Gao Boyi angered four eyes。

This is like Ximenqing.,Sure enough, there is no ivory in your mouth.。
“Leader,You are hard us.。Our poor people are born,Mrs. in the family knows very early,Or the family is the world,Don’t worry about us at all。”
The broken sword finally said a reliable words,That is“Chen loves to love”。
“Leader,Not my bamboo pole bragging。Like the Lord,Qi to fight with Tiger,Only you pick a woman,No woman picks you。Why do you think more??”
The bamboo pole is fluttering, I sent a huge high hat to Gao Bao.。
“Yogong,What is the husband?!”
Squirrel is right,。
So I should head?
Gao Baoyi is greasy,Bite the teeth:“Then,I will see the face first.?”
“Yes,if not!”Five people have four people say that。
“Leader,Why don’t you ask the ancestors??There is no thousands of women who have played.,One hundred is always some。Talking about a woman,Who is more than I have?”
I haven’t spoken a gourd,Suddenly throwing your own high school。
Eh?Your boring,The key moment is really awesome.!
Gao Bao is great in mind。
Hulo, this guy has no four eyes.,There are no broken swords,He is a good memory,Portrait of a prisoner,And painted very evident。
I didn’t expect this to say this.!
“Hurry up,Take the ancestors,I want to see how many people in his own attack.!”Gao Bao Yi excitedly called。
A long time later,Gao Bao Yixin is satisfied with the volume,As long as there is a ancestor staff,This wave is absolutely stable.。After all, how brilliant this is.,No matter what senior wife,As long as it is stared at the ancestors,There is no need to。
Alert, \\app \\ Really good,Worthwhile,After all, there are more books.,Books,Update fast!
This guy is simply a green official in the championship.,Be too big.。
Although it feels like where is wrong,However, Gao Boyi still feels that tomorrow should be smooth.。
Arrived at night,The ancestors are drunk, and the high-Bo Yi is playing.。After all, play poker cards,Still“inventor”What is it interesting?,The ancestor is so thoughtful。
“Filial piety brother,I have a hard thing recently.,How do you help me??”
Gao Bao gave a high marriage,But I have to say something to the woman.。
I thought that the ancestors will blow up the big cow to say that,I didn’t expect the other party but it is very cautious.:“The four eyes are indeed not available.,You insult your people,It’s hard to return.。”
really,The ancestors are still not confused.。
“but,Take my experience,You are not as good as,For example, this is the case.。”
The ancestors have been said for a long time.,Simply let Gao Bao。
“This is really important?”Gao Baoyi asked。
“Um,Golden is nothing more。remember,identity,It is impossible to pass over。Otherwise, do you think that you are in your organization why others respect??Sentence,Below,Life and death are just a sentence.。”
The ancestors are very cruel,Gao Bo Yi is deeply。
“What if I do something??”
“Mix,What can I do?。Are you doing an information? Don’t you know??Will this step,I just said it later.。People pick you,You don’t pick people?What if it is a wife??”
“Ugh,okay then。”Gao Bo Yi persuaded himself,Directly。He is also afraid to marry a Cui Niangzi’s type.。
NS91chapter Suffective meeting
蹴 蹴 城 in the suburbs of Yibei City is completely completed,Because Changle Princess,The ocean will be renamed here“Changle Hall”,Commemorating your own daughter。Plane has been hung up to the gate of Yancheng City,Inside“furnish”,But look outside,Already quite scale and momentum。
Yucheng is looking forward to“Changle Hall”Opening is not a two,万 众 蹴 蹴 大,Many people have already seen their eyes.。
However, these are not the things that Gao Bi must worry.,He now feels troublesome,Right away“Blind date”This sister。
Qizhou thorn history,Queen’s niece,I am still awkward。

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