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This is simply haunted! Wu Tianyou was depressed and anxious for several days and hated Lu Shasha (this is the main reason why he never had a funeral). Now he feels that there is a fire burning in his body and he urgently needs water to save him, and Xia Xue is the only water that can save him.

He wants to see her like crazy! And he was so sure that she would come to pay homage to Lu Shasha, and he waited here until she appeared.
It turns out that he knows her well enough, and she did show up! No, don’t bury the grave. The girl is her sister. On what her sister has done to her, she will definitely admit that the deceased has no hard feelings. She came to give her a ride to show her brotherhood.
He finally waited for her! But he neglected what he could do after waiting for her except to see what she could say to her.
She’s married and pregnant! Now he has no reason to approach her again! However, the flame of his body needs her to help him extinguish it. How eager he is to hold her in his arms. Even if there is a corpse in front of Lu Shasha’s grave in broad daylight, he will not be afraid that his arms suddenly become Lu Shasha.
"We really have nothing to say!" Xia Xue takes a step back and her eyes are full of alert and vigilance. At this moment, Wu Tianyou looks very dangerous. There is a strange burning and madness in his eyes that makes her feel threatened.
"Xiaoxue!" Wu Tianyou watched her retreat further and further, and finally she pulled her into his arms before she started to flee. He hugged her tightly and closed his eyes intoxicated.
I finally got my arms around her. This time it feels so real that it shouldn’t be a dream! He bowed his head to kiss her and looked for her lips. His eyes were closed all the time, and he was afraid to see her become Lu Shasha as in his dream. Isn’t it disappointing?
"oh!" Xia Xue desperately beat Wu Tianyou. How could he be so mean! In broad daylight, I stopped her, hugged her, kissed her, and kept saying what I wanted to say to her!
Her taste is still familiar with the fragrance in memory, which makes Wu Tianyou calm down slowly, but it also arouses his desire and longing.
"Xiaoxue, I miss you very much!" Wu Tianyou whispered painfully, "What should I do! What should I do! "
Missing is a bone-eating poison that slowly kills his body and mind, making him miserable. If he can endure this kind of pain, he won’t put up his pride and smash her to death, pestering her to do whatever it takes to get her back. Maybe this is a hopeless medicine.
"pa!" Xia Xue responded with a loud slap and finally broke free from his arms. Her face was red with anger. "Shame!"
How could he do this! In my memory, Wu Tianyou was elegant and gentle, and there was never a time of trouble! Although she no longer loves, she loved after all! She really wants to turn her beautiful first love into an eternal landscape. Why does he come and trample on her heart? He keeps that last beauty.
Touched his face, Wu Tianyou felt even sadder. What did he do? It is simply possessed by ghosts.
Finally, he slowly lowered his head and said, "I’m sorry!" "
"I don’t want to see you again! Forever! " Xia Xue angry eyes with tears, yelled at him and turned to go.
Looking at Xia Xueqing’s departure, Wu Tianyou slowly felt a little tear in his eyes, but he didn’t drop it for a long time and finally condensed into a bit of hate in his eyes!
Gu yining and ling lang’s story, please move to smoke and finish the article "flying to spoil your wife"
He is a huge dark force, an emperor with great potential, money and elegance, and he holds the lifeblood of several people with his fingers in his fingers.
She flew into his car from the sky, and his world became a mess from then on.
"Gu Yining, you have angered me!"
Section 194
The consequences of angering the malefic are very serious. She has personally experienced what despair is.
品茶论坛  title="damn it! You ruined my innocence, how can I get married! "
The man’s lean and strong body immediately came back to her ear and exhaled coolly. "It’s the same result for you to marry anyone except me!"
"What is the result?"
"Be a widow!"
A brief introduction
This is a story about a pure white rabbit disguised as an enchanting fox to seduce the sinister wolf, but accidentally drilled into the wrong wolf’s den and was skinned, dismembered and swallowed clean!
172 ghosts
On the way back, Xia Xue felt that the fetus in her belly was restless. She was busy parking by the side of the road and stretched out her hand to caress her bulging abdomen
"Baby be good! Be good! " Xia Xue’s heart was pounding and she suddenly realized that she might have made a mistake.
She was pregnant and went to the cemetery to worship Lu Shasha alone. This was a serious negligence. Usually she was not superstitious, but at this time she felt that the fetus in her womb was unusually restless, and she was afraid in hindsight.
Shouldn’t go to the cemetery! Especially alone!
Xia Xue was so scared! The fetus in the abdomen has been restless. She caressed her abdomen with one hand and picked up her mobile phone with the other to dial Li Zhenyu’s number, but she still hesitated.
Don’t want to tell Li Zhenyu! He will be angry and blame her. He will say that she is too compassionate to worship Lu Shasha, and she will say that she does not pay enough attention to their children.
Thought of this, she put her mobile phone on again, but the agitation in her stomach made her afraid. She was afraid that the fetus would have an accident, and she was afraid to drive again at this time.
Wanted to think, she dialed the words to Han Xiao and didn’t say that she was in a bad mood and asked Han Xiao if she could come and play with her.
Han Xiao Bennet tunnel "real can’t get away! I’m a foreign worker. You know that it’s too dark to exploit employees … "
Of course, Xia Xue knew that Han Xiaogong was under great pressure and intensity. When she heard that it was difficult to ask for leave, she said, "Nothing, I will be fine soon!"
"I’ll see you after work!" Han Xiao pressed the bass and hung up.
Chennai Xia Xue dialed Lu Yuanhang’s words.
To tell the truth, she and Lu Yuanhang really belong to friends of Beauty and Blue Beauty! He is proficient in medical skills, delicate, gentle and considerate, and a gentleman is the best friend of Lan Yan. It is not convenient to tell Li Zhenyu anything, and it is the best choice for her to find Lu Yuanhang when she is capable.
He has a strong ability to do things, but he won’t accuse her of not being able to help her solve her urgent needs. When dialing Lu Yuanhang, she silently prayed that he wouldn’t have surgery at this time!
"hey!" Lu Yuanhang quickly answered the phone and the sound was as pleasant as ever: "Xia Xue, you wanted to see me!"
Every time Xia Xue takes the initiative to call him, he will be happy.
"Sailing" Xia Xueyin is very low and floating. "I …"
"What’s the matter with you!" Yuan-hang Lu immediately keenly realized that Xia Xue was in trouble and put away his smile and asked anxiously, "Where are you? I used to! "
Xia Xuexin decided when she heard Lu Yuanhang’s words. She looked at the car and said, "I stopped at the side of the road outside the west gate of the cemetery …"
"Don’t hang up when I get there!" Can hear his power footsteps he has rushed out "tell me about your situation! Ann? Is there anyone around? Are you in the car or outside? "
"I …" Xia Xue clear eyes slightly surges tears moved to voyage carefully "lu in my car! No one is around … to call you! "
"Lock the door! Open the window for one-third to keep the air flowing! " I can hear the light sound of the starting car. He has already driven here. "I’m on my way!"
Xia Xue held the mobile phone in one hand and caressed his belly in the other, and finally couldn’t help sobbing, "I’m afraid the child will move so badly!"
"You try to find a comfortable position half lying don’t touch! Keep your mood relaxed … Turn on the music and listen to a soothing song … Well, you search for the guzheng song "Wild Goose in Pingsha" and listen to this song, close your eyes and keep breathing smoothly … "
Xia Xue searched for that guzheng song according to Lu Yuanhang’s theory, closed his eyes and tried to ease his mood.
Melodious and soothing, while the zither music slowly soothes Xia Xue’s crazy heart and the frantic fetus in her abdomen. She feels that her abdomen is slowly quiet, and the danger of over-frequency fetal movement seems to be gradually relieved.
Seven minutes later, Lu Yuanhang finally arrived by car. He jumped out of the car in a hurry, dressed in a green military uniform, and he was even more heroic. His shoulder badge showed his identity and status, which attracted passers-by to look askance-there was such a young major!
Seeing a military uniform, Lu Yuanhang and Xia Xue were somewhat surprised. She didn’t expect Lu Yuanhang to be a soldier and saw that his epaulettes were two poles and one star, and he was impressively a major.
"Open the door!" Yuan-hang Lu knocked on the door, and his handsome face was full of anxiety.
Xia Xue saved himself from locking the car door and hurriedly opened it. Yuan-hang Lu helped him to his car.
"Can you go? Let me hug you! " Asked Lu Yuanhang tentatively.
"No" Xia Xue slightly embarrassed explained "I’m not that serious! Walking is not a problem! "
Lu Yuanhang helped her to sit in the trunk, unscrewed a bottle of water and handed it to her. "Don’t be nervous. Let’s go to the hospital!"
"Thank you" Xia Xue took the water and felt that the abdominal fetal movement was not so frequent, but to be on the safe side, let’s go to the hospital for examination!
There is also "Wild Goose in Pingsha" playing in the car. Look at the route and he will be ready. He is indeed a cautious man.
Lu Yuanhang started driving and rushed to the hospital and asked, "How do you feel now?"
"Much better!" Xia Xueshu export gas is really much better. "Maybe I went to the cemetery and bumped into something …"

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