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After signing at the door in a hurry, Chang Huanyan took Yu Yu’s hand and went in.

The editor of group A just filled a table. Besides Yu Yu, two other people also brought their husbands and nodded to each other, even if they said hello.
"Director zhou? Director Zhou? " Assistant Red Carpet King shouted for two weeks before he came to his senses.
"What’s the matter?"
"Director Zhou, you are the second station to speak later. This is the process tonight. Shan Wei always asked me to show you one." Assistant Wang said with a smile.
"Good" Director Zhou took the flow chart and couldn’t help but look at a certain direction again.
"Director Zhou, what are you looking at?" Assistant Wang could not help but ask
"Oh, I saw a person who looked familiar." Director Zhou said with a frown.
"Who do I know?"
喝茶约茶Director Zhou looked at it carefully again and then smiled, "You don’t know, maybe I mistook one for another."
"Tonight, all the employees of the magazine department and some of them are invited to perform. Director Zhou really knows and can’t tell. After all, they are all in this business." Assistant Wang said with a smile.
Director Zhou nodded
It’s also such a small magazine. How can you invite such a big man as Yu’s family to the annual meeting?
After a magnificent background music, the company specially invited the handsome host to pick up the microphone and clear pronunciation and mellow voice to open the prelude of the annual meeting.
Chang Huanyan won the newcomer award. According to the usual practice, this award is not much, and it is the third order.
When Wei Yang and Director Zhou spoke to Taiwan in succession, Chang Huan Yan was a little nervous.
Compared with her, Yu Yu has always been very calm, sitting there staring at the stage performance.
Chang Huanyan stole a glance at him and then looked at Taiwan.
This performance is specially invited by the company from the outside. The dance regiments are all young girls in their early twenties, beautiful and hot to wear. It is still the most popular Korean girls’ group girlhood dance.
"Is it nice?"
Yu Yu turned to look at her when he heard the sound "OK"
Not bad?
Chang Huan Yan pouted. "Do you understand? Just say ok? "
Yu Yu "…"
"Shi" often smiles and is embarrassed to say, "I can dance this dance, too."
"…" Yu Yu immediately turned to look at her again, which seemed unbelievable.
"I really know how to dance pole dancing besides this dance. I’ll dance for you when I get back to my room later …" Chang Huanyan became more and more addicted until his little hand was suddenly held by him. The man’s voice was low and he said, "Look good."
"What if I’m not in the mood to see me nervous?" Chang Huan Yan conveniently grabbed his hand.
"What are you nervous about?"
"I’m going to Taiwan soon. What if I make a fool of myself later?" Chang Huan Yan pathetic said
"No" Yu Yu comforted her.
"One thousand? I’m wearing seven-inch high heels today. What if I slip accidentally? "
"…" Yu Yu seemed to think seriously for a while and then said, "Don’t worry."
Chang Huanyan "…"
What a big log. You can’t even fool people.
"If you fall, I will pick you up in the past." Yu Yu added.
Chang Huanyan looked at his face as usual, and his expression suddenly became a little uncontrollable and he smiled.
Sweetness slowly spread from the heart to the limbs until the whole person seemed to be immersed in a honeypot.
She thought she was really hopeless, so he said such a simple sentence that she … would feel happy!

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