Lu Hao Cheng also supported her,If he does not eat,It is a waste of her heart.。

Blue Xin quickly features a halogen,Braken elbow,She let Lu Haocheng treat pigskin with her.。
Lu Haicheng has never been processed with pigs.,A thick layer of leather scraping,Let him have some respectable。
But look at the seriousness of Blue Xinhuan,http://www.kangliex.cnHe also washing really washing。
After all of it,Blue Xin put the ginger onion in another pot,star anise,Cinnamon,White buckle,I put a little yellow wine,Only put the pig skin in it.。
After the floating,Blue Xin went out of the kitchen,Pick up the potato chips on the coffee table。
“Ah Cheng,Let’s watch TV.,It’s almost the 12th o’clock.。”
“Do you have to do so late??”
Lu Haocheng sat down and held her,Turn on TV。
“Um!Occasionally does it don’t matter,Then,Justually sleep until you are tired??”
Blue Xin finished,Small face is shy。
Lu Haocheng’s evil charm:“How do I tired you?,Um?”
Blue Xin looked at him deliberately,Some small angry。
“Wife,Not as good as you talk,How do I tired you?。”
Lu Hao Cheng is so full,Lips sticker with her ears,Hot air spray,Blue Xin feels that the whole person is shaking。 “Go away,you!”
Blue Xinhong pushed him。
“hehe”Lu Hao has a low voice of the ear to make Lan Xin think of。
The momentum will take her in his arms.,Eat the potato chips with her to watch TV。
Half,Lu Hao Cheng took the potato chips away。
Blue Xinwu Wang’s eye is confused。
Lu Haocheng’s finger scraped her nose.,“Can’t eat too much,Eat too much will get angry。”
“But I just eat,Did you eat??”
Blue Hoba Potato chips looking at his hands,I haven’t eaten it for a long time.,She hasn’t eaten enough yet.。
“Tomorrow again,I will give you a cup of water.。”
Lu Haocheng said no giving,It’s uncomfortable。
Put the potato chips,Go to the hot water。
Lan Xin did not care,Pick up your phone to brush news。
There are a lot of news push,She is free to open the browsing。
She only look at the news when she is nothing.,Her Weibo,After having a new style, I will send it on Weibo.,But it’s all praise.。
Every day’s push news is the news of all parties,I saw a pair of old people raising a story that was discarded.,She is very careful。
After reading, she silently blessed in my heart.,I hope this child will get better and better.。
Sudden,She saw a title,The little face is seriously,Li Shu Group, a group, a betrayal family,Volume walks tens of billions married into the giants。
Blue Xinyi,This is what is going on??
NS1832chapter You are too bullying.
“Ah Cheng,You come over,This Leaf is too big.。”Blue Xin handed the mobile phone to Lu Haozheng,I took the drink of the small mouth in his hands.。
Lu Haozheng is sitting around her,Greatly browsed the news。
“They want to take you big,I want to use the pressure of public opinion to make you big.。”
“what……”Blue Xin is slightly surprised,Some ridicule,“Does he don’t understand your daughter??If I can easily,Psychological quality,Also dare to sell the company to you?”

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