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Then word of mouth began to ferment the next day.

Kate refers to China’s online novel "Shuang Wen" to upgrade the writing style. Although the literariness is not worth mentioning, ordinary readers really seem to be addicted to it.
Many people have a good feeling after reading it.
Everyone can’t care about literature and philosophy. Anyway, this novel is good to read and strongly recommended to relatives and friends.
Therefore, although the amount dropped a little in the next few days, it did not fall like a cliff in his novels.
Kate’s female sales have continuously exceeded 10,000, 20,000 and 50,000, and began to rush to the forefront of the best-selling list.
Chapter 312 shortlisted for the European Golden Globe Award
After the national team match day, teammates returned to the team to resume training.
However, both Obasi and Gustavo were injured in the national team game. Although they were not seriously injured and needed to rest for a few days, it was quite annoying.
This is the reason why club managers hate the national team match day.
But hate it, but resist it. Unless you don’t mix in the global football circle, you will be governed by FIFA rules.
After the national team game, the league reignited the war.
品茶On January 17th, the 9th round of Bundesliga, Hoffenheim was another away game to challenge Werder Bremen.
After the previous round, Werder Bremen ranked fifth in the Bundesliga, with good strength.
In this game, Hoffenheim’s main midfielder Gustavo missed Zuculini due to injury, and his players were in some bad state because they were running back and forth for the national team.
Therefore, the overall performance of Hoffenheim in this game is not good, and Lu Wenbin often runs out of the file but can’t catch the ball, or his teammate’s ball deviates and is intercepted by his opponent.
Werder Bremen, on the other hand, played an excellent role in cheering for the home team fans and seized many offensive opportunities.
In the end, Werder Bremen beat Hoffenheim 21 at home.
Hoffenheim’s only goal came from Lu Wenbin in the 41st minute. He managed to dribble into the forbidden area with his speed and physique, and successfully saved his consecutive Bundesliga goals.
Fortunately, Hoffenheim lost, and there was no winner in the direct dialogue between Hamburg and Leverkusen.
In the direct dialogue between the two teams, after 9 minutes, each team scored 1 point, and both teams scored 2 points more than Hoffenheim.
Although Hoffenheim lost, Lu Wenbin’s goal was still praised.
Because he has scored 12 goals in the Bundesliga and scored in six Bundesliga games, he still maintains the record of continuous goals in the Bundesliga in the new season.
In the season, the total number of goals scored in 11 appearances on all fronts has reached 24, and more than two people can’t find fault with him.
Everyone can look up to Lu Wenbin’s goal efficiency report. A super striker is born in European football.
Not only that, on January 1, the day after the end of the game, the organizer French Football Magazine also announced the final three-person shortlist for the 29-year European Golden Globe Award, and Lu Wenbin’s name was impressively listed.
The 29-year-old European Golden Globe Awards 3-man roster came from five major leagues and La Liga became the biggest winner.
Barcelona and Real Madrid together have one finalist, and Atletico Madrid, Seville and Valencia have all been selected.
There are only Hoffenheim Lu Wenbin, Bayern Munich Ribery and Wolfsburg Zhe Ke in the Bundesliga. The number of people in La Liga, Premier League and Serie A is far less than that in Ligue 1 with only one person.
These three people will choose the winner of the European Golden Globe Award for the last 29 years after voting by professional journalists.
However, most of the people on these lists are obviously competing with the role of Taidu, and they have the strength and fame. In the end, the Golden Globe Award is just a few people.
And Kiko is sure that Barcelona Messi won the Golden Globe Award.
Although Lu Wenbin’s personal performance is very good, he has created a European golden boot goal record, created a European war goal record and led his team to win the triple crown.
However, the influence of the UEFA Cup on the Champions League is far from the same.
Some fans usually have to work and are too busy to read newspapers. Sometimes they just search for Champions League news and highlights, but they don’t pay attention to the UEFA Cup. Lu Wenbin scored more goals in the UEFA Cup. Maybe some fans have never heard of it.
Only the achievements of the European Champions League can be recognized by the world’s most extensive media and fans.
However, although the Golden Globe Award is not won, Lu Wenbin has a great chance of winning the silver ball or the bronze ball.
After all, 29 years is not a big competition year. Messi won the Champions League in two major cups of European clubs, but the UEFA Cup was won by Lu Wenbin.
Moreover, they are all triple champions. Lu Wenbin also played a hat trick to beat Messi and led Barcelona to beat Barcelona in the direct dialogue.
So Lu Wenbin has a good chance of winning the second or third place.
The German media congratulated the China media and even cheered.

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