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Lele curled his lips. "People who snitch in front of teachers are the most annoying."

Yan Yan nodded his head.
Lele picked up Yan Yan in her leg and bowed her head and kissed her delicate face before she whispered, "Yan Yan, don’t go to G city so fast this time. Be sure to stay here a little longer so that Brother Yang can see you often."
An Chen came from the building with her baby in her arms and just heard Lele say that. He walked up to Lele and said unhappily, "Lele started abducting my daughter when she was so young. Is that really good for you?"
Lele see Ann Chen hurriedly please smile "michel platini, are you here? What about Mommy? Aren’t you going to be romantic with Mommy after work today? "
An Chen picked his eyebrows and thought that this smelly boy would be good at telling good. He pointed to being held in his arms. "How can you be romantic with this smelly boy all day?"
Lele laughed. "Daddy, I’ll take Siyang. I’m good at taking care of children. My family often takes care of my brother. If you and Mommy want to go romantic, just give Siyang to me and I will take good care of him."
At this time, Yun Qianxue also came from the building. She laughed at Lele’s words. "Lele can’t see that you like taking care of children so much."
Lele laughed. "Of course, Siyang, but Yan Yan’s younger brother, of course, I like to take it." It’s not that he likes to take care of children, but that he wants to please his future father-in-law. You know, Yan Yan is still so young, and there are so many variables in the future. If he doesn’t please his father-in-law, he will lose a lot.
An Chen raised an eyebrow. He looked at Yun Qianxue and said seriously, "Wife, I finally understand why my parents have always wanted a daughter. Think about it as a daughter."
If you have a daughter, don’t put on airs in front of men. If the other person wants his daughter, he has to please him in every way. It’s not like being born with Dad. It’s so boring.
"oh? Why do you suddenly want to understand? " Cloud thousand snow asked doubtfully.
Anchen looked at the daughter who was held in Lele’s arms. "Daughters are more precious. Having a daughter can give others a look and give birth to a child."
At this time, his son looked at Yun Qianxue very cooperatively and held out his hand to ask Yun Qianxue to hold him. He flattened his mouth and was ready to cry. This is not a face. What is it?
Anchen stared his one eye. "You are born to be right with me, smelly little boy." He is his own father. He holds him and he doesn’t know how to be satisfied? I cann’t believe I asked his wife to hug me as soon as I saw her. What kind of child is this? Is it good to have children?
When the little guy heard Anchen’s words, he immediately stared at him with a pair of big black and white eyes, as if to say, Daddy, that’s my mommy. Is it wrong for me to ask mommy to hold it? What’s wrong?
Yun Qianxue wanted to take the son from Anchen, but Anchen handed the son to Lele. "Well, you said you wanted to take the child."
Yun Qianxue’s face is covered with black lines. What do you mean? What is your son? What do you mean, take it?
Lele hurriedly put Yan Yan to him. He took Xiao Si Yang Hehe and laughed. "Come and think Yang will take you to play today." Although his favorite hug is his favorite Yan Yan, he still has to show a pair of love in front of his future parents-in-law. I can’t be forced by the situation.
When Xiao Si Yang reached Lele’s arms, he stared at Lele curiously. He didn’t cry or make trouble. Lele held Xiao Si Yang and waved to Anchen. "Okay, michel platini, you can take Mommy to romance. I promise to take Siyang well and make him cry."
桑拿论坛An Chen nodded. "Well, then you can take it with you. If you have anything, just ask Grandma Joe, okay?"
Lele nodded. "I know, you go."
An Chen pulled up a cloud of snow and walked to the door.
"Are you so kind?" Yun Qianxue looked at An Chen’s language. Is it too irresponsible for him to give his son to a child under the age of ten to bring him as a parent?
"What’s wrong? Doesn’t he want to be my son-in-law Of course, when my son-in-law has to learn to take care of children, or who will take care of them after they give birth? " Anchen said confidently.
Section 311
Cloud thousand snow face upwards sigh "Chen less will you think too far? Now I think about the problem of my stepdaughter having a baby. Don’t you forget? Your daughter is less than three years old now. "
"My daughter was born and he began to think about it. What is so cheap in this world? If he wants it, he has to learn to pay. "
Yun Qianxue silently wailed for Lele in her heart. It was the first time she heard that she had to help her little brother with the so-called pay.
Anchen glanced at his wife and saw that her expression was weirder than he looked at her with a face of koo. "Wife, maybe you don’t like to be alone with me now?" Luckily, I didn’t go to the company for so many days when I came back, so I just wanted to stay with you. I didn’t think that I was abandoned by you. "
Cloud thousand snow hurriedly shook his head "Chen less I which dare to abandon you? I appreciate you coming. Thank you for accompanying me. My daughter is really grateful and moved. "
"Why doesn’t it sound very sincere?" Anchen eyebrows suddenly like to make her feel.
Yun Qian’s snow-white eyes turned and waved his hand. "I don’t ask for too much less. I’ve been to the world of two people with you at the expense of my childhood. If you are so wordy again, I’ll go back with my son."
As soon as I heard that Yun Qianxue was in Er ‘an Chen’s stomach, he suddenly became sour. He stared at him. "Why don’t you try another sentence with Er?"
Cloud thousand snow stared at him "Chen less there is your own biological"
Anchen looked at her indignant expression and couldn’t help laughing. He grabbed her mouth and laughed. "I know, my wife."
When they were talking, Anchen had come to the garage with Yunqian Snow. He himself opened the car door and said very gentlemanly, "Please take my beautiful wife."
Yun Qianxue got into the car proudly and commanded him to take Ann. He did it honestly, but he didn’t forget to ask for benefits after Ann got well.
Trapped by the harness, she couldn’t move, and she could be kissed hard by him. When she would die of lack of oxygen, he gently clicked her lips and said, "Did you find out, baby?" Only when there are two of us can we be so reckless, don’t you think? "
Yun Qian’s face suddenly turned red like fire. Every night, because her son sleeps next to him, he has to control himself. Does she want to suppress herself by tasting it herself? But children are the continuation of their love and the crystallization of their love. For her, she never dislikes children getting in the way.
She couldn’t help raising her hand and gently stroking his face. "Husband and children will grow up soon. When they grow up, it is impossible for us to even want them to accompany us, and the two of us will carry each other for a generation. There is still a long way to go, huh?"
He bowed his head and kissed her face, sighing, "Fool, of course I understand that I will be jealous with my son because I care too much about you."
She put her arm around his neck and kissed his face heavily to make up for her actions to please him, and his lips could not help but slightly raise.
She looked out of the window. It was scorching sun at this time. It would be a kind of torture to go outside. She looked at him and asked, "Excuse me, husband, where are we going to be romantic now?"
Anchen was asked to take her out on the spur of the moment, and he really couldn’t figure out where to take her for romance.
Yun Qian Xue watched him and suggested, "Why don’t we go back to our little home and have a look?" Now Anzhai is their small home, so Anchen Apartment is their small home.
Anchen nodded. "Well, that’s a good idea." He started the car and started heading for their little home.

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