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Chapter 33 I want to be with you
As I thought, Zhang Ping finally joined our new planning scheme by taking a stake, but originally planned to punish me with a salary reduction of 2% a year, thus ending this matter.
In the meeting room, Xu Mo, Nanmu and I sat in our respective seats. At the end of this meeting, I finally breathed a sigh of relief. Xu Mo sighed at me, "Lei Hao has tied everyone to the same boat now, and we have no way out. I hope you will try your best this time."
I nodded and replied, "I will."
I looked at Nanmu and asked him, "What are you going to do?"
I’m going to take a walk outside to get to know more about his place. What is the planning for this period?
I came up with the idea of Nanmu. "Do you want to go to Down’s for a visit and then find out what will happen over there? I guess Tang Xiao should be you, please come here, right?"
Nanmu smiled and replied, "You guessed the front part correctly, but you guessed the back part incorrectly. Tang Xiao didn’t invite me. I don’t have the ability to invite Brother Down Gong to me for the time being because he came to see you."
I questioned "find me"
Nanmu said to me again, "You will know when you have a serious talk with him, but I have a hunch that he is coming to help us."
I left the head office, and now that the meeting is over, I have to prepare my things and go back. It is estimated that I will be very anxious when I leave the branch these days. When I get back to the hotel, I tidy up my things and then I knock at the door of Tang Xiao’s room, but Tang Xiao didn’t open the door for a long time. He may have left.
When I turned around and was about to leave, a student came up to me and said, "You are Mr. Lei Haolei, right?"
I nodded "Yes, I am"
He looked at me with a positive look and said, "This 72-year-old Mr. Tang has left. He told me that if 71-year-old Mr. Lei asks for him, he will tell him that he has gone to the place you are most familiar with and he has something to tell you."
I said "thank you" to the clerk and left the hotel.
When I think of these words, I immediately have a definite place in my mind.
When I came to Du Bar, the popularity was still as explosive as when I left. I walked around and found that Wang Ye and Ningfeier were talking about something. I walked over to them and asked, "What are we talking about? We are so happy."
Hearing my voice, they immediately turned to look at me and said, "Boss, you’re back."
"Come back to do something and come and see you."
Ning Feier said to me, "I think you will come to the meeting. We all know the news that your planning case was leaked. What’s the result? Is it difficult for you at the head office?"
I told them all these things, and they were amazed after listening to them. This is really a risky move. If the boss doesn’t make a new plan to carry out this time, it is really a desperate bet for Nansheng.
I sighed, "yes, but it’s nothing to think about after it has happened. Now I can do the next thing better, because only in this way can I live up to their expectations of me."
Ningfeier toilet Wang Ye got me two glasses of wine. I took a glass of wine and drank it. I looked around in the bar, but I didn’t find the figure of Tang Xiao. Did I guess wrong? No, it’s impossible.
Wang Ye saw me looking around the bar and asked me curiously, "What are you looking for, boss?"
"I’m looking for someone, a man who gives life to this bar."
"The man who gave life to the bar" Wang Ye suddenly wondered, and he also looked up to help me find it here.
It seems that Tang Xiao really didn’t exist here. I stayed in the bar until 1: 00 p.m. I’m sure that Tang Xiao didn’t. When I finally picked up my luggage and left, Wang Ye and Ning Feier told me that they would go out for a new publicity event at the end of this month to combine the bar and the sweet shop into an independent brand. I also agreed with their idea.
When I left the bar, I suddenly felt a pair of hands patting me from behind when I just took two steps with my luggage. I immediately turned around and saw a man with a hat in front of me. He made a gesture of don’t move at me, and then took me to the next corner to hide.
It’s Tang Xiao, but he seems to be hiding from someone
After waiting for a while to see two figures walking away from us, Tang Xiao took off his hat and said to me, "I wanted to meet you in the bar, but I didn’t talk to you again because I had some trouble."
I looked around and found that there were no extra people. I guessed right and asked him, "Who are those people?"
Tang Xiao shook his head and replied, "I don’t know exactly who it is, but I’m sure they want my things."
"What are you wearing?"
"2% shares of Down’s Group"
Tang Xiao and I came to a small shop and sat down. This small barbecue stall usually doesn’t attract people’s attention because it’s too cold and cheerless. Tang Xiao asked for two bottles of beer and many skewers of barbecue before he said to me, "You must listen carefully to what I’m going to say next. It’s because I made a very important decision that I chose to do this."
Tang Xiao’s seriousness at the moment makes me feel that the surrounding gas makes people feel suffocated.
"I’ve decided to share 2% of the shares of Down’s Group with you, and you will help you start a new project."
I was surprised by Tang Xiao’s statement, which was even more surprising than what happened to me today. He said it seriously and there was no joke at all.
I finally got over it and asked him, "Do you want to do something?"
Tang Xiao lit a cigarette and took a drag and said, "I don’t know who is going to take down’s lead to do something, and I don’t know if Yan Jiaxin really feels it. If I don’t feel it, I’m not going to tie myself up with her. I want to do a career with you and find out the real loopholes in down’s group again."
Chapter 34 Guidelines
"You said you wanted to be with me."
"Yes, the technical team and planning team from my side will make a brand-new change according to your original plan. Of course, you are responsible for the handover of the general situation. Of course, I will choose a good business negotiation. Of course, there are also many interests. If the plan is successful this time, I will make a profit of 3%."
I immediately hesitated. 3% Tang Xiao is also quite good at opening his mouth. Although we had prepared a most common packaging method to transform the major musicians, it would be very good if they could get relative profits. However, Tang Xiao’s words have been directly superficial and need to be changed in another way.
品茶After drinking beer, Tang Xiao asked the boss for a few more bottles. We talked about so many formal topics in informal occasions, and every word got to the point. This is the first time that I have encountered a situation in my post for so long.
I hesitated to Tang Xiao, saying, "This matter is not for me alone to decide what I want the leaders to discuss."
Tang Xiao took the boss to give him the wine and then said, "I know what’s difficult for you, but if you want to be white, I’m also a bet for you now, and it’s also a bet that you can’t see the future once you invest. Since Nanmu said he was willing to gamble with you, I dare not taste it."

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