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Song Qingcheng nodded and looked at Yu Linjiang’s eyes and replied, "So I will work hard. I know that I don’t deserve him now. Even if he is divorced and has a child, the conditions are still there. There are many famous ladies like Gu Jiazhi who want to marry him, but he finally chose me. I will work hard to make him look at me now."

Yulinjiang didn’t connect again.
After a while, he slowly said, "Go out first."
Song Qingcheng came out of the room and didn’t forget to take the door to the building without forgetting. He glanced at it and didn’t see anyone walking on to joie’s room in the living room.
After passing the terrace on the second floor, I found a figure
Song Qingcheng stopped and looked intently to see that the man was Yutingchuan.
He is facing away from the balcony door.
The rain is dripping outside.
Yu Tingchuan doesn’t seem to feel cold smoking and wearing a suit shirt.
He looks like he’s taking a break from work.
The whole song dynasty didn’t feel gloomy or depressed, but looked at his tall and straight back with a comfortable chest derivative. She changed direction and walked lightly towards the terrace.
Go behind Yu Tingchuan.
She raised her hand and touched his shoulder lightly.
Indeed as expected YuTingChuan turned my head.
Raise it to the finger of the half right hand, and the cigarette will go out.
"Smoking again" Song Qingcheng decided to complain next to him. "I just touched the bag in my car and put two cigarettes in it."
Yu Tingchuan gave a low smile. "Is it difficult for others to send it back?"
"Then you can also give it away."
Song Qingcheng suggested, "For example, give it to your dad."
Yu Tingchuan lit a little cigarette ash to his side. "He doesn’t smoke this brand."
"joie hasn’t woken up yet?"
"Well," Yu Tingchuan began, "Call him later."
Song Qingcheng wanted to tell him to chat with joie’s pet store in the afternoon. "joie said I can go and see it together when you go to Australia."
Yu Tingchuan looked at her with a partial interest. "Want to go to Moore?"
Song Qingcheng nodded slowly and said, "I really want to go if it won’t cause you trouble." Then she immediately raised her hand to ensure that "I didn’t have much chance to go out to play before, and now I really want to go out and look around."
"Then let’s go together," Yu Tingchuan said warmly. "We’ll arrange it later."
Song Qingcheng said, "Real … ……joie also said a lot of nice things about you."
"Don’t you know if I need someone else to say?"
Song Qingcheng said, "That’s different."
Yutingchuan smiled and didn’t respond again.
Then a gust of wind blew.
A few strands of hair brushed her cheek. Song Qingcheng raised her hand to dial Yutingchuan, but she was one step ahead.
Two people are very close.
When the back of his hand touched the back of his neck, the whole Song Dynasty could feel his gentle movements and looked up into those deep eyes. At that time, I was a little embarrassed.
Yutingchuan smoke another hand through her left cheek hair just bowed their heads and kissed her.
This kiss is very light
Nor did it invade deeply.
Song Qingcheng closed his eyes and smelled his breath. There was no perfume. It was pure masculinity mixed with fresh tobacco. He kissed himself and haunted his nose and mouth in an instant.
Yutingchuan let her go in the past few seconds.
Looking at her blushing face, he smiled. "Why are you still so easy to blush?"
桑拿Qingcheng Baby "Give cigarettes to your dad"
….. make his lungs black again.
Don’t turn from the first round!
☆ Chapter 246 Did Yu Tingchuan ever recruit another woman?
Yu Tingchuan’s voice suddenly sounded surprisingly good.
Song whole feel may be confused by this man.
She raised her hand and covered her cheeks and palms, so she felt hot, but she argued in her mouth that "well, it’s hot inside and cold outside, so the face turns red."
Then she seemed to suddenly react, "Why are you kissing me?"
Yutingchuan smiled lightly and then stamped his cigarette butt.
"I’ll get joie up. You go first."
Song city looked at him in the back cheek or some hot.
Behind the Song Dynasty, the whole city didn’t stay in the living room but went to the kitchen to have a look.
Aunt Xu and another nanny have prepared dinner.
Song Qingcheng was idle and helped Aunt Xu to bring the food to the restaurant table. Just put away four pairs of chopsticks, and Yu Tingchuan came to joie Building.
Joie’s little hand rubbed his eyes, and he just woke up and looked delicate. He yawned and looked at the table unblinkingly. Song Qingcheng was ignorant and suddenly didn’t recognize who this was.
At this moment, the phone rang in Yutingchuan’s trouser pocket.
He took the child to the living room and saw that the mobile phone was a business call and went to a quiet place to answer it.

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