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"Let him practice his hands, let’s not go." Jun Kuang also noticed that the first blow of these people after Jun Qian’s rally is often heavy and difficult to parry, but after the first blow, there is no specialty, but the realm looks worse than Jun Qian’s.

Presumably, the number of people in the realm is directly proportional to the comprehensive strength, and Jun Qian still has nebulae to protect his body and knows how to transport the astrolabe flexibly. The efficiency is twice as good as before, and he is not worried.
What’s more, this thing is really a bit uncertain. He can feel the longing behind him, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. The other party seems to be afraid of him more, or that he is burning with blood.
桑拿论坛"Don’t come out" He chuckled and stamped his feet.
After he stamped his foot, the stage was quiet. After that, people didn’t move at all. Jun Qian shouted angrily. He seemed to blame Jun Kuang for interrupting him. When he jumped off the platform, he found a huge toad at his feet.
Toad looks good, and there are several bumps on its back, which looks like a small flower. It is covered with golden patterns and its round appearance is very pleasing.
Look at the good fortune
Before he could say anything, the toad scampered in front of him, and an unstable one fell on his foot.
When he was excited, he pushed the toad out, hit it a few times, rolled down the steps, and fell to the ground in front of Junkuang. Junkuang picked it up without hesitation and fed it a pill.
"I’m sorry, I’m so excited." When toad fell on his foot, he got goose bumps and consciously kicked out something wet, soft, slippery and cold. Now he realized that toad didn’t mean to.
Probably too fat, too hard to find the center of gravity.
"It’s just an ordinary little toad, not to mention that even the shaping is very low, so how can it stand your feet?" The crazy little fat toad pinched his leg and "a lot of meat."
The fat toad fell suddenly and shivered.
"I won’t eat you." Jun laughed wildly. "What exactly are your guards here?"
Toad’s "quack" is a bit rough and nerve-racking, and its short forelimbs seem to be eager to express themselves.
"This matter" Jun Kuang took out a bottle of Dan medicine and opened the bottle to smell a delicate fragrance. Toad took the jade bottle in his forelimbs and poured the Dan medicine department into his mouth. White smoke began to rise constantly.
"Let’s step back and give him an adaptation," Jun said crazily. "I’m just trying to lay a foundation for it to practice in the future, or I have to rely on it. This little guy is not without talent, but he is too greedy to stuff everything into his mouth. This is not a good thing." He didn’t mean to tell Jun Qian and Qin Xiao the latter sentence.
Talking Toad’s white smoke is missing, his skin color is lighter, and some golden lines are even more obvious. He looks at Jun crazily and carelessly, and the skilled man slowly says, "I don’t eat everything, and there is nothing to eat in this place." Finally, he remembers to thank you, "Thank you, my Lord."
"The first time I heard someone call you that," Jun Qian laughed and went crazy with you.
"He doesn’t know my identity, probably just to show us the way." You are crazy.
Chapter one thousand two hundred Jin Kuiling toad
Qin Xiao curiously looked at the bouncing toad and felt very cute.
This little guy doesn’t look like an ordinary toad, which generally makes people feel queasy. He takes the road very seriously in front of him, and adds beautiful golden lines and bumps on his back to form small flowers, which makes people feel like picking it up and kneading it in their hands.
The only drawback is that the speed is not slow. The little guy just got a little pruning and doesn’t know how to transport, so the speed is fast. Although he tries his best, Qin Xiao seems that it has to jump several times before she needs to take a step.
I really want to help it.
"If you want to help it, help it," Jun said with laughter.
Qin Xiao blushed slightly and took two steps to stop the little toad from reaching out to it.
The little guy seems to realize that even if he wakes up too little, he will be too hard to hurry, and he will also delay for a long time. If possible, he would very much like to explain things without external help, but it is more important to show the bodhi old zu.
So he sat nervously in Qin Xiao’s palm, and the three brothers and sisters showed the way. Every time he spoke, he took the opportunity to secretly look at Qin Xiao. He felt that the more he looked, the better he looked. He had never seen such a beautiful person.
The three of them didn’t walk fast, but the road was not long. After a while, they saw a piece of black toad lying prostrate respectfully.
"Greet the Lord" is a hoarse voice from toad’s mouth, but it also has a kind of mountain cry shock.
When the "Lord" kid heard this, he thought that he didn’t recognize it on the spot, and he was so scared that he just jumped from Qin Xiao’s hand and "yum". He didn’t feel too painful when he fell to the ground, but he also learned to bow down like him.
All the toads are obviously distressed, but they dare not move. It’s really silent.
Qin Xiao was startled by it and looked at it as if it had fallen badly. When Toad saw that it had been pumping air, he quickly took out the ink jade box and applied ointment to its previous touchdown position. Although there was no breach, it might not be big, but it could relieve pain after all.
"Thank you, little master." The huge toad has always been very respectful to Qin Xiao. It is a relief to see her turn the little toad upside down and apply medicine.
They have prepared cushions for three people, but they are toads, most of whom are disliked by people and dare not approach casually, for fear of offending their owners. Now they are all relieved to see Qin Xiao.

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