ling Aotian.
品茶论坛Is Ling Aotian’s face and eyes are colder than Ling Bing’s, and I really want to see if the chill of ice silkworm’s method of Ling Bing’s father can also stimulate the growth of then?
Of course, this is a joke, but Jiao Yi really didn’t expect that there would be such a cold person in this world. Now he finally feels that Bai Lingbing will give people a feeling of shutting people out. Having such a father will inherit his temperament.
But Ling Feiyang frowned slightly. His father was indeed unsmiling on weekdays, but the whole person was as cold as a piece of Xuan Bing in ten thousand. It was the first time he saw it.
Dad, what’s the matter? Ling Feiyang got up. He knew that his father was furious and would have this kind of performance now.
Too much ambition Ling Aotian didn’t even look at Ling Feiyang’s audio and video, which was frozen out of the ice.
What the hell happened to Dad? Ling Bing also started to laugh. Compared with her father, her voice was almost gentle.
Bing Bing Ling Aotian’s eyes eased, and his eyes finally found the focus, but he quickly moved away from Ling Bing’s face and looked at Jiao Yi. You are Mr. Jiao.
Hello, uncle, just call me Jiao Yi. Jiao Yi got up and walked to the front of Lingao Day with a bright smile that was out of place with Lingao Day’s frozen face.
However, Ling Ao’s face quickly thawed with ice, and his face actually smiled. Jiao Yi was extremely polite. Jiao Yi, it’s really splendid for my Ling family to have such a distinguished guest like you.
The style of painting has changed so strangely that Jiao Yi is caught off guard. Not only is Mata white, but his fatherinlaw is so polite. It should be to look at his master’s face.
But after all, the other party is Ling Bing’s father, Jiao Yi. It is impossible for him to put on airs and say with smile, Uncle, if you say that again, I will be embarrassed to stay here.
Lingfu one leng immediately smile apologetically well, then none of us are welcome to sit down
Jiao Yi nodded and went back to sit beside Ling Bing. Because the distance was too close, Ling Bing turned aside and Jiao Yi leaned over. Ling Bing frowned, but he didn’t deliberately keep follow focus Wing at arm’s length.
Jiao Yi and Ling Bing were both seen by Ling Aotian. Since seeing Jiao Yi, he looked at Ling Bing with a smile and sighed, Before Bing Bing, there were many aristocratic brothers who threw olive branches at you. You didn’t even look at me. Your mother and I were worried that you would not get married. It turned out that we were wrong. Bing Bing, you are the most promising and discerning person in our Ling family.
Jiao Yi can’t help but be on cloud nine. My fatherinlaw is boasting about Ling Bing, but everyone can hear the real boast.
Ling Bing took a look at her father with great shame and lightly chastising. Even if you want to praise Jiao Yi, you can’t praise it in front of him. After that, this bastard’s tail is not gone.
But Ling Bing didn’t refute her father’s words and quickly changed the topic Dad, who just made you angry?
The cervical reexamination failed to achieve the expected results. Yesterday, the neck was repaired after the break, and as much as possible, I am very sorry:
Chapter 561 A buffoon
Ling Aotian’s face sank to shoot a chill in his eyes. Obviously, he suppressed his anger.
Who just called you? Ling Ao asked softly with a cold face and no talking.
Ouyang Ding Ling Aotian gritted his teeth and popped out three words through his teeth.
Ouyang Ding, when you say these three words, Ling Bing’s brother and sister are horrified in their eyes.
Ouyang Family in Huaijing, one of the major martial arts families in China, has been ranked first for several consecutive years. The Chinese martial arts community can be said to respect Ouyang’s younger brothers, and Ouyang Ding is the current leader of Ouyang Family in Huaijing.
Although Tianguang Ling family ranks among the top ten martial arts families, it is not a heavyweight compared with such giants as Huai Jing Ouyang. It is unusual for Ouyang Ding to take the initiative to call Ling Aotian.
Dad Ouyang elder call you what is it? Ling Feiyang asked incredulously.
Ling Aotian’s anger is getting colder and colder. The old man Ouyang told me that he wants to set up a martial arts family alliance this time, so that I can support him then.
When he heard the word Ouyang Ding, Jiao Yi vaguely guessed the reason why the prospective fatherinlaw was angry, but he didn’t show any difference.
Ling Feiyang, Ling Bing, and his brother and sister both face incredible surprises. Huai Jing Ouyang’s family is already the first in Chinese martial arts. It’s not enough to have such a status. Why should a martial arts family alliance be established? He wants to be a martial arts leader.
Ling Feiyang glances with Ling Bing. Both brother and sister saw it from each other’s eyes. There is no doubt that Ling’s family is no better than Ouyang’s family. It is impossible to join the martial arts family alliance and become a vassal of Ouyang’s family.
Ling Bing, like her father, gets angrier and colder in her heart, but Ling Feiyang’s selfrestraint is much better. Dad doesn’t have to be so angry and directly refused. I believe that Yu’s major families will not agree to form a martial arts family alliance.

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