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Mu Guyue talked with Su Ying in the corridor for a while, and came in with her grandson. She saw her daughter in a wheelchair and lost her mind. She didn’t know what else to persuade.

While joie went to the toilet, Mu Guyue walked behind her daughter. "It’s almost seven o’clock. I asked joie, and he said that he had already had dinner. I’ll stay here with the children tonight. You should go back to the hotel and come with Su Ying in the afternoon."
"Good" Mu Qingyu should be low
Mu Qingyu, who came out of the ward, didn’t ask Su Ying to push her to ask this cousin, "Did you say that Yulin River confirmed it to the hospital in Switzerland?"
Su Ying nodded. "The Dong family will fly to Switzerland on the 2nd of this month."
Mu Qingyu listened to the trance and immediately laughed at himself. Later, her heart was sour and she thought that Yu Tingchuan had no nostalgia for leaving her back. She asked Su Ying, "Do you think it is right or wrong that I gave birth to joie?"
"…" This Su Ying is not easy to answer.
She seems that both husband and wife are getting divorced, so naturally they shouldn’t have any more children.
Su Ying didn’t tell her cousin that the female employees in the company have been depressed for years, and the ex-wife is going to have a baby during the divorce period. It’s ridiculous to listen to it. Since she doesn’t want to continue living together, the child is born embarrassed.
When the husband and wife remarry separately, the children will be kicked around.
"Is it difficult to answer?" Mu Qingyu Youdao
Su Ying was silent for a moment and said, "Anyway, children are koo."
The same thing Mu Guyue also said in the ward.
When Mu Qingyu didn’t continue to talk and entered the ladder, she said to Su Ying, "Go straight upstairs and don’t take me to the hotel."
Su Ying is not at ease. "It’s not much time, but it’s on the way anyway."
"I’ve asked Zheng Shen to pick me up," Muqingyu said. "It’s dark outside. Please go home early for dinner. I’ll give you a message when I get to the hotel."
Mu Qingyu and Gu Zhengshen have been friends for many years. Su Ying, a former college alumnus, knew that Mu Qingyu would come to Nancheng and Gu Zhengshen would help to arrange the place, so she didn’t insist.
The ladder soon reached the first floor.
Su Ying asked, "Cousin, do you want me to accompany you and others?"
"No" Mu Qingyu smiled. "Although your cousin can’t walk, it is normal and there is nothing to worry about."
Watching Su Ying disappear, Mu Qingyu sat in the hall at the door for a while, and then booked a taxi by mobile phone.
The taxi will stop at the inpatient building in a few minutes.
The driver looked at the wheelchair. Mu Qingyu obviously didn’t want to do this. The guest was just about to go back on his word. Mu Qingyu took out 200 yuan from his wallet and threw it into the passenger seat from the half-lowered window. "Take me to the First Hospital of Southern Medical University. These are yours."
At 7: 30 pm, the taxi arrived at the First Hospital of South Medical University.
After a long time, Mu Qingyu set foot here again, but the change is not big, but it still makes her feel strange.
There are not many people coming and going in the inpatient department at night.
Looking at the ladder, the number of seconds changes, and the emotion surge of Mu Qingyu follows. Even she doesn’t know why she wants to come here. Perhaps she is unwilling to lose her marriage and her legs. Even if she is unconscious, she still has a happy family, and her wife and daughter will never leave her for many years.
桑拿网Mu Qingyu felt that she was not the only one who betrayed her marriage when she thought of her situation.
She knows which ward Yu Qidong lives in. Fu Min is an old lover and hasn’t changed her husband’s ward for years.
Muqingyu at the door of the ward was not in a hurry to go in.
Hearing the girl’s sweet voice and Fu Min’s chuckle reprimanded her.
"How can a girl have such a big appetite as you? I didn’t go there to wash my hands. A large plate of strawberries would be gone. Your stomach is like a hole in the bottom."
"I’ve counted all the big markets, and there’s only one strawberry."
Fu Min listened to her daughter whining and laughing like this. "It’s not enough for you to slap every strawberry and eat one?"
Yujing pouted with a pillow. "Nobody eats me anyway. This is to help eliminate."
Looking at her daughter’s white cheeks, Fu Min’s eyes are full of love. Before sitting on the bed, she massaged her husband’s hand and stuffed it back into the quilt. "I called the driver to pick you up. If you are hungry, go upstairs and buy some bread."
"Mom, you haven’t eaten yet," Yujing said. "You go to eat first, and I’ll accompany my father until you come back from eating."
Before Fu Min answered the phone, the ward door was gently knocked.
Fu Min looked back and saw Mu Qingyu.
Mu Qingyu was in a wheelchair, and his right hand was bent up and stopped. The lip corner of the door was slightly upturned. "I didn’t disturb your mother and daughter, did I?"
Yujing saw Mu Qingyu put her pillow up.
"Two … Aunt Mu"
"Xiao Jing also?"
Mu Qingyu said and looked at Fu Min again. "Did I bother your sister-in-law?"
Fu Min’s eyebrows are soft. "Won’t you come to Nancheng?"
Even if Yu Tingchuan divorced Mu Qingyu long ago, Mu Qingyu came to the hospital to visit Yu Qidong and Fu Min didn’t drive people out.

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