Two people come back,Magical discovery,Their eyes are an expression every day,The face is almost never have large fluctuations.,It turned out to be a reply.,The face on the face is very rich.。

Everyone is amazing:This is the power of love.!
And for the point of the family,I have been being occupied by the Yunqin that occupies time.,In fact, there is not much clear。but,Yunqin is unclear,It does not mean that all white is unclear。
The time of the time of the time is,A little bit,All in my heart。
I have not been to the family,That is because people are happy.,Don’t want to add it on your own happiness。but now,It is also the time to calculate the general bill.!
If it is not a family,Xiaoqin will not suffer these rumors。
Although this is a certain degree to promote the process of walking together with Xiaoqin,But this is true that Xiaoqin is harmful.,so,Cannot forgive!
then,Just in the family, I am fortunate that when they were forgotten by Chang Sun.,The trouble of the family came one after another。
certainly,Everything is not a special person.,Just discharging, the family personally feels the injury of self-rumors.,By the way, it causes a small loss to the family.,Even if you retaliate。
Yunqin,It is also known for a long time.,Whole white doing。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS301chapter Master01
Summer sunny poisonous abnormalities,Even if it is in the blacklim forest,It can still feel the enthusiasm of silk。
Making a strange hustle forest,Silence,Tree,One less than three feet,Shirt ragged child,Toothbreak in the woods,Following an obese black cat behind,Oh, it is still mood。
This one of this person,It is Yunqin and zero zero。
“Zero zero,You can’t pick a‘Good time’,Take me through me again.?!”
“Let me pass so little.,I seriously suspect that you are seeing that I am very good at the world.?!”
Her current is a abandoned baby abandoned by everyone,Later, I will pass the immortal of the real world.,Step on the stronger,Avengeous road,The result is used,Surgum life。
The original mission objective is only one,That is revenge。
This time point,It is that the original host just became abandoned.,A child is tough in the black forest life。
Original master‘Stimulation’Master respect,Just come to the black forest today,will‘Miserable’The original host takes back to the teacher。
Yunqin,Already here for three days。
No food,No change in clothes,There is also a soft wear,There is also a warm bed,Yunqin’s resentment of zero,Apeed。
Now Yunqin,Also, it seems to be a little wolf.,A little dirty,This is the original owner that is completely free of self-insurance,Maybe add a breeze。
“Hey-hey,This is not the original master, she doesn’t want to experience this painful experience.,So I can only come by us.!”
Zero zero follows the leisurely walking,Stack of full face,Full of mighty taste。
“Ha ha,Your mission mechanism is still very humanized,Unconditional meets the task!”Yun Qin。
“How long does it take for the original Lord to meet the North Sea??!”
Her two small short legs are going out quickly!
If you don’t worry, let the little flower send her.,I can see her in the North China.,Thereby reducing the sympathy against her,Don’t take her back to the teacher.,She has long, let the little flower send her.!
If it is not taken back to the teacher,Her current body situation,I can’t practice at least ten years.,Don’t mention it, I will return to the original family to revenge.。
Extreme cold poison,There are also a variety of strange strange toxins,Only the power of the mainland in the North will be able to cure her as soon as possible.。
There is still less than half an hour,Her extremely cold poison is going to attack,I hope she can get to the place where the North Sea meets before the attack.!
“Coming,Places in front of less than 500 meters in front,Xiaoqin refueling!”
Zero zero chase in the back funny to Yunqin Come on,Yunqin, a speechless。
One person, one cat continues to hurry,finally,Fifteen minutes later,One person, one cat arrives at the destination。
Yunqin invisible one ass sitting on the ground,Pantry and sigh,What is the little short leg rushed?,It’s too hard.!
In place,Yunqin found an extremely conspicuous location,Start close your eyes,I put a few plants in hand.‘Look at the wind’plant,Preventing the arrival of the North Sea,There are other powerful different beasts to run out。
Time is a little bit,Yunqin puts zero zero into space,then,Start a person waiting。

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