But all of the banned cave and architecture,They are all immersed in extremely horizontal strong。

Fengning City is also the same。
Several genre、The secret room is slowly eroded by huge medals.。
Summer360Outside of the dwarf mountain,Also have a contempt to fall,Entering the cave in a moment。
Summer low drink,Watches like a woman,Foots with hundreds of gods。
All precision falling in the world,Ambulous,A magnificent Guanghua released,Sunshable,Foggy deep http://www.hgbaoyuantang.cn valley。
The huge mind has fallen within the cave,I swept over again。
Summer and Yafu stand on the ground,Static,I don’t dare to move。
Two hidden big arrays,External incident Yunjie itself,Summer and Yafu are extremely exhausted……Can you escape from in-depth exploration?,I am here.。
They feel,The huge mind is like a booming invisible big wave,Constantly erosion。
Explore no-like presence。
Have a good half,Hidely,All condensation is like a tide。
After all, there is no mystery of the translucent cloud.。
Summer is heavy,One ass sitting on the ground。
Until at this time,Has been sweating soaked。
“elder brother……US,We are safe.?”
Yafu trembles with the sound。
Summer nice head,Also shake your head,“Can only say temporary safety……”
NS3842chapter Understood
Summary at this moment。
It’s too sudden to say that Daro is too strong.。
Let him http://www.hzyjhwhz.cn have a little ready。
Dongan Star has five hundred transmission arrays,The other party has chased it so soon.?
He can escape a robbery,It is completely luck to make。
I have to face a problem now.。
Tongtian strong, did not find yourself,Will retreat,Go out。
Still still stay here?
It is not a small or more thinking about him.。
Instead, it is impossible to hisee the power of Tong Tianqiang.。
after all,He was previously outside Tiantai.,Affirmation remains at the breath。
Will it have been captured by Tongtian strong?
This looks a little incredible。
This is what is the power of Tongtian’s strong。
There is a sentence outside the earth,Human name,Geese。
But in the world,What is going?,Really residual breath fluctuations……Only the time will completely dissipate。
“Yafu,Waiting for one time,If the mind is still not swept yet,You will go out.。”
http://www.artlinks.cn Summer look straight in Yafu,“You go outside than safety here,and,I still need you to do a few things.。”
Yafu naturally knows this truth,Now nod,“elder brother,you say。”

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