It’s really strange that Yan Shuo suddenly got tangled up. It seems that it shouldn’t be as weird as those two things. Well, should I tell the captain about this strange problem? So happy Yan Shuowei fell into the tangled pit.

And Wang Jiu’s younger brothers on Northwest Avenue wailed and beat their chests for a long time before they suddenly remembered that their dark horse, Wang Yi, and his party were rushing around Wang Jiu
We were all beaten with sticks, but we were knocked unconscious by sticks. Brother Wang Jiuge would have fainted. Watching a younger brother stare at the human body, he was very puzzled.
Look at Wang Jiuge’s body bruises are not as much as ours! Look around, the second brother followed suit and published his subtle observation.
Well … maybe Brother Wang Jiuge prefers to enjoy coma. Another younger brother in the crowd realized an answer by thinking.
Well, it may also be that Brother Wang Jiuge is not in good health. Another younger brother couldn’t help but speak while thinking.
….. I still think we Wang Jiuge was excited with his girl all night last night to celebrate yesterday’s victory. A younger brother curled his pie at Wang Jiutou’s head.
Well, this is definitely the first reason. The younger brothers agreed.
Everyone, I see if our Wang Jiuge is pretending to be in a coma? Another younger brother suddenly said a different answer.
What Wang Jiuge wants to pretend? This is a younger brother with a simple mind.
Stupid Brother Wang Jiuge won’t be beaten if he pretends to be in a coma. A grumpy younger brother scrambled to answer.
Oh, brother Wang Jiuge is really talented. Simpleminded little brother suddenly realized.
Of course, why don’t we follow him? We’re not fooling around with Wang Jiuge. The grumpy younger brother looked very satisfied.
Uhhuh several younger brothers agreed.
Dear brothers and younger brothers, can I ask you weakly? One of them, a younger brother, was very polite and waddled to raise a black hand like a dying reed in the cold wind.
Ask almost all the younger brothers are out.
That … that … I asked, Oh, brother Wang Jiuge, what are you going to mix up with without our car and without us? The little brother’s question is very realistic, which makes the little brothers’ hearts ache.
….. As a result, there was no reply because everyone turned around to look at the last remains of their car, which were printed in black, to comfort their hearts at the moment.
After a long time, the younger brothers looked at the ground together again. Brother Wang Jiuge
You said that Wang Jiuge was pretending to be forced. How can he pretend to be forced for so long? A face just to Wang Jiu crotch younger brother finally spoke.
… well, if you pretend to be forced for a long time, you won’t be forced.
Section 49
What’s that?
That’s really forcing!
ah! The truth, the younger brothers screamed, and chaos happened
Wang Ge! Wake up! wake up! Jiuge! Wang Jiuge! Get up! … seven tongues and a few big hands. That body is in a mess.
Shi Wangjiu is not very tall, but of medium height, much worse than the handsome guys in SiShao Club! It’s not the same level! The figure is not so good. There is only a little place around Wang Jiu’s lying. Nearly ten younger brothers are crowded, scrambling and shouting
As a result, something big happened. In the chaos, a younger brother accidentally stepped on the car and smiled. That ya once stepped on the place for a long time.
ah! Wang Jiu’s small round eyes woke up with pain, and then the small round eyes turned over and fainted with pain.
The sudden screaming scared the younger brothers who were prepared and had no idea even more. The scene was more chaotic, and the precious opportunity for trampling came again. The younger brother with his face facing Wang Jiu’s crotch was so scared that he jumped up and fell back beautifully, and his left foot board was right on the ground
ah! Mom! Just passed out in pain, Wang Jiu woke up in pain again, and then passed out in pain again. The bust was erect and faked at 90 degrees, and then it was perfect at 90 degrees, and it was very rare to create a three consecutive faints in his life.
This time, fortunately, with the frightening experience just now, the younger brothers did not cause chaos again, but were completely quiet. They looked at each other and looked at their left and right hands and feet
After a long time, the wiser little brother slowly took out the mobile phone in his pocket, and all the younger brothers pulled up the words of hospital rescue with approval. As a result, it was not the siren of the ambulance in the hospital that went up and down, but the extremely short and harsh siren of several police cars that roared
Cuff them, especially the head, hands and feet of the underworld! The majestic team commanded the onsite arresting workers in an orderly manner.
An honest police officer of the Li team is very hateful. He is absolutely serious and serious about his work. Therefore, it is absolutely tough and not unjust to disrupt the social underworld forces and illegally divide others. Moreover, this time, the gang even made the Li team pay more enthusiasm and energy than usual.
Therefore, Wang Jiu, the dark horse king who was once famous in the racing industry, has had a very sympathetic fate since then.
14. Cat returns to Lori Shengwei.
14. Cat returns to Lori Shengwei.
After abusing Wang bitch, the car smiled at Wang for a long time. After being handcuffed, I didn’t know that she went back to her yard and took a refreshing warm bath, which was called disinfection, so she was ready to throw herself into the great cause of sleeping beauty, but suddenly
Stupid woman! My cat has come back …… A handsome male cat covered in snow is like a streamer rushing from the balcony with pleasant flowers into the extremely heavy and fat body, and straight up, smiling and pouncing on the car just lying in bed
Nima car Yang Yang! Your wretched paws almost reached the girl’s meat bag. The white cat lay prone on his body with one hand. Next to the bowang, he put a car and smiled. The goose egg face gnashed her teeth, but those cool eyes were just like the blue eyes of a clear spring, but they suddenly emitted a light of joy.
Whew, I’ll wipe your little chest handsome. It feels the same whether you can’t press it or not. The pink cat’s mouth blows a few straight whiskers and suddenly returns to the cat’s big expression, which is still very proud.
桑拿论坛….. Seriously despised by a fat cat, charming chest car smiled with black lines. Why did she find this guy more and more unlovable? Did you get things done? What’s that?
Well, the 10,000yearold spar milk has melted into my proud belly and penetrated into my bone marrow. Stupid woman, get up and get me a bread and butter. I haven’t seen the cat for a long time, and her temper is getting more and more arrogant.
It turned out that he was looking for Lingbao in that area when he met Gu Teng and others10,000yearold spar milk happened to be unlucky to touch the full moon and lost all his ability, and bad luck repeatedly met Lin Mu, the Millennium snake, who was personally hunted by the other side. Gu Teng and Che Xiaoxiao set up a red line.
hmm? Is there someone in the yard? The car overflowed with its green and shimmering cat’s eyes slightly narrowed.
When will you take a shower? Che Xiaoxiao didn’t answer the cat’s big question, but looked at what she was looking at. She had a very bad feeling that her hair was yellow and she was so neat.
Well, let’s see, a bath is the day I took a bath … Before Che Mao’s big words were finished, he saw his fat body flying out of the bedroom and flying straight from the balcony iris to the solid embrace of the earthDamn it! You woman!
Ya is so dirty! Che Xiaoxiao went on the rampage and threw out a cleaning talisman to restore the smell of the room to a clean fragrance, and then pulled a small curly blonde hair at the end of the hair and wrinkled a clean little face out of the bedroom to the first floor.
Squeak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak.
Small kind! Don’t you, handsome cat, particularly dislike my bread and butter? Why do you look so nostalgic? Huh? The car smiled and flipped through the light blue eyes and glanced at the chopsticks in the big hands of the cat who had just taken a shower and squatted next to it. Gently put the golden fragrant slices in the nonstick pan and put them in the dish next to it.
It’s so stupid to eat is better than to eat hungry, isn’t it? Really! The cat’s adult is flaunting a snowy white cat’s charming face and even turning over the green cat’s eye.
Well … I’m so proud and proud. I snapped my car and smiled. I put the chopsticks in my hand and looked at the dish with a heavy hand. The white jade hand suddenly grabbed the proud cat and shook it for a few times
I wipe you stupid woman! Don’t be afraid that the cat’s eyes will be shaken and the stars will shine
In this way, these two teachers and friends spent the whole happy afternoon fighting for a reason, and ushered in the night of evil breeding
I’m going to sleep for three days and nights now, so don’t bother me when I have anything to do. Finally, I was refreshed and clean, and my stomach was full. The cat cart overflowed into the front of his exclusive house on the first floor and smiled at the sleeping car on the second floor.
Well, if you know it, you can always hibernate.
A moment later, the beautiful mysterious yard fell into silence, but the world outside the yard began to boil.
At the beginning of S city, the city was full of lights, and the villa area a few blocks away from Anxiang Road in Starlight Glimmer was the place where the car laughed and crossed the female ghost. Among the luxury villas, one villa was particularly resplendent and conspicuous, and the dark aluminum alloy door was printed with two glittering Chinese characters Confucius.
This small villa building with an area of 210 square meters has three floors: the first floor, the living room, the dining room, the second floor, the bedroom of the richest man Kong Shi and his wife in S city, but the third floor is divided into two parts: one side is Kong Anxin’s boudoir and the other side is Kong Xiao’s world.
In the left bedroom, a boy with blond broken hair faces the window and stands through the shockproof glass, reflecting his handsome and evil side. His hair is very short and broken into pieces, which looks very beautiful without losing fashion. His long and narrow eyes are shining with a kind of horror, and there is an imperceptible red blood flowing in the dark fundus. The whole person exudes a feminine and evil atmosphere.
This body is really good, and it can hold its own powerful ghost for thousands of years, and it does not exclude Kong Anxiao’s mouth from evoking an evil smile.

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