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When the little boy heard this, he was furious. He wiped his face first, gritted his teeth and raised his hand to start work …

At this time, a deep cold drink sounded behind him, "What!"
Everyone looked back at the man who appeared in a black shirt and trousers.
His face was cold, his eyes were sharp and deep, although there was an outstanding temperament in the ruins.
Chang Jing’s eyes lit up and shouted, "Brother-in-law, help me!"
He knew that his brother-in-law would come to save him.
Ok, ok, I gave him a call when I came out just now. I didn’t expect … to move quite fast.
Is waiting for him to shout this sentence and then be severely kicked.
"ah!" Often in order, I screamed just now.
It’s still dark, and Yu Yu squints.
Lai Yu squinted and saw clearly that he was dirty, and that his swollen face kept oozing with blood.
"Let him go!" Men speak faintly.
Gangsters boss suddenly "before" a smile "put? If you say let me go, then I have no face. Besides, do you care if I teach my younger brother a lesson? "
"Bah, who is your younger brother * * enough to let me tell you that my brother-in-law is Interpol! Now the director of D City Public Security Bureau is afraid of him! " Often well-ordered shouted.
Yu Yu "…"
A few small bludger face couldn’t help a panic when he heard this.
After all, people who mix roads are most afraid of the police.
Small but the knife directly, often well-ordered neck laughed "Interpol? Shit, I’m still an international fucking agent! Who can’t force it? "
Yu Yu "…"
Chang Jing is even more surprised. Why … These people are not afraid of the police?
"Brother-in-law, show them your documents quickly" often shouts.
Yu Yu frowns at this little brother …
Seeing that Yu was silent and small, he became more and more proud. The knife was always well-ordered and forced, and the blood immediately jumped out and dripped along the blade.
"Ha ha ha certificate? Take it out. No, I’ll tell you to get out of here or I’ll beat you up! "
"…" Yu Yu frowned and looked at Chang Jing’s bloody neck and slowly reached out and took out a cigarette and lighter from his trouser pocket. "Good"
按摩Often orderly "…"
He looked at Yu Yu.
He squinted at the cigarette with his long finger in the mouth of the plug and took a sip, while the other hand stuck it in his trouser pocket with a leisurely attitude.
Seeing him slowly spit out a white smoke turn, he often keeps his teeth in order and can’t say how wronged he is when he bites.
How can this brother-in-law be so afraid of death at all times?
I have been silently observing that the boss took one look at Yu Yu’s face and suddenly opened his mouth to "take people back."
Xiao Yan took a good look and put away the knife. "Go!"
Narrowing his eyes slightly through the smoke and melancholy, his expression is taboo
When several people walked back with their usual boldness and passed in front of Yu Yu, he even took a step back.
Often, my eyes were sour and my whole body ached, but I didn’t ask for help again.
For him, the melancholy attitude has said everything just now.
Eldest brother sneer at a heel.
When he walked in front of Yu Yu, he suddenly felt that his hand was suddenly stretched out in front of him, and then he felt a pain in his wrist and a bone dislocation’ scratch’, and then his knee bent suddenly and the whole person "plopped" on the ground.
After hearing the sound, several gangsters immediately stopped and looked back.
See the boss’s whole person moving strangely and lying on the ground, his hand was cut back and he stepped on his back with one foot, and the cigarette was still in his mouth.
Deep and dark eyes and a slight narrowing of the feet "let them let people go"
I’m often a little unresponsive at the moment.
"Let people go! Let that little bitch go!" Gangster boss whined and shouted.
Three minutes later, the high school affiliated to D University
After walking out of the classroom, two figures, one tall, one short, one black and one white, walked quietly in the corridor.

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