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Shuiyunjin felt that the whole body was surrounded by warmth, but before he could see the hot water overflowing outside the bucket, it turned out that Huangfudi’s long legs stepped in.

"What are you doing in here? Get out."
"My body is also wet by Hibiscus, and Hibiscus is not afraid that I will catch cold." Huangfuda’s eyes are as low as usual.
Shuiyunjin thinks that he will catch a cold and coax a three-year-old child if he is defeated.
"You don’t fool around and wait there."
"What nonsense? I just want to bathe with Ms. Park. What are you blushing about?" Huangfuda raised her eyebrows slightly, and her eyes reflected that Ms. Park’s face was extinguished.
Glared at the water cloud park bitterly Huangfuda he just pretend to turn around and don’t want to pay attention.
Huangfuda looked at Shuiyunjin’s slim and graceful figure, and Tianshui’s long blue gauze skirt was attached to the skin like jade, and the white skin was clearly visible. His beautiful eyes gradually became deep and the water fluctuated. He attached it to the jade hand and let Yunjin’s shoulder slip thin, and his hand slipped.
Shuiyun Park felt that her shoulders were cool and she wanted to turn back. Elegant Du Rexiang followed. Huangfu Da covered her body with damp and hot breath and sprayed her ear. "It turns out that Park is so good at water. What else is there in your body that I don’t know?"
Shui Yun-ji zheng, it turns out that this man has been grinding her. She is entangled in her familiarity with water. She didn’t tell him, but she didn’t want to tell him. There were just a lot of things that she didn’t know how to say. Suddenly, her neck ached and Huang Fu-ji bit her. She turned around and was about to say something. Suddenly, Huang Fu-ji raised her hand and covered her thin face accurately and mistakenly.
All the words of Shuiyunjin turned into a whimper. His thin lips held two lips and licked them gently. The thick rendering was extremely touching and enchanting, and then the tip of his tongue stuck in, giving his overbearing and elegant breath to Shuiyunjin. His clothes slipped and his skin was like snow. Two people, jade-white and light-colored clothes, floated on the water and covered the water scenery. The sleeping temple was instantly warm and harmonious, and the water waves swayed and rippled along the edge of the barrel, and the low and shallow notes floated away.
At this time, the palace banquet in the Imperial Garden has already begun, and everyone has gathered at this step. The ladies of various houses are performing talent banquets, and the banquet is gradually lively, except for Shuiyunjin and Huangfuda.
It’s half an hour before the husband and wife come out of the partial temple. Shuiyun Park walks with a cold face behind her. Huangfuda’s eyebrows are raised, her mouth is curved and beautiful, and her face is as beautiful as snow lotus’s blooming. She smiles like a spring breeze, and she walks slowly. It seems that events can’t make him take two steps.
Although Shuiyunjin can’t see Huangfuda’s appearance at this time, think about it and know how proud he is. His feet are getting faster with anger.
"It seems that Ms. Park still has the strength to just beg for mercy." Huangfuda’s smiling voice suddenly sounded.
Shuiyunjin’s feet suddenly jumped on her forehead and lifted her feet. This time, she walked faster and faster. How can he say this man? If she doesn’t beg for mercy, this man will definitely not want to appear for a day.
"It seems that Ms. Park is not happy, so let’s go back and continue to talk. Anyway, it’s still early and I don’t want to sit there." Huangfuda looked at the back of Shuiyun Ms. Park angrily and her mouth was slightly hooked.
Shuiyunjin immediately decided that she knew that Huangfuda was by no means teasing her. He definitely said that he could do it. Think about this person’s bad temper. She suddenly turned around and said, "Talk about a ball and you will deliberately annoy me."
Huangfuda smiled and asked, "Are you annoyed?"
Shuiyunjin grumpily pushed away some Huangfuda "I didn’t".
Huangfuda smiled a long arm and stretched out her arms to circle Shuiyunjin. "It’s good not to be annoyed, otherwise I’m really worried that I can’t sleep alone tonight."
"It’s good that you know." Shuiyun micro-hummed. She ignored him. This is how he got her to talk and then please this man. It’s really that she feels that she is completely unable to resist him now.
Like him, her mind is like the sea, and now she feels dissatisfied and gratified. He is so interested and cherishes her so much. What is there to worry about and stop struggling? She obediently leans against Huangfuda’s arms and tears her mouth open.
Huangfuda looked at her arms and smiled like jade.
"I’ve seen the old slave of the princess of the county king, and I’ve also asked the county king to punish him for his dereliction of duty." A moment later, a man came in the dark.
Shuiyunjin felt familiar with the sound and looked up. It turned out that she told him to inform ChuChengXuan that his father-in-law said that he had failed to find ChuChengXuan.
"Tell me about it" Huangfuda light openings.
"The old slave listened to the princess of the county and immediately rushed to the imperial house. Then the emperor led the king of the county and others to leave the slave and dared not get too close to let a little father-in-law leave in the past," said the father-in-law ChuiShou.
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
"You’ve done it simply. You go." Shuiyunjin saw Huangfuda keep silent, and she smiled and spoke.
The father-in-law looked at Huangfuda and saw that he didn’t open his mouth and bowed back.
"Gu Chenxi fell into the water because someone planned Princess Ling Yun before, so as not to let outsiders know that the timing of the wind accord was just right. You all accompanied the emperor around her, and she just got drilled." Shui Yun’s voice was a little heavy, and the whole thing was planned by Bu Rezi and Princess Ling Yun.
"Ling Yun didn’t have that mind’s eye." Huangfuda asked.
Shuiyunjin was about to open her mouth when she listened to the rockery, and then several messy men laughed and women cried in a low voice:
Chapter 7 Fenghua Bloom
Shuiyunjin heard the sound of pulling Huangfuda near the rockery, and she saw a few young men around a little maid-in-waiting at the other end of the rockery, talking and laughing with vulgar words.
The youngest one at the edge is 12 or 13 years old, but it turns out to be the pride of Shuishichen Houfu Xiaogong Su Qian.
Shuiyunjin can’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve seen Shuishichen and Houfu, but it’s good to see her once a year. Every time he sees himself, he always grunts and scorns, and then walks away. I can’t believe that he is so old, so a child knows to touch the little maid-in-waiting face. It seems that he is well-bred
"Who’s that man?" Shui Yunjin looked at the man wearing a light yellow brocade and frowned slightly. It seems that he should be the most important person among these people, but it seems that she has never seen this person in her impression.
He was holding the little maid-in-waiting, and he felt around to see that he was extremely skinny and vain, with a yellow complexion and a pair of narrow eyes overflowing with gas and color, and he knew that he was immersed in wine and color all the year round.
"You haven’t seen him." Huangfuda raised her eyebrows slightly.
Shuiyunjin blinked. She wanted to meet him.
"He’s a Shang Fu Di Su Yu ‘an and Su Qian’s nephew" suspection.i light way.
Su Fu is a relative of Su Qian’s mother’s family. Su Yu ‘an is a notorious loafer. He often goes to Hou Fu, but Shui Yunjin has never seen him. It’s a blessing for him to take a look at Huang Fuda and maybe gouge his eyes out.
Shuiyunjin suddenly came to Su Qian for nothing. Her father is still in the office. It is no wonder that Shuishichen will be mixed up with Su Yu’ an in these years. I don’t know what Shuihuaiquan will feel when he sees this scene.
Watching them get more and more presumptuous, the little maid-in-waiting was full of panic and struggling, and she was not able to lift her feet before preparing.
"Don’t go" Huangfuda pulls Shuiyunjin.
"You just let them run rampant." Shui Yunjin’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. It’s really disgusting to do this dirty work in the palace.
Huangfuda raised her hand and looked at his big hand. She heard the sound breaking very fast. Shuifuda didn’t come to see what he had done. She listened to Su Yu ‘an and others screaming for a few times, and her face twisted on her knees. It seemed extremely painful. The little maid-in-waiting took the opportunity to run away quickly.
"What did you do?" Shuiyunjin asked curiously.
"It’s just a few stones." Huangfuda caressed her sleeve.
Shuiyunjin’s little face dyed with a smile. The power of several stones looks quite powerful. She pulled Huangfuda out of the rockery and smiled slightly. "How about you teach me to practice martial arts?"
"Interested" Huangfuda shallow a smile.
桑拿会所Shuiyunjin nodded, "It’s not white to have a ready-made master."

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