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In this generation, he didn’t say that even the generation spent money. Can this man be overbearing or not? She is full of anger and can’t make her whole body soft. She wants to pinch his face and ask him why he is so thick-skinned, but even her fingertips are trembling.

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Chapter 1 What will happen when you enter the palace?
Chapter 7 Kissing is painless (begging)
Huangfuda’s eyes are closed and she seems to forget that she wants to express her affection and love in her body with this kiss, which proves that she feels the violent vibrato of her body. He has not stopped eating her lips with elegant Du Rexiang and the peculiar smell of men. From the outside, every place has a crazy and stubborn taste.
Water clouds, hibiscus thoughts, wandering hearts, weak breathing, and all sensory things are ineffective.
"Little lady, you can wake up in the palace and ask the princess to let the handmaiden come and invite you to the front yard." Suddenly a hurried step broke into the courtyard like a piano.
Still in the perfect kiss, the two felt that the sound seemed to come from a distant horizon and was not affected at all. Huangfuda didn’t even hear it, but she kissed crazily and danced with softness and fragrance, causing Shuiyunjin’s eyebrows to knit.
Her mind slowly gathered. Although she didn’t hear clearly what Ruqin said, the shadow outside the door was real. She couldn’t do anything. Huangfuda was so calm. I don’t know where she found some strength. Her little hand pushed Huangfuda’s wrapped lip and screamed.
Huangfuda ignored her and only waved her wrist over her head and lips with one hand, which made her more lingering and overbearing and resisted her fleeing. The soft uvula deepened the kiss and seemed to swallow Shuiyunjin in one gulp.
Shui Yun-jin doesn’t care how she hides. She is entangled in him and kisses her lip. The feeling of swelling and pins and needles makes her angry and annoyed. She doesn’t want to be swollen. When her heart is annoyed, she suddenly opens her mouth and bites Huang Fu-da’s lip. This bite is her strength. With a sense of trap to feel avenged, she hears him "hiss" and instantly comes back with a breath.
"It hurts, you are a cruel woman." Huangfu Da licked the bitten lip angle and felt a little bit bloody, complaining in a low voice that she was licking her charm tightly.
Shuiyunjin won’t rest assured of his gentle and harmful appearance, let alone feel guilty in his poor tone. "You deserve it. Who let you know endlessly that I dare not converge when I look at you cruelly?"
"I can’t help myself, I’m out of control. How can you blame me?" Huangfuda frowned and complained with a little grievance.
"Don’t grow your body, you still can’t help it. Don’t look for reasons with your little color heart." Shuiyunjin didn’t buy it. Where did she fail to see Huangfuda pretending to be poor?
"It really hurts. It’s bleeding." Huangfuda said softly, much like a coquettish big boy. His ruddy thin lips were close to Shuiyunjin to let her see more clearly.
Shuiyunjin scoffed at him with disgust. "Don’t pretend to be light this time and dare to fool around again. I’ll bite your neck and get up quickly."
"I can’t get up, it hurts." Huangfuda is a bit of a threat.
Shuiyunjin is too lazy to watch him make trouble and wants to push himself away. It can be said that if she keeps holding her down, the thin man is as stable as a mountain and she can’t move at all.
A moment later, she tried her best, and the disparity between men and women made her completely unwilling to breathe fire in white. When Yu Yan turned to her eyes, she found that his mouth was slightly hooked and his eyebrows were full of emotions. He clung to himself only one finger away and stubbornly wanted to let himself see that he had broken his lip angle. I knew that this man was deliberately asking her to worship and ask, "Then how can you get up?"
"Kiss kiss is painless" Huangfuda laughed that call a proud and close to the breath.
Shuiyunjin really wants to kick him away and look at him again. She’s not good all the time. She always knew that this person was tight, but she really wanted to play Lai Lai. She really took him helpless and glared at him angrily. She couldn’t wait to stick it on his neck and bite him off. Huangfudan turned a blind eye, and the smile on her mouth was more beautiful than that blooming flower.
The two men confronted each other for a long time and finally compromised because she clearly knew that if she didn’t follow his wishes, she wouldn’t want to go to bed for a day. He could definitely do it, with a black face and lips gently touching his lips and leaving.
"That’s not enough" Huangfuda is not satisfied.
Shui Yun-jin suddenly dumped several eye knives in the past, and her moist eyes suddenly turned around and her slender arms were hooked. Suddenly, she pulled his head and stuck it on her lips. She made mischief and ground her teeth. Suddenly, she felt that Huangfu-jin was stiff, and her mouth was satisfied. A small sample dared to threaten her, which didn’t let you taste it.
Huangfuda is also stiff. He thinks that this little woman was really bitten by him. At this time, her burning face is reflected in her burning eyes. Although Naike’s heart is filled with warmth and tenderness, he loves her very much. She is so poor that she can be seen to be so charming in this life.
The arm tightened, the black eyes were dark, and I couldn’t see clearly. Just as her posture was thin, her lips were covered with ruddy blood again, and her lips were tightly wrapped and sucked, and the breath and sweetness in her mouth were changed for her own taste before she left a little.
Shuiyunjin stared at him and felt that he was thin. He was held up by his horizontal armpit arm, and he was so soft that he almost fell back when he got up. Fortunately, Huangfuda has been holding her waist, a bed and a bedside.
Huangfuda looked at her with a small face and a low smile, "but it’s still steady."
I don’t want to give him a white look. At this time, I found out that he is really long in bed. Now she is a little taller than him. He belongs to that kind of thin figure and smells elegant and elegant everywhere, which makes people feel that he is warm and jade-like. Tsinghua is double, but she knows how powerful this person is.
I was thinking that the waist was loose and I looked down. It was Huangfuda’s positive solution. She used clothes to buckle. She was suddenly messy and grabbed his dexterous fingers. "What are you doing?"
Huangfuda knew what she was thinking when she looked at her blushing face, but she didn’t want to tease her again. "Dress you, don’t you want to go out and see people in this dress?"
ShuiYunJin heart suddenly a loose, she also want to that what so soon.
He didn’t even think about it, but he still clung to his hand tightly, because she was cooler only wearing a Chinese-style chest covering, and she took off her obscene clothes and trousers, so she didn’t see it all. "Who asked you to help? Go yourself."
"You can wear it." Huangfuda raised an eyebrow, and it seemed that Shuiyunjin could not wear it.
If it’s so easy, it wouldn’t be Shuiyunjin. He suddenly pushed him out of bed barefoot and rushed to the screen, but he didn’t forget to say, "Then I don’t want your help."
Huangfuda looked at her and hurried away from her eyes. Soon after seeing the screen, she bowed her head and twisted with a low smile.
In fact, Shuiyunjin really dressed and combed her hair. She couldn’t look up at the piano outside her eyes. I don’t know when she had already left, but she knew that there must be someone watching "Come in" outside.
A moment later, Miao Xiang and Miao Yu came in with a toilet and came in to see that Huangfuda was dressed properly. First, she made a ceremony before she used to go to the screen to wear it.
The two maids were dressed properly within a moment.
A light purple dress wrapped her graceful body just right, and a white ribbon was tied into a fancy and hung softly to show off her soft and graceful temperament. Her palm-sized face was sparkling and moist, and her eyes were like a Wang Hongshui’s smile, which unconsciously revealed the amorous feelings of a little woman. The whole person could not say how gentle and graceful she was like water, elegant and dusty.
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I cry dizzy toilet:
Chapter 71 Tonic (beg)
Sitting at the table, drinking tea, Huangfudi’s posture is leisurely and carefree, and Mo Yu’s eyes are staring straight at the person who came out from behind the screen. Suddenly, a bright woman’s face shines, and her eyebrows imply that the lips of spring scenery are moist and tender. He clearly knows that the changes of Shuiyunjin are all his, and that is his gorgeous and blooming charming person.
At the thought of her, his body exudes affection and charm, and he feels that his heart and soul are rippling up. This change makes him ecstatic. The thin phoenix eyes are slightly narrowed inch by inch, and the graceful body seems to penetrate the thin material to see her clearly.
It seems that when she first met her, she was different. Now she has grown some flesh. She is no longer thin, like a child who has not grown up. Instead, she is just waiting to be picked. The elegant lily ice muscle jade bone is clear as water, and the girl Chun Qing is fascinating. Such a person seems to be the most dazzling star, fascinating, but also mouth-watering. Squinting her eyes suddenly sank. This is his woman. He has an impulse to hide her and doesn’t want people to peep at her beauty.
As soon as Shuiyunjin came out, she saw Huangfudi sitting at the table, feeling that his eyes were as deep as the old well and his body was too hot. His little face turned red, and the sight of the red fruit seemed to be trying to strip her and swallow it. She glared at him grumpily and walked towards the dresser, where two maids combed her bun.
桑拿网Huangfuda is still sitting still, and the sitting posture is getting more and more idle and lazy. The intention in those eyes is not concealed at all, but it is getting softer and softer and never leaves the figure.
The house is quiet, warm and warm, and the sun shines through the branches and leaves, which makes the house decorated with a layer of golden light. It is always pleasant in the leisurely season

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