also,The Taoist Dan itself contains a pound of energy.,Creating a wave of waves,Expanding the meridian of the summer,Hit barrier。

Summer eyebrows,Do our best to endure the tear pain,Controlling Sword Light Rapid Running Sunday。
Nobody knows,What kind of pain he suffers at this moment.。
More people outside,The eyes are concentrated on Wuzi。
The first place is nature is the eight pole king,Far leading,It is still not going to make it up.。
In fact,Even if he stands in place,Can also become the first place with absolute advantage。
The second place is still in front of it.。
He has a lot of distance between the eight pointers.。
But at the same time,He and the third place behind Lu Xuan,There is also a space that cannot catch up.。
Lu Xuan has already been weak at this time.,The speed is getting slower and slower,It’s more and more difficult to travel.。
The fourth place,Still in chasing all the way,And the speed is very fast。
Many people can see,He is going to be prepared to surpass Lu Xuan.。
Metained inner,The Lord Lord and the Master of the East are interested.。
“Eight pole holy king is not small。”
Different in the east of the master,“Not only do he want to get your homotropic secret,I also want to make his hand under the top three。”
Luo Water Lord is a smile,“Not afraid that they have ambition,Just dare to fight,I need such a person。”
Master east nodded。
She is extremely unhappy to the eight-pole holy king,But these people have a lot to use the Lord Lord。
In the future, these people will enter the deep level of a deep and dead.,Luo Water Road is needed to be strong,Not related to character。
Regardless of the eight-pole Holy King or Wu Shu,Can be used for her。
The eyes of the master are inadvertently swept through the summer.,眉 蹙 蹙。
Summer has stopped,It’s slightly shaking.,Sound cold sweat,Faceful pale,It seems that I can’t support it.。
She doesn’t know that the summer is being broken.,I only thought that the limit of it。
But at this time,An extremely powerful force out of the summer meter,The surrounding survival is turning。
Follow,Summer fluid explosion,Cream,I am on his body。
The lattice layer is laminated.,Just like ancient dismissal recovery,Flooded with a bad breath。
This kind of breath is substantial,Spank out of all sides,I am alarmed that everyone far nearly close。
The trim people who participated in the competition in the bloody world were shocked.,All realized a certain type of chance。
Many people have taken the jade simple,Injury。
Take a look,stunned。
Taken in seventh position,I have broken.?
From the jade spirit,Seventh position,It seems that it breaks through the 神 神!
This breath, many people are familiar with、Unfamiliar。
familiar,It is not a long ago,Wuzi in Tianshui City,Break through the gods, almost alarmed the people in the city,I didn’t know how many people。
strangeness,It is now this atmosphere,More than the original Wuzi breakthrough、vast、Extremely。
It seems to have a lot of different mystery fluctuations。
They don’t know,Summer really breaking through chaos seven heavy days。

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