His face residual fear and despair,With unlikely,The skull rolls out on the ground.。

The summer should not go back to the bowl of secret treasure.,Cold sound sweeping the ancient times。
“Ancient,How did I explain you?!Let you last on the side,People are running.!”
The ancient 龘 is still in a huge shock,Fiercely returned to God,Summer。
“Zhang Changshou and Zhang Yongn,Just taking the opportunity to run。”
After the words,He also http://www.cxrdai.cn faintly glanced at the flow and Ouyang Qing in the fierce battle.。
Get up,Go out。
NS3603chapter Be
Summer is human,Not God。
It is impossible to do things.。
at first,He doesn’t know the identity of ancient and Zhang Changshou.。
He doesn’t want to be involved in any grievances,Just want to destroy the sword,Cast route。
So finally selected ancient and Zhang Changshou。
If you look at the overall situation,He is somewhat anxious.。
but,He doesn’t have so much time.,I can only choose to gamble。
I didn’t expect to bring the ancient and Zhang Changshou out of the wind.,I received a message from the wind.。
The other person tells him,Zhang Changshou is Zhang Yongnian。
And Zhang Yongnian still has an unknown identity。
He and Ze City City Ouyang Qing,Zone island island is the master’s brother……And they are behind them behind them.。
This news,Let the summer surprised a cold sweat。
But he has not fully believed the wind.。
It is speculated that various possibilities。
E.g,If the wind is saying, if it is true,So……Ancient is his person。
This does not need to be speculated。
Then we must consider the next action.。
In other words,He is now catching the dragonfly,Zhang Yongnian three division brothers are the martial spot。
Wreat wind,Obviously it is the last hunter。
Summer needs to do,Not only must I prevent Zhang Yongnian,Also be aware of the wind。
He is such a person。
Never doing things with luck。
Later,He basically determines that Zhang Changshou does nothing to do.。
It seems http://www.zsocms.cn that every sentence is in Aka,Shot horse,Each sentence is implied to him.。
Later, the sword is built.,Forcing the sword demon to migrate,I have been moving and take the initiative to send summer messages.。
The other party inform him,Zhang Yongnian three must be secretly,Let him be careful。
Summer, take the initiative to cooperate to the stream。

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