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"Is this all in a hurry?" Su Huanjen eyebrows a pick.

"Be awesome!" Lu Zhan thought
桑拿会所Because of his appearance, he chased Tyrone with flying knives, and each one crossed the road.
Because the dragon lady fought against the tower and the other side fought against it, they were very close. Most people noticed that this flying knife flew back to Tyrone and passed through a lot of people at this time.
But can a Tyrone really stop so many masters from turning over?
Chapter 65 One second instantaneous kill
Although the answer is still unknown, Tyrone’s flying knife has caused unexpected results.
Lu Zhan flashed E to Vayne, obviously not only to kill Vayne, but also to fly back to him. Two strings of flying knives passed through more people.
As I said before, the other five people were all residual blood, and after being hanged by flying knives, several people’s blood volume was even more residual, especially Vayne, who was the target of the star team fire, and it was not easy to live. He was directly scored into ten-digit blood volume by a general attack by Lu Zhantu.
Lu Zhan hung it for him without looking at it, lit it, and turned to a W at the same time.
"Brush" one or three flying knives flew out and flew in, hitting three people: Icebrird, Scarecrow and Dragon Girl.
Dragon lady just came to fight against the tower to withdraw and let Batman fight against the tower be hit by his flying knife and die directly.
"This hurts!"
When several people in the team were dumbfounded, Lu Zhan took advantage of the dream to increase the attack speed. An AQ hit the ice bird with the most blood, and the ice bird immediately turned into an egg, and then an A hit the scarecrow. The scarecrow was also finished
Kill in one second!
Just for a moment, it was ignited and burned to death. Vayne Lu Zhan Tyrone actually killed three.
It’s almost a spike, with a two-layer killing knife. Tyrone is like a cold death, and every knife is bound to kill.
This time, without the help of widow Zhang Xi, Tyrone has one more big piece than the best-developed icebird in the team, plus super defense attack and team heroes, which can’t finish a level.
The emperor hesitated for a while and finally chose EQ Erlian to escape to the wild area. He couldn’t save the ice bird and didn’t dare to save it. He could watch the ice bird’s eggs being broken by Lu Zhan little by little.
Because there is no one to protect Lu Zhan, he can beat the frozen bird as much as he wants, and he can’t escape anyway
The stunning pre-judgment of the former ice bird once caused a burst of cheers at the scene, but now it can also fall back and spread its feet.
It has been less than three seconds since he launched a big raid. In three seconds, he has got four heads, which has brought the harvesting ability of an assassin to the extreme.
The morale of the team here was completely blown up.
Even if they hold a group meeting, no matter how good the ambush is, they can’t beat the Star Team because they have a land show.
Everyone on the team side realized that they were facing the same problems as the South Korean team in the previous star group match. If you start the team first, you can’t win the team battle without losing the second.
In fact, Tyrone’s second-floor killing knife became very obscene, and the team fought to hide. In the end, they couldn’t get out of it if they wanted to.
"If you meet me in the post-competition, you won’t care about his full-time squatting in the middle of the road and won’t let him develop!" Winds sighed. He never wanted to face a hero who could save the world again.
"A good assassin’s line can’t work. It’s best to find a chance to get the head in the team battle." Su Huanjen’s eyes are flashing. Among the six people, he knows Lu Zhanren best. The most difficult place for him to deal with is that he can develop into an ultimate boss by giving him a little gap.
China’s lpl and lspl were not so strong and dominant in the land exhibition during the war.
"Is he getting stronger these days?" Su Huanjen couldn’t help thinking that when he first watched the land show, some people said that he was a big-game player, and he would play better and better as the game went on.
Competition system such as Star Tournament has obviously tapped the potential of land exhibition players to the fullest, and I am afraid that the ability of land exhibition will become even more horrible in the final.
For the first time, he felt that Lu Zhan would become the strongest opponent in other countries’ development, and his RG would also compete with the strong teams in South Korea in the world.
"Let’s have another wave!"
After all, it’s an exhibition game, and it’s impossible to surrender like the Korean team. Several people in Su Huanjen decided to play again.
This time, everyone in the team reached a consensus-I can’t open a big move until I see Tyrone!
So a strange phenomenon appeared. In the team battle, several people’s blood volume kept dropping, but they just didn’t make big moves. When Tyrone entered the arena, all their skills were smashed.
What scarecrow is big, the emperor is big, as if all the big moves were made by Tyrone alone, and the real eye really ended Tyrone.
"Beautiful!" Su Huanjen and others have a feeling of playing boss, as if ending Tyrone means winning the game.
It’s a pity that the result of the game is not the case. They waved too many skills, and Tyrone lost as the team battle went on.
No matter how strong the fight is, there is a Tyrone, and they can’t do anything about it.
The exhibition game kept the audience’s appetite alive, and it took two team battles to decide the winner. Finally, the Star Team won.
In the last tour, we waited for the last harvest, re-stacked the killing knife that fell after being killed on the second floor, and took the game in the posture of killing knife on the second floor.
"Shout …"
Lu Zhan took off his headphones and breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that all the unhappiness these days has been vented through this game.
A new team, although teammates may not be so friendly, no one quarrels, and everyone is more cooperative
In an exhibition game, he pulled out all the stops and his state was brought to the extreme.
"Not bad. It’s estimated that the MVP is you again." sOAZ patted Lu Zhan on the shoulder.
Lu Zhan smiled and didn’t speak sOAZ and he were enemies and friends. Lu Zhan didn’t want to entangle with each other too much.
"Come out with me after shaking hands, and I’ll tell you something." sOAZ quietly leaned over to Lu Zhan and covered his mouth with his hand.
"What is it?" Lu Zhan also learned to cover his mouth. This contest is surrounded by cameras, and the players’ words and deeds are magnified on the screen. He also doesn’t want others to guess what he is saying.
"We’ll know when the time comes." sOAZ is mysterious.
As a result, there was no handshake after the game. In time, the old man directly announced an exhibition match.
The first round is a limited fire performance, in which both sides choose teenagers from France to support local competition and construction.
Lu Zhan saw that he had lost himself, so he got up and prepared to leave Zhang Xi. The six people behind him were divided into three parts: IMP and Madlife, two Koreans, went all the way to the United States to fight wild, and Meeos went with the European single sOAZ.
Lu Zhan hesitated to ask sOAZ about the situation, but Meeos took the initiative to stop.
"God, we’re going to fight you in China. I won’t leave my hand," Meeos said with a smile.
"Me, too." Lu Zhan shrugged his shoulders. Although North America was the only team that beat China in the group stage, Lu Zhan regarded this game as a revenge war and was not afraid at all.
"There are a few kids in the team who are not harmonious, regardless of them," Meeos whispered to Lu Zhan.
Lu Zhan frowned. He remembered that ad and Auxiliary in North America were really fleeing, but it would be so called if they didn’t provoke themselves.
A few people went backstage to the contestants talking and laughing. Meeos left in advance, and sOAZ immediately stopped Lu Zhan.
He looked at Zhang Xi and looked at Lu Zhan with questioning eyes.
"We are good friends," said Lu Zhan.
He became more and more surprised that sOAZ was so mysterious that he didn’t want to say what it was until Meeos left.
"To tell you the truth, I don’t think our European star team can beat South Korea, but I think those people in South Korea are always unhappy about winning the championship …" Soaz’s face was full of ponder smiles.
"So do you think there is hope for China?" Lu zhanwen

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