“Young master,East!”

嬷嬷 嬷嬷 嬷嬷 好 好,Interrupted the high voice of Niu Niu。
“give it to me!”
嬷嬷 嬷嬷 的 把 无 一 南 一。
“This is given to you.!Only you know the way to open,Only you can use it!This bracelet is critical,You must take your own!”
I handed something to Niu Niu,Seeing her,Go straight to her hand。
嬷嬷 嬷嬷 着 着 着 着。http://www.newstart123.cn
This place can be this one,There is no place to make。If you want to fall,I can’t afford it on the life.!Two little ancestors!You can tap.!
At this time, Niu Niu also felt that he was a big one.,Is this a misunderstanding organization??Also brings strongly selling!
“no,What is this?I can’t!”
“This is something that belongs to you.,Don’t you say this!What is something?,Only you know yourself!”
Niu Niu determined that he lived so many years never lost a bracelet,Because I have never had this kind of thing。
Even if you lose something,There is a man who has just come to Qingshan Village,Really true, is it constant??
Lying does not take this so much.!
“Miss Enron is!We are not bad people,You are holding with peace of mind.!”
Niu Niu was bombed by the main servant two.,Confused with the bracelet
“Don’t you http://www.jurenpx.cn say it back to eat??Go back soon.!It’s too late to come.!”
After using it, you will start.,Don’t talk about something。
“Wheum,You also leave.!”
“I will go again for a while.?”
“I just heard your mother called you.!Go back late, I’ll.!”
Really lie, no blink of an eye,Niu Niu said he stayed with him.。In addition to the monet of the main servant, there is no other voice.。
“Really?That Niu, let’s take a hurry.!”
“correct,You remember to take care of Whez!”
A moment, a moment that was pulled away, the girl was called again.,The whole person is messy in the wind.。
Be pulled by Whez,It is even even standing instability.。
“Oy,Oy~Hez, you are slow.~So anxious,!”
“Let’s go back soon.,Then I have finished eating my meal.,At that time, South China did not finish it yet.!I can meet him again.!”
Running the yard Hezi and the name of Niu Niu,Thinking about it is very comprehensive。
So smart!Also take care of yourself?
And if you think you can take care of others a child

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