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Just now, the female secret gently pushed the door open and said respectfully, "Yu lawyers and reporters have already arrived, and the ceremony is about to start."

"Okay, you take Miss Han first and I’ll change my clothes." Yu Chengyan said with dignity.
"Yes" the female secret looked at Han Minxia and smiled shallowly. "Miss Han, please come with me."
Han Minxia didn’t expect Yu Chengyan to be quite private. She was surprised and glanced at him and said "good".
喝茶约茶Lift your feet with your bag and walk towards the door.
Who knows the arm is pulled by someone? She looks back at Yu Chengyan one leng.
"I ate lipstick just now, remember to make it up." Yu Chengyan’s tone is like discussing today’s anger and then turning around and walking into the lounge.
Han Minxia "…"
She looked back and saw that the female secret was dumbfounded and vaguely with a hint of envy, and her face suddenly burst into red.
Generally speaking, this kind of contract renewal ceremony is very simple. Generally, there is no need to invite media reporters to be present and it does not attract any attention.
However, after being invited, many media came to the event site, and most of them were reporters of Gua Weekly.
Of course, they are also drunkards. After all, the signing parties are members of a large family, Yu Chengyan and Han Han, and they are talented and attractive respectively. In the eyes of thousands of women in D city, even if they take a few eye-catching photos together, they will publish them in the newspaper or publish them on the Internet, which will be highly regarded.
I didn’t expect it to be …
"Hey, who is this woman?"
"Why didn’t Han Shaolai sign the contract?"
"Before I came, Weibo announced that I would take a group photo with two male gods!"
"Exactly! I’m so depressed!"
Although Han Minxia has been away from China for several years, she has returned to China for more than a month, but she rarely attends such public occasions. Most people in the media circle don’t know her, but they still feel a little disappointed.
When taking pictures, the photographer also deliberately separated Han Minxia from taking pictures of Yu Chengyan.
Of course, Han Minxia didn’t know about these complaints and small moves.
She has a decent smile, good looks and elegant manners, showing the style of a professional celebrity.
After the signing ceremony, she simply shook hands with Yu Chengyan and turned to leave.
As everyone knows …
"Excuse me, lawyer Yu, why didn’t Han Shao come over today?" A reporter couldn’t help but ask
"Is ah yu lawyer Korea less is not a good friend with you? Why did he send his sister on such an occasion? "
Yu Chengyan wears a formal suit and hooks his lips and eyebrows. It is rare to see tenderness and spoil on weekdays. "Isn’t it more topical for his fiancee to be present?"
"Lawyer Yu, do you have a fiancee?"
"Who is it?"
Everyone was surprised and looked around. I didn’t expect a barrister who has never been close to women to have a fiancee without saying anything. This is big news! I just don’t know who is so lucky.
Yu Chengyan picked his eyebrows and said, "Han Minxia is my fiancee …"
There was an uproar. It turned out that Yu Guhe Han Guzhen really wanted to.
Come to Yu’s home and Han’s home, it’s really a marriage of politics and business!

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